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  1. I wish to hell it would take itself a bit less seriously. Once again the universe is in jeopardy, death and destruction loom large and everyone is going about with their faces tripping them and doing that emotional whisper-voice when talking to each other. At the weekend I put an old DS9 on - they robbed a casino, taking the piss out of Oceans 11. More of this needed.
  2. Cancelled again tonight but should be back tomorrow.
  3. Me too. My favourite Queen songs though aren't the famous ones. When the weather turns bad like this I really like A Winter's Tale (not that David Essex bollocks, but a good song). Also like Spread Your Wings and Save Me more than the more famous songs.
  4. No idea who this guy is but he loves a mask! A "thin piece of cloth" with mystical qualities.
  5. My wife lost hers the day after my sister's wedding, about 10 years ago. Every year she reminds me that it's my sister's anniversary, then she sees the grin on my face and knows what I'm smiling at. She jokes that it was the happiest day of my life. Has become a bit of a joke between us, but I do make a point of celebrating it. Means more to me than the birth of Jesus!
  6. I read Fahrenheit 451 for the first time a couple of years ago and it was a shocker for me. There was a lot to recognise about modern society in there. The fireman's wife spending all her time talking to virtual "friends" put me directly in mind of Facebook. The effect on the wife in the book was the same as the effect I was seeing around me with people transferring their entire social interactions online to people they have either never met, or met in the past with no intention of doing so again. Then the censorship stuff. We are seeing it now with cancel culture and a lot of the woke stuff floating about. I read the book just as there was a big debate on TV about the lyrics in Fairytale of New York. This relentless re-examination of past works and deciding what is allowable content and what is not has only increased since then.
  7. Restrictions are like petrol prices. They rocket up at the first hint of trouble, and fall back down as quickly as a feather caught in a hurricane.
  8. Labour doing a Labour again. Open goal missed and they end up hoofing the ball into their own faces.
  9. Hard to argue with that, except that each of these names mentioned have proven to be not up to the job. When Sheerin was appointed I came on here and said we should give him a chance, and that is it all went wrong we would need to look at both him and Gary Holt (especially Holt). On Holt, his job is to give Sheerin the tools to do the job. He has utterly failed to do that and signed people not good enough for this league/club. So Sheerin is working with one hand tied behind his back. trouble is, he's acting like he has both hands tied behind his back and not using the (limited) squad we have to its potential. A good coach can make a bad squad better through good organisation, man-management and development. No evidence of any of this at present.
  10. Went to Glasgow yesterday for some Christmas shopping with the wife. Started off by going to McDonalds in Grangemouth for breakfast before hitting the motorway. Drove to Glasgow and the M8 was shut. Had to divert through various backstreets before reaching Buchanan Galleries. Walking down Sauchiehall Street and my guts started churning badly (cheers McDonalds). Had to dash into another McDonalds and just barely made it. My guts were bad for the rest of the day, scared to fart. Then the wife went over on her ankle and was limping about badly. On the drive home, the screenwash ran out and we had to stop to fill it up. And, finally, the road home was closed and we had another diversion. Home by 1pm but it was just a disaster of a trip from start to finish. Glasgow - 1 star review. Will not return any time soon.
  11. My youngest (11) has caught the bug my wife had last week. Very sore throat, bad guts. She is feeling very sorry for herself.
  12. I have already pointed out the limitations of this study a few pages back.
  13. 2019 has the same levels as 2014. Hardly world beating drops.
  14. Aye, John Deacon is a good lad. The other two are p***ks If I were a rock star, I'd want to be John Deacon. Wrote number 1 singles, toured the world with a famous band, made a fortune and then retired in his 40s to live quietly with his family. It is quite sad to see May/Taylor kicking about doing tours and on every documentary passing.
  15. Not sure where you're seeing this being achieved. No sudden downturn in either graph.
  16. Something my kids told me about so I thought I'd bring it here. Enter your real name into Google and Bing, and list the top result here. If you are the top result, go for the next top one. What does your most famous namesake do? Google: A Welsh boxer's instagram account. Looks like he won a championship and retired last year. Bing: Bloody hell. A twitter profile that starts with that sensitivity warning. A young Irishman who describes himself as a "hung twink" with an OnlyFans account.
  17. My Friday is sorted, working my way through these.
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