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  1. Is Ayr / Perth / Dundee / Fife / Stirling in the "Central Belt"
  2. I reckon they'll both do a Betty White and go on Hogmanay, as a personal insult to @Miguel Sanchez
  3. That's the kind of thinking that keeps the Dead Pool going every year.
  4. Where to start? Hiring the kids bib and cone man from Aberdeen to be our manager. Signing Leigh Griffiths. The 6-0 pumping from Queen's Park. But the biggest one has to be the utter car crash of a meeting between the old board and the fans in October.
  5. 3 celebrities gone in one evening and not a single hit for me. My list is shit.
  6. I first came across it in chemistry modules at uni. The idea is that Trans meant opposite, and Cis meant on the same side.
  7. Notice also that they do the Next Generation trick of focusing on one character more than others each week. Singh this week, Number One last week, Uhura the week before.
  8. Agreed. Shades of Balance of Terror with this one. Excellent.
  9. My youngest will be at the high school for a half day today, then for 3 full days the week after next. Transition to high school. Come August it will be the first time I have not had a kid in primary school for many years.
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