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  1. For some reason you are never going to get this individual to say what actually happened.
  2. I do apologise. I thought this was an Aberdeen match thread. My mistake.
  3. That’s a more than interesting take on what happened. I thought that I was the most biased poster on here.
  4. Bloody hell man, open your eyes. The incident starts because your manager catches the ball and throws it backwards into the dugout to stop the throw in being taken. That’s not up for debate, and with our old chum Random Guy providing us with the relevant laws a wee while ago, it shows exactly why McPake was red carded.
  5. Can things get any worse than getting beaten by Dundee at Dens in the league? For us that’s the lowest of the low, and that’s how I felt leaving the ground tonight.
  6. So McPake didn’t catch the ball and to stop the throw in being taken, throw it backwards into the Dundee dugout? That didn’t happen, no?
  7. He was the one that caused it by catching the ball and throwing it behind him into the Dundee dugout like a wee kid. I think that the rule is that if the referee isn’t sure who caused problems in the technical area, the highest official, the manager, gets punted.
  8. Your use of proper English and your b*****dised version is all over the place. At least be consistent.
  9. Sensible things said in jest. People on here rightly saying that Stephen Glass has no one with experience to go to. But he has, and they don’t come more experienced than Craig Brown. It doesn’t have to be made public, but surely one thing that Dave Cormack can do on Monday morning is to get Brown and Glass together for a major head to head session or sessions. It has to be worth trying without Glass losing face.
  10. Today when United scored one of their goals, the first I think, Preston said "GOAL....and it's for the away team!" I'd forgotten where the hell he was so that meant sweet fanny adams to me.
  11. It's Kenny McIntyre of course. But it's the balloons on Open All Mics who don't tell you which team has scored immediately, who are really doing my head in yet again.
  12. Apparently a foul by Celtic in the build up to the goal. But referees are all against the men in green and white.
  13. Because nobody knew that Rangers had changed the words of this tune.
  14. The rule has been there for ages. I’m not sure what bit of “don’t get booked” you disagree with. It’s a bit like when a player gets booked incorrectly, picks up a justifiable second booking and is sent off, and people complain that he didn’t deserve to get sent off because the first booking wasn’t warranted. No, once you get the first booking, do not do something to get a second.
  15. 6 for Thursday. Knew none for sure, so a wee bit fortunate. I was amazed that I didn’t know the Wacky Races question, although I did get it right.
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