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  1. Pish Adverts

    The adverts for Amazon Dot (aka Alexa). My wife bought one of these, and nowhere in the advert does it show a frustrated guy standing right over it shouting as clearly as possible, and being misunderstood. It's always people muttering from the other side of the room, and the machine gets it bang on every time.
  2. Pregnancy And Parenting

    My wee lassie had a sore stomach last night, and insisted on sleeping with us. First time in years. She is 8 now, and seems to have become massive. When she was a toddler it was one thing being in with us. But now, all arms and legs, flopping about like a fish out of water, the missus and I got no sleep.
  3. Snowflake Big Brother

    I was in the queue at Aldi a few weeks ago, standing behind a couple of teenagers - a guy and a girl. They were talking about someone they know, and the girl (with a strong Edinburgh accent...) was saying "yeah, she's suuuuuch a bitch. Anyway, I've kept all the stuff she posted on Facebook, and told her that I will take it to the police if she doesn't stop it right now..." I was a bit intrigued, and listened for more. Turns out the girl in the shop had posted a picture of a teddy bear on Facebook, and another lassie was taking the pish about it. Police, for that? Jesus...
  4. The Assets on Alibi - Jodie Whittaker (the new Doctor) playing a CIA agent in the 80s trying to catch a mole. The show is on every night, and on catch up. Very enjoyable - and a true story.
  5. Better Call Saul

    I saw it a slightly different way, at the end. I always assumed Jimmy would become Saul in spite of Kim - now I'm wondering if she helps create Saul.
  6. The Closer and Major Crimes

    I enjoyed these shows and watched them right through. A few of the one-liners are great. Provenza looking at the skeletal remains of someone he'd one met. "Well, he's lost some weight".
  7. 'The Snip'

    Just the right one. The consultant is very, very reluctant to do a surgical route. He says that it doesn't always take away the pain as the nerve endings are still there. Like phantom leg syndrome for amputees I might get phantom baw syndrome, and it still might hurt like buggery. It really is the last resort though.
  8. 'The Snip'

    10 months in, and sore as ever. The doctor changed the low-dose anti-depressant to an anti-epilepsy drug called pregabalin. Wow...utterly changed me. Paranoid, anxious, restless, short-tempered, claustrophobic....I decided after a couple of months that baw pain was preferable. So I stopped taking them, and went back to the doctor. He put me on tramadol which did the trick (though I felt sick all the time). No pain, but a lost appetite. I saw the Urologist a couple of weeks ago. His take was (briefly) that the vasectomy caused the problem. There is a pressure build-up at the point where the tube was tied. His first suggestion was to stop the tramadol, stick to paracetemol and ibuprofen and stop touching my baws. If, in 3 months,it didn't settle down on its own then he'll refer me to the pain clinic (he mentioned a tens machine which made me wince. Imagine... a tens machine on your nuts). In the future, if there's no help there they can either reverse the vasectomy, remove the epididymis, or remove the whole bollock. So..after a couple of weeks on just paracetemol and profen, I am in absolute agony. Seeing the GP next week to try and get back on the tramadol.
  9. People You Dislike For No Proper Reason

    John Simm. I think it was that Liar show he did that put me off him - the show was just rank. It's made me not want to watch his new one.
  10. Future Man

    On SyFy, caught the first couple of these. Very enjoyable, and very funny. Anyone else caught it? One of the best American comedies on just now, I think.
  11. Designated Survivor

  12. Better Call Saul

    I'm really enjoying it. Glad in some respects it isn't as heart-stopping as BB - it is a very different show. Even my boy is in to it, and I never thought he'd like it.
  13. Minimum Alcohol Pricing

    Deep in to my fourth batch of homebrew. I have consumed more units in the last month, at a much cheaper price, than I would have previously. My Summer Berries wine was amazing.
  14. Last night's Storyville on BBC4 - Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds. It was on late last night, and kept me up. Fascinating - a former magician with a hatred of people trying to con the public, like faith healers and so on. So he spent decades exposing them. He thought he had ended Uri Geller's career once, having shown hip up on the Carson show, but he came back. Really, really fascinating watch. The way he took down the faith healer ("Let the power of Jesus melt those cancer tumours away!") was brilliant. EDIT: You can get it on the iPlayer
  15. Breaking Bad

    In to the 5th season with my boy. For some reason I'm finding Betsy Brandt quite nice this time around - never did before. Must be old age creeping up on me.