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  1. Fixtures?

    Think the big freeze will affect a few games
  2. Transfers

    Hoping to sign buff and lulu this week [emoji106][emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Players with many clubs in 1 Season?

    Incorrect im good pals with buff thats probaly where rumour has came from,hes playing in a unbeaten team in league with good chance of winning league so will be staying where he is
  4. Players with many clubs in 1 Season?

    [emoji106] 3 points and up the road
  5. Players with many clubs in 1 Season?

    Yes we checked and he was fine to play [emoji106]
  6. Impressed wi stranraer yesterday there even to quick to kick, lot more dig now, seen every team apart fae bonnyton now think its a straight shoot out between the two
  7. Give the guy a break folk guy going through a hard time personally,
  8. Old firm 29th

    Suprise me?
  9. Old firm 29th

    All different sizes mate,got few big centre halfs
  10. Old firm 29th

    Cheers folks probaly be 16 of us [emoji106]
  11. Old firm 29th

    Looking for somewhere near high school to watch old firm before our game v ymca on 29th ?
  12. creetown

    Game got played ya rocket was alot of rain during week so saved the lads being idle another week
  13. Fixtures?

    Doesnt change that, il not be playing [emoji23], just makes sense too have games on 22nd then 2 week break for the players and officials too enjoy the festivities