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  1. What crap I'm perfectly entitled to be here the clubs took my money for 30 years I will comment on the team as I see fit just the same as everyone else
  2. I am a Ayr fan been a Ayr fan longer than most off the people in here I am allowed two teams much as it pisses off the hard core element at least I've the courage to admit it
  3. Don't know who or what your talking about but what ever it is its creepy
  4. You haven't a clue about football then he is better than most the Ayr midfielder's in last 5 or 6 years and has played in the SPFL
  5. Dylan Dykes isn't shite he is a ball winner that can pass the ball and be box to box And he is only in the juniors to get good money from one of the richest teams And could easily get bored and go into senior football again in the league Ayr United will probably be playing in next year if the new boss is another stinker
  6. Div doesn't care I haven't abused anyone only abuse is coming my way from your spice boy mafia
  7. I don't need permission to post here I have done my time following Ayr before most off you were even born
  8. Dylan Dykes is a quality center midfielder if Ayr go down they should try and get him off St Cadocs If he isn't on to much money another one that would stroll league one
  9. Midweek games on a Wednesday night were my games at Ibrox the ones I could make
  10. Did you not post a pic of him at Ibrox here once? Now there would be a banning offence Nobody has my permission to use my data or picture in any circumstances
  11. I haven't been banned before And if you reckon that I have do you want to prove it? Strange breed you are
  12. Doohan isn't a Ayr player though he was on loan like Ruddy who was absolutely terrible Doohan struggled for games on loan this year to at his new loan club Covid was just a excuse to bring him back Fleming wasn't bad will give you that one but he is old news Bet the keeper goes back and plays in his own country and the one at Aberdeen Kinnear and Morrison are the guys if you got you wouldn't need to bother about hoping countries In my opinion both would be good signings saw a bit of Morrison to at Albion Rovers good keeper
  13. Loads of comments on these pages saying that you do I just don't want to answer he also sounds like a Tarquinn Tory posh named boy Perfect for Ayr
  14. Morrison was at start off the season but got a keeper injured he was coming And that question isn't even worthy off a reply Ayr keepers over last five years have been horrid be funny if Ruddy came back and that was how desperate you are
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