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  1. I'd still bite your hand off for guaranteed 8th place at moment.
  2. On footballing terms I don't disagree but given the state of our club at moment, a draw would have been a brilliant result for us.
  3. Aberdeen, and in particular Taylor's tactic of putting high balls in when that's the one area where we have strength was at best puzzeling. 2 giant CHs will relish that all day long. On train home now and while it's hard to be disappointed given such a threadbare squad, it's a classic case of what could have been.
  4. Going to be a last minute decision whether or not I can travel up for this one. I take it Aberdeen will have a wee portakabin to sell tickets to away fans on the day? Or, dare I say it, even a cash gate?
  5. Can safely say I've never got het up enough by anyone on P&B.
  6. Was it? I always thought it was that Challenge Cup game against us. Definitely Hibs. Was one of the peak banter years moments. The seethe was magnificent.
  7. Yeah. Was going to say that. I migrated over from the old Rivals network and Scottish Fits.net a couple of weeks afterwards. My joining date shows as 18th Aug 03 but I know there a few earlier than that. I'm still on same username which is rarer.
  8. This was my thought. I remember seeing him at Boghead (so 19+ years ago) with his wife,family and dog in tow. A bit eccentric but didnt associate him with the downright mental stuff attributed to him later and wondered if it was a different guy.
  9. Was the Kilt not a yellow kilt wearing English Berwick Rangers fan with a blind wife? Or am I just losing it?
  10. Was it XBL whos mum and dad got girls drunk in their house for him to have his wicked way with? I'm pretty sure it was an Arbroath poster.
  11. 45 5' 11.5" (annoyingly never made 6 ft) 14st 9lbs. 8 Yes, I need to lose weight.
  12. Was that not a Japanese Colin Nish fan? Seriously.
  13. My grandpa took me to Boghead to see Dumbarton play Hibs in early 80s. Was years later that I had the thought that George Best might have been playing that day. Went back and checked the records but he'd left the season or so before.
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