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  1. Good player but work only gives him two games a month and there was you crying about not being able to pay players $100 quid a week Greg
  2. Ashe and Mitchell who were at Largs for a while
  3. Greenock signed two decent defenders with premiership experience who would been good signings for most clubs
  4. Robert Scott is different gravy and is a guy that I can see possibly managing Darvel one day or a senior team one day Levels off honesty and integrity never even mind his professionalism doing badges since he was was 15 tells you all you need to know and is the type of guy that motivates people to do better in and off the park Guys a throwback to the old days when Ayrshire produced guys off his ilk Kilbirnie can keep Gordon McQueen and Joe Love he is up there with any off them,and he loves that club but he is in football to win things nobody I've met in football so far can hold a candle to him Every club needs a Robert Scott a man who totally indeed understands what respect is in football and has totally earned mines
  5. Kevin Fell and Ben Daily sign for St Roch from Drumchapel ammys
  6. Tartan Tadger has scouted him for Ladeside. Can confirm he won't be signing for KL
  7. Largs players dropping like stones just now
  8. Liam never said he would only play for Ladeside though if he was once no longer wanted he went away and took his chance when he came back And rightly so glad he has decided to play on to in the games I watched he was still easily one off our best players in a unfamiliar position but he is better than playing there and should be in final third picking passes
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