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  1. I do this everytime. All crap drivers park as close to the front door of the supermarket as they can, including parking in parent and child spaces with no child in the car/bus.
  2. You ARE Donald Trump, and I claim my free game of golf.
  3. You get good female pundits and poor female pundits. You get good male pundits and you get...hold on...
  4. VAR is there to establish factual evidence in the lead up to goals. The fact is that the ball is still in play.
  5. You are spot on. Exactly the same thing happens when idiots these days take corners to get ball another couple of millimetres nearer the goal. Ball is definitely in.
  6. The reason that “other folk” are making an issue with “Mick” is that we all know that it will certainly be an issue with a certain type of Rangers fan.
  7. Dean Campbell seems to be getting f*ck*d about at Stevenage. Put on as a sub at the start of injury time on Saturday in their televised Cup tie, pretty sure he never even touched the ball. The club have to end his loan and put him somewhere where he is going to get some decent game time. Most of all it's not fair on Dean himself.
  8. Strange that. Have a wee look under IFAB Laws Of The Game 12.2.
  9. That is a superb goal, but Lee Dixon gives little or no credit to the goalscorer preferring to blame the Mexican defence.
  10. From the Argentine keeper picking up the ball there until he released it to kick, 25 seconds elapsed. The Law states a maximum of 6 seconds.
  11. If USA win their last two games and Wales win their last game, Wales will qualify, you bunch of dragon haters.
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