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  1. The GBNews bots have had another 50p put into the meter this morning in response to the Andrew Neil comments. Who Actually Writes Like That?
  2. I can't make this one due to a family wedding. The very fact that I'm annoyed about missing it just shows the turn around this season. Last couple of years I'd have not batted an eyelid. Now I'm trying to work out if I can watch the stream on my phone during the prawn cocktail.
  3. Ancestry have updated their DNA reports this week. Mine remains remarkably boring. I've just dropped from 78 to 73% Scottish and they've put the 5% into Welsh. So it classes me as having DNA present in the four British Isles nations. All a bit rubbish really.
  4. One of the few things of note to actually come from the Covid thread is the ages of folk on here. Given how early people were getting jagged, the demographic of this board was much older than I had previously thought. When you consider the reaction when Div has the audacity to upgrade the board and the fonts change slightly, I think Discord would be a step too far for most.....ie me.
  5. Remember to keep reposting the appeal for the next couple of days (even though the laddie has thankfully been found) for maximum 'Facebook maw' effect. *shared Lenzie.
  6. This is a feature on a weekly German football show. Kacktor is literally 'Shit Goal'. The final one might be familiar.....
  7. Yup. Even pre lockdown, it was becoming a chore and I was missing more games than I was going to despite having a season ticket. Polar opposite now. Unsung hero for me today was Paddy Boyle. Thought he was excellent defensively and decent distribution with the ball.
  8. Superb return to form for this thread.
  9. Given the current culture of twitter archeology, there will be a hell of a lot of people going through their old posts and likes with red hot delete buttons.
  10. In Dublin I saw it happen. Bars that had only just been reopened would refuse customers who wanted to sit inside if they didn't have proof. Said it wasn't worth the risk to be lenient and folk were accepting of it.
  11. Can only use my own example. On Thursday my daughter (aged14) tested positive on an LFT. Her netball club ask that all players take one before training. The four of in household all got PCRs the next day. Cos the rest of us all tested negative and are jagged we could go back to work/school - though wee one is confined to barracks having had covid confirmed. So if we are averaging 6k positives a day and same situation as ourselves in household of three or four. Then add in those who get PCRs as standard through work (NHS/care etc). It's easy to see where the 1% a day is coming from.
  12. Nope. He was in our office in Glasgow for a meeting.
  13. Met and chatted with Jackie Stewart at work event. He is from same village as my mum so the boss introduced me.
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