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  1. My wife and daughter both have bad colds. I am fine as is my son, but jeezo they don't half complain. I'm the one getting no sleep here due to their coughing, headaches and feeling sick. Sympathy for me? None.
  2. Now up to 160 quid and passed to a debt collection agency who are threatening to add solicitor fees if I don't pay up soon.
  3. No, he was a troll and a roaster. The board is a far better place without him. Using stuff someone wrote on the depression thread as ammo to have a go at them for instance. Or his utterly disgusting user name. Or a dozen other things. Others have been banned who are more deserving of your salty tears.
  4. The Sontaran one was a bit rubbish. His head deflating at the end was just naff. Finished The Android Invasion last night. A decent idea badly executed for me. Could have been much better than it was.
  5. Siri, show me a heat map of absolute roasters
  6. Wasn't Oaksoft a fan of the emoji also?
  7. My dad served in the police with a guy who has turned into a novelist. He brings my dad copies of his new books when they come out. Dad doesn't want to hurt his feelings, but says the books are dreadful. In one, a car was forced off the road and the occupants all shot in the back of the head. A traffic cop showed up and declared the scene to be "suspicious".
  8. Back to work today in my Duster. No arsehole driving cut me up, tailgated me or anything. Glad to leave the Fiat 500 at home. Much more relaxed. Except of course being undertaken briefly on the M9 by a guy on the hard shoulder.
  9. You get free lunch if you do it though. Might be worth a punt.
  10. Not at all. I'm saving this quote, btw, for the day when I replace my profile pic with one of a blue waffle.
  11. It's bad enough that some idiot was chucking a coin on the field at Alloa, but to have the Herald put DRoss in an article about us is just the pits.
  12. I'm assuming P&B has some kind of filter that is keeping out whatever filth Welshy is trying to post...
  13. Exactly. He was probably looking forward to a good half-season with us and getting some game time under his belt. Hamstrings are a real ache to treat as well, and this sounds like a real bad one. Take ages and ages to heal.
  14. That sucks. Feel very sorry for him too, barely on the park and gets that as an injury.
  15. Match thread titles that don't actually name the teams. Looking at you @Alert Mongoose...
  16. To me, this is what makes this transfer window fascinating. You stuck, and we twisted. Time will tell which approach works out but, for me, I'm just looking forward to the next few months of seeing how this championship goes.
  17. There is a general Star Trek exemption in place across the board. You can discuss them in any thread you like, at any time, even if it is not relevant to the topic of the thread. It's the deal I signed with the mods and it runs to next summer.
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