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  1. The 2000s on Sky Arts. Fascinating show about a disappointing decade.
  2. Doctor Who

    Have to agree with all the comments here. It's like this was a late draft of the script, and needed someone to go over it and finesse a few points and close a few threads. Still enjoyable - and Chris Noth!
  3. Top Gear

    Jesus suffering f**k. Clarkson and May were, at least, motoring journalists. Evans and Leblanc were celebrities with an interest in cars. Flintoff and McGuinness talking cars sounds like something that should be shown on Dave. I will not be watching this - wrong fit for the show.
  4. Doctor Who

    Can I just say - the music seems much better now. Before it was all operatic which diminished from the action. This new music is all about underlining the tension.
  5. Doctor Who

    Wonderful, and led to a conversation with my kids about the civil rights movement
  6. Doctor Who

    They say lots of things. I found it a wee bit underwhelming this time around. I understand, though, the need to develop the new gang of companions, and so far with the men they have managed it, but at the expense of Yaz and the storyline (a little). My kids were convinced it was killer bog roll, and they were a bit disappointed it turned out to be some sort of blanket. I don't think I'll remember this episode much in the future - but it's early doors and I do like Jodie's doctor. I think it has a lot of promise. The tardis interior is awful though. Some sort of S&M dungeon with tardis-shaped vibrators.
  7. Who's Going To Uni?

    The guys who walked out were all postgraduate students. They are full adults who have paid a lot of money to be back at uni. Looking at my attendance sheets, there are a handful who have never attended. At the end of semester we'll see how well they do in their exams.
  8. The Great British Bake Off

    I was really worried that my weekly Ruby show wasn't going to be on next week.
  9. Better Call Saul

    Absolutely - in the hallway at the end talking about the "suckers" - Kim's face was a picture. She bought his speech, and is starting to see the real Saul.
  10. Who's Going To Uni?

    It gets worse. Different class this time. I announced that during the tutorial, I would say a few words about their assignment (which is worth 50% of the mark). When I showed up, it was busier than usual. I thought - start with the coursework bit, which will take 10 minutes, then on to the "proper" tutorial. So I said my little bit about coursework - and then about 30 students stood up en masse and walked out. They didn't feel like staying and doing some proper work. Truth be told this group hardly every show up to classes, but I thought it was just ridiculous. Should have said my 10 minutes at the end of the tutorial. Make them work.
  11. Doctor Who

    I enjoyed it a lot - as did my kids. One of the few shows that me, a 13 year old laddie and an 8 year old girl will all watch together.
  12. Pregnancy And Parenting

    My daughter was a strange one to toilet train. She point blank refused to use a potty. I remember her walking around in her nappy, desperate to shite but almost unable to, before unleashing it. Then, when it was filled she hated having the nappy on and wanted changed right away. My wife and I eventually decided on a plan. She got up one morning and we told here there were no more nappies. We put pants on her, expecting the worst. She held on till about 3pm then went to the toilet (never ever used the potty). After that she only had 2 accidents. A marked difference to my son who had the usual weaning off nappies and on to potties, followed by a few months of fairly regular accidents, especially at night.
  13. Who's Going To Uni?

    Return of an old topic here. I organised a lab class for my students this week. Almost half of them (42) didn't show up. I got the usual emails ("Sorry I've been ill", "My granny fell ill", "I got confused about what day it was on"). For some reason I am unseasonably mad about this, and am about to send out an email made of fire to these shirkers.
  14. Better Call Saul

    I guess I'm in a minority here. BCS is just a very different show from BB, and they cannot be compared. The whole texture of the show is different - a much slower pace (which I like - just as I liked the pace of Mad Men), much more delicate but with just the occasional mind-blowing moment. I'm not getting too caught up on who does and does not appear in BB. Kim isn't in it - so we'll see what happens to her. Just enjoying the show - hell, there isn't much good TV on these days.
  15. TV shows that have gone on too long

    I would have agreed, but the end is nigh for this one anyway