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  1. Aye. Almost identical story. Was Macklin motors with a Qashqai - which are basically Panzers . 2 services and 2 MOTs at local garage and a visit to Kwik Fit for a puncture later and no one else has 'noticed' the apparently critical issue...
  2. Not a surprise given the temp today but it's the lack of even a hint that it was a doubt that's annoyed me more. I live closer to Stirling than Dumbarton so was just getting my jacket on when I glanced at my phone by chance and saw it was off. I know it's the refs call but really poor from club not to at least warn.
  3. Just started the Bono autobiography - Surrender which I'm enjoying a lot more than I thought I would. Went for the Audible version which I know is cheating but works well with him reading out his own words.
  4. Normally I'd be tutting under my breath about parasitic ambulance chasers. However, in this case, GIRFU them.
  5. But don't pray too much. I've got her in the Deadpool.
  6. Said exact thing to my son. It's like had given up competing in midfield and just accepted the onslaught. We've got away with it a few times but I'd rather we competed further up the pitch.
  7. Darvel goalie is my daughter's maths teacher. She's supposed to have him second period tomorrow. Can't see him being sobered up by then.
  8. That's where the folks with a decent knowledge of the US rap scene can score big. Barely a month goes by without someone getting shot. All in their 20s too so good base points.
  9. Yup. And Meghan incase the Matrix goes tit for tat.
  10. Miguel should set up one of those Buy Me A Coffee accounts to compensate for all the hassle. Has there ever been such a rush of late scoring?!
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