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  1. This match will be intresting Doddsy will have them well fired up Dicks troops surely favourites but still fancy Brechin taking something out of the game I,m going for 2-2
  2. Big Doddsy is a true gent and a winner watch this space
  3. Without a doubt the Loons are heading to Alloa at least 6 bus loads not bad for our wee toon
  4. How many buses will the Loons take down plus the hard core cars
  5. Lets be honest Loons !!! At the start of the season If someone told you Forfar would be 1 point behind with 2 games to go, You would have thought they were on drugs Fair play
  6. Bookies must be loving this 1 Stranraer,Morton,Forfar who,s going to raise the flag ???
  7. Looks more like the Pars season is over now and closer to partime next season
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