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  1. An award winning BBQ pit master with restaurants in the Houston TX. area. The food looks tremendous to be fair.
  2. I had my Covid passport checked at the rugby yesterday. They were also charging a fiver for a can of Tennents in the stadium. I know which upset me more.
  3. The more important factor for me is that it just goes to show how meaningless the whole Poppy craze has become and how far we have moved from a symbol of quiet rememberance and reflection. When a person placed that outside of a sex shop and didn't think it was inappropriate you know the whole "lest we forget' thing is just a meme to many folk. I'm now at the stage of putting a couple of quid in the tin but not bothering with the poppy.
  4. The one day it will probably kick off and our work have closed the office due to staff safety concerns so I won't have a grandstand view.
  5. Empty. As in lockdown empty. Just a handful of bored polis. As an aside, Polis in baseball caps look terrible. I'm assuming they are outside forces?
  6. The ultimate Gammon trigger right there.
  7. George Square protests a damp squib so far. Fair play to the Anti Mullah Iranians who've been protesting since at least 7:45am when I got here. There are a small group of Egyptian protesters against execution of political prisoners Infront of the Cenotaph now too. Aside from that, there are one or two individuals with placards and lots of bored, cold polis. Greggs still open so not all is lost.
  8. My work overlooks George Sq so looking forward to a grandstand view if it all goes off. They have learned from Rangers title 'celebrations' and already removed the benches. At the moment there just a small gathering of Iranian protesters with flags. Costa are doing takeaway only and have security on door but Wetherspoons have their tables set up as per normal. Takes more than a potential mass riot to keep folk away from their cheap pints and food.
  9. The fact that he can't even get an ambulance chasing no win/no fee lawyer to represent him tells you all you need to know about his chances.
  10. You, sir, are a genius. I've been a pod user for a while but struggle to get espresso ones unless I order through Dolce Gusto. Like a few others have said, the cost per pod also starting to climb with the number in a box falling. There is also the recycling issue. It's a weekend morning treat so can't really justify hundreds on a machine. Thanks to this post I've invested in one of these bad boys. Tried it this morning and it's a revelation. Proper tar like espresso that gives you the shakes after 2 sips. Just how I like it.
  11. All this talk of spraying mystery liquid in people's faces and not one Kenneth Williams GIf. Shame on you, P&B. Shame on you.
  12. Cracking result. Was surprised Oman chose to bat first but job done. That kit is a cracker too.
  13. How the hell can anyone have survived that???!!!! Can only think the house that is gone was empty.
  14. A wee lunchtime German kebap and noticed they had bottles of Ayinger. Probably my favourite of the larger brewery Bavarian Helles.
  15. There was much more than usual but certainly not a universal thing. Given the opposition I would expect they receive much worse in places. Seems to be those of a Sevconian variety who are making a fuss. Clutching at straws.
  16. I've read else where if you close app and relaunch it will feed through then. I've been lucky with mine. System is poorly designed but I got mine set up ok.
  17. Downloaded it this morning. Took couple of mins to set up. Vaccination status shown 10 mins later. Not particularly straight forward app but I managed ok.
  18. Who says P&B is good for nothing more than something to read during work hours?! Thanks to this comment, I went to Viva Brasil for lunch yesterday and it was tremendous. Stuck to just the 2 chicken hearts as I wanted ensure I tried everything.
  19. The GBNews bots have had another 50p put into the meter this morning in response to the Andrew Neil comments. Who Actually Writes Like That?
  20. I can't make this one due to a family wedding. The very fact that I'm annoyed about missing it just shows the turn around this season. Last couple of years I'd have not batted an eyelid. Now I'm trying to work out if I can watch the stream on my phone during the prawn cocktail.
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