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  1. That’s how I saw it on the highlights, can actually see how the ref has given it rightly or wrongly. From behind the goals, it didn’t look a penalty a million years.
  2. I’m not expecting everyone to be as passionate as each other, the rovers will always mean and feel different to every individual that goes or even can’t attend. But if you post on here in a regular basis I’d imagine that the club is one of your main interest in life, to miss or on some of the best fitba we’ve played this season and possibly goal of the season because your pal wasnae feeling it is mental. Christ it wasn’t even if it was Baltic yesterday like usual, must have been the mildest day since the back end of the summer. Anyway since I’ve woke up like an absolute grump, the ‘ultras casuals’ at the back that pretend to be the most passionate of fans, yet there was at least two cheering on everytime Celtic scored, one even shouting mon the hoops, fucking no real.
  3. Definitely need put on a register if you want to go on raith fantalk.
  4. If it’s the rugby club you’ll get a sausage up yer erse and a pint of pish.
  5. The first was a great team goal, really top class. Two great goals so far.
  6. Forgot about that looney, what a slavering mess he is, I’m sadly blocked now, I enjoyed seeing his drivel.
  7. Anywhere to watch the bbc match from last night? Forgot to record it.
  8. You make the poor kid sound like a January transfer window signing that nobody quite rates.
  9. We had a player play on for a bit with a broken leg. Your club is nothing. #history
  10. Inverness has won it twice outright and shared it with us once, same record as us. The fact is, the challenge cup is nothing really to shout about apart from a great day out when you win. Unless you beat rangers in front of 20 thousand with most of the country watching, then it’s a very decent win.
  11. Inverness Caledonian Thistle fans commenting on the size, history and relevance of other clubs, absolute no shame from them.
  12. You’re not wrong, the difference in performances was quite unbelievable in just under two months. Not sure where the direct football statement was getting played under Levein, especially naming a centre half as part of it.
  13. Armand one played 21 games for us, started only 13 times. Craig Levein managed us for only 7 games. That was 16 years ago and probably in our worst spell in we’ve had in nearly 40 years watching them.
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