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  1. A Zoom call costs between 0.08 and 2.8 kg of carbon dioxide. What statue should they pour liquid shite on to when they have their Zoom meeting?
  2. My no-tumble-dryer experiment for September is over. Comparing Sep 22 to Sep 21, there are only 2 differences. First, I didn't use the tumble dryer. Second, I am in the office 3 days per week instead of 2. I saved 126 kWh. That works out as about £42 at today's electricity prices. I dare say I am much more energy conscious this year also, so may have naturally reduced usage a bit here and there. No longer boiling the kettle just for fun. Needless to say that the washing is hanging out again today.
  3. The dream of a hung parliament won't bring the referendum you want. If it is a hung parliament, the SNP can demand what they like. But Labour could simply govern as a minority government. The SNP would then face a choice of supporting Labour on a vote-by-vote basis or voting with the Tories.
  4. The recent polls in a way are not good news for Labour. The polls will tighten between now and the election. And then any cut on their lead will be interpreted as pro-Tory momentum. The lefties in Labour who still think Corbyn jizzes glitter will be talking about Labour "blowing" a lead of 33%. That one-off poll taken in the middle of a real crisis has really overblown the Labour position. In reality I reckon they are about 15 points ahead.
  5. scottsdad

    The Shield

    I am actually jealous when I read posts like this. I would love to be able to wipe my mind of some shows and watch them again from scratch without knowing what was coming. End of season 5 of the Shield is a case in point. One of these "Oh f**k" moments that are very rare in TV.
  6. I assumed in my late teens that my music tastes were done, set in stone. But nowadays I cannot listen to U2 or REM. Just went right off them.
  7. I read a wee nugget at the weekend. More people voted for the postal workers to go on strike than voted for Liz Truss to be Prime Minister.
  8. 1. Change the regulation diameter of a football from 22 cm to 2.2 metres. 2. Change the maximum height of the goal to 1.1 metres. 3. Change the league format to one based on player height. We could have the shortarse league (max 5 foot 6), the medium league (max 6 foot) and the premier league (over 6 foot). Teams can only be promoted if they sack the entire squad and replace them with taller players. 4. Change the pitch sizes so that the length must be at least 4 times the width. 5. Make the pitches 3D. Instead of having painted lines on the pitch for the boxes, centre circles and so on, 3 foot high walls will be built instead.
  9. The wife said the same thing. Hinted that I should call the council. No thanks!
  10. As a subset of this, in my street we have 6 communal parking bays. We have a driveway so don't need them but my wife gets very riled by the fact that two caravans take up these spaces all year round.
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