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  1. a lot of people went one step beyond the lines that shouldn't be crossed that night. it was unacceptable.
  2. nah couldnae have been me then as a only came to Fife on a Friday to get ma knuckledusters polished for the weekends festivities
  3. am never sober bro, am a 24 hour party person
  4. did a f**k ya steamer, a think a was the boy who told him to have a free dig thats why a asked and nae c**t asked you for your opinion, stick to dancing outside train stations ya bam
  5. since last weekend? we've been hard as f**k since forever mate.
  6. I recall a similar incident to this, can you expand a bit more?
  7. i was quite a tall youngster, i was also held back a few years so was about 10 at the time. my team: Ross County No one asked you to get involved, grass.
  8. I'd drop McGinn before McGeouch. I'd also consider dropping Stokes as his attitude was rotten yesterday. Maybe a chance for Dave as he done okay when he came on yesterday.
  9. I can remember that day as if it was yesterday. It's not often i get nervous but deep down i was that day, it just came to me naturally to shout it out. That's probably in my top 3 memories of running with the Hibs. Tell you what, see if any young ones come through and can replicate the kind of bravery, courage and damn right ignorance we used to show to some of the biggest most feared firms in Europe, then they will be a force to be reckoned with. I loved that period of my life, But i've mellowed since then. The buzz i got when i used to charge at mobs with only my bare hands to protect myself, i now get by finishing a good old crossword or getting a horse up on my accumulator. I'd still like to think that if push came to shove i'd be able to cut it with the best of them (let's face it, the standards no very high these days).
  10. Brothers for life. that was what we said to each other the first day we met at Primary school and nothing has changed since then. I can remember the first fight i was ever involved in whilst in Primary 2. It was break time and we were kicking a ball about, and i halved this primary 7 (funnily enough he was a ***) and he got up and squared up to me, then about 3 others came over (funnily enough all **** too) and i was surrounded. it was safe to say my heart was racing but i remembered what my dad said to me, he said "dudu dahan pal, if you ever get involved in a scrap make sure you STAND YOUR GROUND AND FIGHT. these colours don't run CC fucking S" . so i took the first one out then you came running like a mad man over and decked the other two with 2 single punches while TGIG landed a body blow to the fourth one. It was that day i got a real buzz and hunger for it, about 3 years later we formed the CCS baby crew and well, you know the rest bro.
  11. Everyone on this forum is a bit of a c**t tbf, its what makes it a great place.
  12. people really bordering on dangerous territory here by calling out my man Dominique. He's not the kind of guy you engage with in a negative manner.
  13. you reckon wrong then. you who can't differentiate between a joke and reality, typical mhod.
  14. don't know about that. i can pack a punch. I didn't become the most feared Football casual in the UK in the eighties by planting sunflowers, ken what a mean?
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