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  1. Netflix

  2. Recorded Gold Rush on Discovery. Last night's "Brand New" episode (including the words"brand new" in the top corner) was a special from about 3 years ago. Not the first time they've done this.
  3. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I am currently reading A Small Town in Germany by John le Carre, set against the backdrop of European protests against Britain joining the Common market. Interesting. Even half a century on, the feeling in this country (well, parts of it) is that they need us more than we need them. Not at all. I think there are many in Europe happy to see Britain go.
  4. My next car/PCP

    My wife bought a car from Arnold Clark in October. We had to wait for a few days as they were busy sorting out the finance from the last owner before we could proceed. So, in short, to answer your question, what i really think is....maybe.
  5. Liam Neeson

    On a second point, a friend of my mother's used to run a shop. She was never a racist, but in the early 90s she was held up at knifepoint by a man of Indian or Pakistani origin. The incident really got to her, and she openly admits that after that, she became a racist towards that group.
  6. Liam Neeson

    On radio 5 Live they read out the entire quote from him. It was full of self-remorse and disbelief that, at one point, he felt this way. It didn't strike me as racist, and the only folk who think it is have clearly not actually heard what he said. But then they had an expert on who insisted it was, because he asked the rape victim what the colour of her attacker was, rather than "how tall was he"?
  7. The Grand Tour

    My 13 year old boy likes the silly stuff in it, like the shooting bits. I liked the Jag bit. I guess you could argue it has something for both of us.
  8. Watching Coroner on Universal. Always liked Serinda Swan, especially in Graceland...but WTF is happening here? She's had a Lionel Blair cut (one for the older members here).
  9. Star Trek Discovery

    I hated season 1 with a passion. Enjoying season 2 though. Pike's observation that he can travel halfway across the galaxy on a highway made of mushrooms made me laugh - exactly how I felt about season 1.
  10. The Grand Tour

    How on earth is it homophobic? They made a joke - Hammond pretending that Clarkson has come out. My kids knew it was a joke - not offensive, not derogatory. Just a joke. I hate millennials.
  11. Gotham

    Pennyworth might be interesting. Paloma Faith and Polly Walker have been cast in it, oddly - which reminds me, must re-watch Rome. Polly Walker was 100% MILF Wid back then.
  12. Doctor Who

    My only real issue with RTD was that he would always ramp up to a massive finale episode that always underwhelmed in the end. The second last episode of his series were always the best.
  13. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Enjoyable stuff from Westminster. Really enjoy listening to the radio. This morning was Radio 5 Live talking about immigration. There was a (surprise, surprise) cockney lorry driver on who voted leave because of immigration. He says he once saw people jumping off the back of a lorry. Forget any arguments about customs unions, money, law, democracy - this guy saw people jump off a lorry. That was it, enough. Voted leave, wants as hard a brexit as possible, wants out now, etc. Lovely.
  14. Gold rush without Todd Hoffman - both lost something and gained something. He was just a comic character the last couple of years and I'm kind of glad he decided to walk. Rick Ness is a far better rookie to watch. If you need a Hoffman fix, though...
  15. Doctor Who

    Cracking. Just cracking. Why not have a universe be a talking frog? Strangely it made sense.