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  1. It's probably my favourite league to watch other than the top two tiers in England but the standard of defending is laughable at times. The fact Juventus have gone 49 games unbeaten with such poor strikers at their disposal really tells its own story about where Serie A is at right now.
  2. Thought Juventus were so so poor after Vučinić went off, for such a great side they are so lacking in good options up front, it's a head scratcher in all honesty. Brave team selection by Stramaccioni but it really paid off after a shaky start. Can't remember the last time I saw a bad Serie A match, this one didn't disappoint.
  3. dubs


    What was that song they played during the Whitlock promo??
  4. Apparently they have been absolutely waash in every game this season.
  5. I think people want Rhodes to play because he is the better player of the two, I really can't see CMS playing in the Premier League unless Brighton go up, which I suppose is a possibilty but he won't get a move up any time soon - Rhodes is destined for that level either with his current club or with another if Blackburn fail to gain promotion.
  6. Foster is something like 7th choice and he plays for Bristol City in the Championship - it's hardly a disaster is it??
  7. I love when fans claims professional players plying their trade in some of the toughest leagues in the world are 'shite', you wonder how bad what they would think watching part time players.
  8. How can anyone 'hate' someone they don't even know?
  9. I think that's pretty biased thinking on your part - we could easily have ended up winning the Hampden game but we were by no means dominant - weren't they denied a cast iron penalty in the first half too? And wasnt our first goal completely against the run of play?
  10. 'situation'??? Not picking an out of favour, out of form free agent seems logical to me.
  11. Why "should" we have qualified?
  12. If Steven Fletcher doesn't want to play a friendly then he isn't committed enough. Get him to f**k. He isn't *that* good - Rhodes could well turn out to be a better player, and he is as committed as they come. I'd rather have a squad of guys will to put a shift in than the likes of Steven Fletcher who couldn't give a monkeys about playing for Scotland.
  13. Another question is, should we really be anywhere near qualifying for major finals? I would suggest no, to be honest. You basically have to be in the top 16 in Europe and I don't think we're there currently.
  14. The closest quote I can get to Fletcher saying that is 'we'll see what happens' - hardly nailing his colours to the mast is he? I say unless he comes out and says he wants to play, f**k him.
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