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  1. Well enough to avoid the TV show, the films, the spin of shows, the "rebooted" films, and most of all the kind of people who think dressing up as aliens to meet up in some provincial conference centre is normal behaviour. Now you are retired, you have the chance to catch up with all this.
  2. I used to work in a furniture shop, and the guy that ran it was obsessed with her. This was about 3 or 4 years after she died. Always bought the Express as it had shite like this about her almost daily.
  3. I put petrol in my car today and saw a scuddy mag on the top shelf of the petrol station. Not seen one in ages and assumed they had stopped making them. One single jazz mag, and it was called something like "Over 50 Gilfs". @BFTD single handedly keeping the industry going.
  4. Rebecca Romijn (Number one) was Mystique in the original X men trilogy.
  5. Exactly what a lifelong criminal would say on an Internet forum... Money resting in your account? Selling bricks of Dove bars?
  6. Much like @SweeperDee and @Mr. Alli my go-to in stressful times has been the drink. I had cut down massively but the last few weeks I have been well back up to previous levels. I start at 8 pm but the quantity I put away between then and, say, 10.30 is staggering. Last Saturday I had about 3 and a half litres of San Miguel. Well beyond normal for me. When you can sink a can in 15 minutes and head right for the next then you know something is off. Got to the stage I stopped buying it. Trying to stop myself in advance and that sort of worked. If there are no cans in the fridge I can just avoid it. Not the best strategy, but it gave me the odd night off. Daytime me trying to protect nighttime me.
  7. Govan became part of Glasgow in 1912. Just a matter of time until Paisley goes the same way.
  8. I'll admit it. Good recovery. As Spanish races go that wasn't bad. In general the track is still boring and without DRS would be useless. Fucking Monaco next. I will watch the qualifying, might skip the race.
  9. Turns out Verstappen's issue was with DRS. Hopefully we'll get a good race, but I doubt it (Barcelona sucks as a track).
  10. BBC breakfast news has done a great job all week of plugging this.
  11. Episode 3 was great. Very much liking Number One...
  12. Yasmin Finney joining as well - as Rose.
  13. The most poignant but for me was the granddad saying to Erin to imagine if the agreement worked and the Troubles became a ghost story that kids didn't believe. Very well acted, I thought.
  14. Aaron Ramsey cost more per touch than the Duke of York.
  15. I think many people have become a little scarred by the last 2 years. The idea of going back to work full time is daunting for some people, even people who maybe used to do this for years without giving it a second thought.
  16. It was August-August (1 year) on a fixed tariff. Next year it will be higher.
  17. Me - I am locked in to my tariff until August. Come August...
  18. Ross Greer was on the radio yesterday discussing school uniforms. "Tackling child poverty is one of our Number One priorities" Numpty.
  19. Train journey from hell. No matter what end you get off, you're in a shithole of a place.
  20. Given there are 4 answers per question, guessing should give you a 25% hit rate (say, 2-3 correct). Getting 1 makes me think it was deliberate. Sorry about posting this - thought as it was the weekend (almost) I would give folk a distraction.
  21. Think I got to the bottom of this. On his site Takei has a page called Scotland Tackles Transphobia and Homophobia In Brilliant New Billboard Ads. The genital inspector from Bath takes offence at this kind of thing. Guessing that George's take on this is:
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