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  1. I did watch it when it was on - I find books are always better than the adaptations.
  2. Thanks to this thread, I bought Elite Dangerous. Not started playing it yet though, but probably will today.
  3. I asked a woman for a date once, but she said no because I had a face like the back of a boat. I didn't reply, I just gave her a stern look.
  4. Wolf Hall. Excellent book. Written in many ways in the style of John le Carre, with much done in flashback, but very engaging indeed.
  5. Just one from me today - Castrovalva. First outing of Peter Davison taking on the David Moyes position of following Tom Baker. In some ways he reminds me a wee bit of Matt Smith. Some very nice touches, taking a bit more time and breath to get to the point. The new Master is alright, but I wish they hadn't made him up to look like the original one. Feels a bit like a tribute act. Tegan is irritating me a bit but hopefully that will calm down.
  6. Rocky IV is the perfect film. 90 minutes that go by like 19.
  7. Off The Ball is bad for this. Stuart Cosgrove describing games and players as tasty
  8. You'll just have to buy them from now on, instead of nicking them.
  9. My wife used to work at the deli counter in Sainsburys and sliced her finger when she should have sliced ham. Took her to hospital. The fuckers docked her wages from the time she left "her post" Notice handed in shortly afterwards.
  10. My wife's boss has been off all week, having tested positive for covid. The wife suspects BS. I agree with her. This boss is off with Covid all the time. 5 infections so far, apparently.
  11. Warp speed also. Warping a ship is very slow. A dog paddling next to a warping ship could outrun it.
  12. I, for one, welcome Scotland's Turkmenbashi. Hail to the chief.
  13. A mate of mine had a life size cardboard cut out of her in his bedroom as a teenager.
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