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  1. For who? Midfield is sown up And each midfielder offers something different For instance you wouldn't take a physical player like McLean out for him And we still got guys like Tom Cairney not even in the squad Who is another technical player to miles ahead off him As I say it's a friendly were we will no doubt see him Were it's make it break for him to show us if he is better to what we have Gauld could maybe stand in for Fleck at a push there quite similar
  2. Big guy who been scoring goals in championship for years his Grand Dad and Dad were footballers vin Scotland Dunno if he actually beats to play for us though or has been asked Griffiths shouldn't go if he isn't fit If he has any sense he will leave Celtic in January if any managers will touch him,with his bad attitude
  3. Can see us playing N I in a friendly and him bringing in six or seven new guys to run the rule over Che Adams 9 goals in 15 starts for Southampton if England don't cap him Karlan Grant at WBA has to be in his thoughts to power and pace to Sam Gallagher at Blackburn could be a target man like Dykes for us Steven Caulker top of the league in Turkey played good level Ryan Gauld can't be far away to playing in Portugal Wouldn't mind Nisbet in if Shankland isn't scoring as much Alfie Mawson was at Bristol City needs asked again to if starting Todd Kane starting all the QPR games to good right back Jack Grimmer starting all Wycombe Wanderers games to in championship another right back for consideration Jamie Paterson been consistant with them to mist Fraser Forrest big gap need another winger Ryan Fredericks never played today not sure why Matt Targett could give us different option at LM for formations And Joe Bryan is a better LB than Taylor and Douglas if any of these guys wanted to play for us would be very happy Ones from doon the road
  4. With the growing tug of war between Scotland and England for Che Adams,looking less likely that we will land him Should Clarke turn his attention to big Sam Gallacher at Blackburn? Might be the kind of target man that we need that suits our style? Would give us a alternative to Dykes if he gets injured or suspended Since Fletcher is out the fold and Naismith is getting old Scored yesterday as well for them Noticed Chris Martin is playing though Saw a thing were Strachan was raving about him Said the players love having Martin is the team I aren't sure if he has actually retired
  5. Young center forward Joseph starting for Wigan today only 19 And Reid is starting again Ross County who is 18 McCormick starting for Bristol Rovers under new boss 21 Porteus and Doig starting at Hibs 21 and 18
  6. If a guy has the chance to play international football at 20 he is going to take it At best right now he would be fighting with Ferguson Kelly Smith who are of age and still playing at there clubs and Turnbull will play to of he gets into the Celtic team Would have took him though defiantly a good one who we might rue missing out on it he goes away and does something
  7. Still not found a club sadly We maybe need to advertise him.on Glasgow but and sell Cos it doesn't look like his agent is getting him a team Both of the Kilmarnock keepers are only on loan Be good if they signed this guy And have him the platform to play for Scotland At least then he is there own player And if he does well then a French team could come in for him And they collect a decent transfer fee
  8. I would love us to be allowed a B squad And we could put a new team together Without us dropping down the rankings If we lose McCrorie Clarke Steer Grimmer Kane Rose Hyam M Wallace Lindsay if fit Devlin Hickey Doig J Paterson Gauld Fulton Mowatt J Lindsay McCrorie Ferguson Johnston if fit S Dembele Nisbet Hornby Clarke Stewart Struggled to come up with strikers who haven't already been capped
  9. We can still have a club side mentality cos they know each other And play in the same teams as some of our players Our pool of players is to shallow for a nation out size If we are aiming to qualify for the world cup Our standard has to be raised higher And need players who are up against quality each week to play for us And not struggle against the pot four and five seeds Look how Craig Brown kept faith in the old guard And that was when our national teams decline happened I don't want that to happen to us again We are poor up front and at right back right wing back It's Clarkes job to address this and go after other options What is the worse that can happen? We get knocked back again?
  10. We can still have a club side mentality cos they know each other We will have a better pool of players to draw from to Pool of players right now for a country our size is shallow If we are collectively aiming towards the world cup and qualfing Our standard has to be better especially nip front and right-wing back Look how it turned out for Craig Brown keeping faith in the old guard We stopped going to finals around that time cos he wouldn't strengthen And we never made another finals again for 22 years if there open to playing for us it's his duty to ask them sound them out
  11. Denmark Slovackia Luxembourg Faroe islands San Marino Scotland
  12. Last night Clarke would have killed for Adams pace last night without Forrest and Fraser injured Had a unfit thumb and misfiring McBurnie to turn to instead who never effected the game when they went on We genuinely lack pace in the team when there not around And he isn't trusting Burke to start who is rapid with no end product
  13. Both Jamie Paterson parents are Scottish like big skippies are Angus Gunn Dad used to play for Scotland Karlan Grant has a Scottish Mother Rest I think are on the Grand Parent rule But so what other better bigger teams use it And our team needs as much quality as we can find As our last two games proved especially up front Look at the pool of players the Serbs can pull in for example Who have only two million more people than us Playing in top flight nations band nations were we haven't got any players in Remember that squad were Robertson and Tierney were injured? Would sooner have Bryan and Targett involved Both can play wing back Who got brought in Taylor Shinnie or Douglas? I want to see the best players playing for Scotland Like a club side mentality and Targett plays with McGinn
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