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  1. Minimum Alcohol Pricing

    Deep in to my fourth batch of homebrew. I have consumed more units in the last month, at a much cheaper price, than I would have previously. My Summer Berries wine was amazing.
  2. Last night's Storyville on BBC4 - Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds. It was on late last night, and kept me up. Fascinating - a former magician with a hatred of people trying to con the public, like faith healers and so on. So he spent decades exposing them. He thought he had ended Uri Geller's career once, having shown hip up on the Carson show, but he came back. Really, really fascinating watch. The way he took down the faith healer ("Let the power of Jesus melt those cancer tumours away!") was brilliant. EDIT: You can get it on the iPlayer
  3. Breaking Bad

    In to the 5th season with my boy. For some reason I'm finding Betsy Brandt quite nice this time around - never did before. Must be old age creeping up on me.
  4. Job References

    Back on the original point, my wife had the same issue. She last worked in 2007 for a company that is long since gone bust, and was applying for a part time job last month. She asked two of her friends to give references, and they did. It was no problem, she got the job. No issue was ever raised about that fact that neither reference was from an employer/school/college.
  5. The Blacklist

    As the great Wodehouse would say, that was oojah-cum-spiff. What a finale. A plot twist I didn't see coming (then again I never spot plot twists).
  6. Designated Survivor

    A bit like every scene set in Paris has the Eiffel tower in the background, this had the lot. Red phone boxes, double decker buses, picture of the queen on the wall, the lot.
  7. The Star Wars thread

    I have a problem with Solo.
  8. Siren

    Caught the first episode of this, with two mare taped. Quite enjoyable!
  9. Wolf Creek (series)

    I was so, so pleased in the season finale. The shrink revealing himself as a killer, gloating that he had "won". Everyone - me, the wife, all the characters, just wanted Mick to do him in, there and then. Glorious.
  10. Minimum Alcohol Pricing

    On the plus point, if you have the time, I bought this: https://burnleyhomebrew.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=7_30&product_id=632 - will be ready on May 25th for the first tasting. In the long run, I've gained a hobby and started doing something I've been meaning to for ages.
  11. Minimum Alcohol Pricing

    One full weekend in, and I see a few things happening. Firstly, a lot of beers and ciders and the like are at the floor 50p per unit price. There's no difference between buying a high quality beer and gutrot, as they are the same price (for now). I had the rather enjoyable feeling of a Saturday night on the Bishop's Finger (fnarr fnarr) as it cost the same as just about everything else - £1.30 a bottle. The same price as Aldi's own make beer. Hobgoblin was £1.25 a bottle - again, the same as just about everything else. This cannot last. I give it a month and we'll see the margin come back in, separating the quality from the guff.
  12. Minimum Alcohol Pricing

    Moderate drinkers - especially those on tight incomes - will be massively affected. Moderate drinkers, and alcoholics, who have money will not be affected so much.
  13. American Crime Story

    I was in the same boat. Watched one episode, and then the next one was set just before it - why not stick them in order? I gave up.
  14. Minimum Alcohol Pricing

    or 8 for £8.80 - still more than twice what he pays now.
  15. Minimum Alcohol Pricing

    Depends what you mean by the usual stuff. This web page is a good guide: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-43891989