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  1. There is no way Ryan Duncan is going to be away from the club apart from on loan.
  2. Most of them are run better than Rangers I’m sure you’ll agree.
  3. Your points are valid, and I would agree that if you do go through on Thursday you do have a more than decent chance of the group stage. But to temper things slightly, we've been in that position more than once in the last nine years, and are still waiting. Good luck though.
  4. I'm an absolute weapon? You need to get an eye test if you didn't see the lighters, coins and the half full plastic bottle thrown at Shankland when he scored.
  5. Given your vast experience I’m sure you realise football doesn’t work like that. And if United do somehow make it into the group stages, it’s a relegation battle ahead.
  6. Gallagher’s studs into the back of Coulson’s ankle. Red card for me.
  7. I can’t remember the exact details, but he pretty sure he was getting a hard time online and has taken himself away from it all.
  8. For the good of their league campaign, it would help United to be knocked out on Thursday.
  9. At least I’ll know not to buy the chips next time I’m in Easter Road. They must be shite.
  10. He actually moves his arm to block the ball. Both his yellows should have been straight reds, and I’ve no idea why they weren’t. Far too pumped up yesterday.
  11. We’ve scored four goals and two were assists from Hayes and Kennedy. Not sure why you’re having a go at them. Both have been excellent so far this season.
  12. Exactly what point are you trying to make? That all players should just accept stuff getting thrown at them by opposition fans?
  13. You're right that we'll have to agree to disagree. I thought we always looked dangerous whenever Kennedy in particular was on the ball.
  14. For the second week in a row there is absolutely no coverage of Leagues 1 & 2 on the BBC Scotland website. Apart from the scores. It's a slippery slope to only covering Celtic and Rangers.
  15. Yeah, thanks a lot Gallagher for f*ck*ng up a really promising looking left back.
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