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  1. All news outlets and public health zealouts:
  2. Any hints or tips on how to sell this to the missus as a chick flick would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Professor of Psychological Medicine suggests that Long Covid may, in part, be psychological. George Monbiot throws toys out the pram. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/apr/14/super-spreading-long-covid-professor-press-coverage
  4. They did indeed recover a bit in 2019, back up to ~1.25 million votes. The reasons why are open to debate but I reckon include the real unpopularity of Corbyn (who lost the 6 he gained in 2017) and Johnson (who lost 7 of the seats May won in Scotland). Comparing SNP performance in 2017-2019 isn't the same as comparing Corbyn's however. In Scotland the Tories and Labour presented two leaders, a Scottish one and a UK one. Much of what I've discussed about the Labour "win" in 2017 relates to England. Scotland has a different dynamic. In 2017 Ruth Davidson led the Scottish Tories, and she was a good campaigner. In 2019 it was Jackson Carlaw, who wasn't. Theresa May stayed well out of it.
  5. The freak election here was 2015. Again, a post-Referendum election and the SNP scooped 56 out of 59 seats. There's no way they could have held on to that number going forward. So things settled back a little in 2017 in Scotland, but mostly because many Yes voters who turned out massively in 2015 stayed at home 2 years later after the Indyref dust had settled a bit. The SNP lost about at third of their votes from 2015 to 2017 (from ~1.5 million to ~1 million). What's interesting here is that the Tories picked up 12 seats and Oh Jeremy Corbyn picked up six. In Scotland.
  6. 2017. The high tide of Corbyn. Read any Guardian article about Labour and the comments are filled with Corbyn types waxing lyrical about the miracle of 2017. Whilst ignoring the facts. 2017 was the first post Brexit election. UKIP vanished and their 4 million or so votes split fairly evenly between Labour and the Tories. Post a surprising referendum outcome but before the result was implemented, against the worst campaigner I have ever seen in T May, Lib Dems still in the wilderness after their betrayal in the coalition... Many, many cards fell Labour's way in this freak oddity of election circumstances. And they still lost to Theresa May. For all they talk about 2017 as Corbyns moment, it really wasn't. He never became PM. Never introduced his policies. Helped nobody.
  7. scottsdad

    Top 5 Gigs

    Bruce Springsteen, Etihad Arena, 2012. Came on stage at 7 pm, no warm up band, no break, finished at 11.30 pm. Top class. U2 Murrayfield 1997. This was the Pop tour so a few poor songs in the set, but it was my first proper stadium gig and it was an absolute riot. Eagles Hampden 2001. Fantastic. Joe Walsh in a kilt playing "Life's Been Good" was my highlight. REM, Stirling castle, 1999. They had a warm-up band called Stereolab that were awful and played for about 90 minutes. Me and my friends were (along with everyone else) booing them to get off. Then the band came on and they were fabulous. Glorious summer evening. Last one is a toss-up so I'll call it a tie (or top 6 if you like). First up, Mark Knopfler, Albert Halls, Stirling, 1996. Charity gig for the Dunblane families and a low key affair, but the first time I saw an actually great guitarist at work. Changed his guitar after every song. Second, Smokie, Uppsala Town Hall in Sweden, 1999. You have no idea how popular these guys were in Scandinavia. A fun old concert - turns out the Swedes didn;t know the Chubby Brown version of Livin' Next Door to Alice. I was the only one singing those bits, and getting dirty looks.
  8. There are three main things slowing/preventing an exit from lockdown. First, as I have said before, the public health people who are now enjoying their moment in the sun. People worldwide are hanging on every utterance and tweet. On one level they don't want this to stop any time soon. Second, politicians are terrified. Think back to October/November. Boris Johnson's poll ratings were in the toilet because Labour were effective in their arguments that the UK government had been too slow into lockdown, too fast out of it and had "ignored the science". The vaccination programme has pulled Johnson back up big time, but he and other politicians saw how that argument was corrosive to poll numbers. So in future, we'll see politicians agreeing with the public health folk at the expense of all others, for fear of losing support. Third, sensitivity. In a normal year with a full vaccination programme we lose between 7000 and 20000 people in the UK to seasonal flu. Covid is more infectious and has a slightly higher mortality; so it's not beyond the realms of possibility that come the winter of 2021/22 we might see, say, 30-40,000 deaths. Normally we'd live with it, except we've become so accustomed now to having leaders stand on podiums announcing the "sad deaths" or a handful of people (sometimes one or two, in the summer months) that a number like 30,000 deaths will have many folk clutching at their pearls and demanding lockdowns. Also, remember that those likely to die from flu are essentially the same cohort as those likely to die of covid. And so the total covid+flu deaths won't be as high as one might imagine. This last point is where we need brave politicians to decide what is acceptable and what is not. I fear we'll be in this for the winter again. If we have a Christmas night out, I'll be amazed.
  9. Tough to narrow down to just five... It's a long way to the top Highway to Hell Back in Black You Shook Me All Night Long Thunderstruck
  10. Emily Bett Rickards from Arrow, I think.
  11. Watching it last night: First 40 minutes: standard episode. Last 20 minutes: Oh no. Hope that copper nails the woman to the fucking wall for this. Poor guy. Go on, copper! Last 30 seconds: ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
  12. If this happens, I will take it as absolute proof that she reads the Pie and Bovril coronavirus thread.
  13. On the visitors front, I have been to my parents a few times but kept outside except for one day when hail stones came down and we went into the conservatory. But from now on we're going inside. The wife - an ardent pro-Lockdown person if ever there was one - was invited to her pal's house for a coffee last week. I was surprised, but she went, and went inside. Thinking about it, I've seen my neighbours all have visitors, and my parents neighbours as well. Not sure if anyone is actually sticking to these rules any more.
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