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  1. As someone who usually buys season tickets for myself and daughter plus sponsor a strip and plays club lottery etc - I'm very torn at moment. Certainly don't want to defend the current regime but I worry if cutting cashflow might just speed up the club's demise.
  2. My first garden alfresco beer of the year. Cheers.
  3. I was working in the garden yesterday and we could hear the weirdest bird call from the field beyond the house. Never heard anything like it. Was almost like a kids toy whistle or something. Put it into BirdNet which immediately came back as a Northern Lapwing. Have seen it flutter about but not been fast enough to get a pic. Here's what it sounds like.
  4. Not saying I'm petty and small minded..... However, the stupid card ended up being final straw and I did move account. Quite apart from losing all Scottish identify in last few years, you're made to feel as welcome as a dose of the clap by a harpy with an iPad if you ever dare enter an RBS branch these days. New plain grey Nationwide VISA debit arrived today so.....
  5. Any more of your bumpkin yokel chat and you'll end up in a chipper.
  6. Aye but are they Rangers Chinese overlords or Celtic Chinese overlords?
  7. RBS just sent me my new debit card. WTF? It's pish like this that will finally tip me over the edge and move bank after 30+ plus years. Went on the app and it said- "We’ve been working on new debit card designs to mark our transition from Visa to Debit Mastercard. With these new designs we wanted to capture the idea of getting you where you want to be, transporting you with our gorgeous photography" Birthday caird pish.
  8. My daughter got an Echo Dot for Christmas and now, when I ask Alexa to play "My Soundtrack", it's a mix of K-Pop, Ed Sheeran and Drill music as opposed to my early 90's shoegazing indie classics.
  9. Every good stereotype is based on fact.
  10. The Ruby? That's certainly been the rumour for many years. As long as they don't change the dragon picture at the top of the stairs then I don't mind. It's been a land mark painting there since at least the late 70s.
  11. In a similar vein, I had a Saturday job in Woolworths. I've not touched Pick'n'mix in the 30+ years since having seen how customers behaved. You'd be amazed/disgusted at the number of folk who'd try then put back.....
  12. Yesterday was not a good day. In addition to getting the Scottish gas email that doubled my gas bill estimate., O2 sent me an message to say my mobile bill is jumping by 7.8% based on RPI. This is in addition to the annual 3.9% rise. It seems to be never ending at moment.
  13. We tried Hello Fresh for while during early lock down. The quality was decent and the meal selection was pretty varied. It's not cheap though. That was probably main reason we stopped. Plus when things opened up we were less inclined to eat as a family round table at same time which kind of defeated purpose.
  14. Probably been asked numerous times before but best place in Glasgow to get a football shirt framed?
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