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  1. Was impressed with Craigmark was at 2 2 game with Neilston got the ball down and passed it and tried to play attacking football looked quite physical to at the back to deal with the long ball teams in championship If they stick to there philosophy sure they can stay up if they put a few wins together early on some good hungry young local players if they brought some experience in around them they will be okay
  2. Saw Dalry last year decent at the back lost a few midfield players and some forwards that need replacing hope the have a good season and replace them always a nice place to go
  3. Was not asked to stay or was good enough for the level which is why nobody in league below took a punt on him and he had to settle for league one and Port Glasgow
  4. Do you not think it he was any good we would have kept him?
  5. I have never been there in ours even though I played in a charity game on it many years ago Reckon it will be well done up though just like the rest off the ground
  6. Decent signing saw a bit off him last year not a wee guy anymore like he was with KL all grown up and takes responsibility on the park would happily to have taken him back another year can be wicked as a wing back gets up and down all day long
  7. I hope he is a good player we won't need to worry about giving 100 per cent with having family in the toon Everyone knows getting into the Talbot teams a massive ask for anybody cos they keep on winning if Ladeside is the place to come and get games it suites all parties and anybody signed by Talbot has to have something about them More local guys the better if there good enough and help the big man out who always gives his all on the park
  8. Played in defence at Ayr academy converted into midfield at Talbot right side or sitting
  9. I know not yet but there interested
  10. Springburn boys are Peasy fans as you know don't even think Balornock know Rossvale were playing
  11. Tbf DL his information is right on the money tho still no confirmation from the club that they have signed so I suspect they may be on trial Sorry to let you down but Ben says they have not signed yet and it was a prank by a pal Kev said he is taking time out off football for a while
  12. Liam and Scotty will know his Dad sure if they can contact him and if he is interested they will invite him to training
  13. Just cos his Dad is from Kilbirnie does not mean he will sign David Syme never and know doubt a few others Be good if they did and wanted to but it does not always work out that way I am not anybody's right had man just take games in for him nothing more nothing less Mark is his right hand man and Scotty
  14. Saw it on Twitter Ben got a offer a few weeks ago but was keeping his options open
  15. It's not that much off a step up they were both in Fosters central and Kevin has played for Stirling Albion Gst your money on Ben being top scorer he has been with Albion Rov to and Hibs and Celtic pro youth still 20
  16. Kevin is a clever player makes good runs and can play the killer ball hope you don't play him in wing though more a forward lights up in final third And Ben is raw got loads off potential strong can play off people good in air and had good movement got 56 goals last year in Sat morning league has bit off pace about him to
  17. Two forwards signed for St Rochs from Drumchapel ams TT ? Striker and a forward there good Ben was UB top scorer and Kevin was at Stirling we offered him to train at Ladeside this year two friends Springburn boys
  18. Kevin Fell and Ben Daily sign from Drumchapel ammys a forward and a striker
  19. Kevin Fell and Ben Daily sign for St Roch from Drumchapel ammys
  20. I watched Ferry last year against Forfar up in Larbert they lost the game It's got nothing to do with me this one or any others so far Hope he gets to improve us and gets us goals from midfield Fingers crossed and provide some leadership to
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