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  1. It’s bit like some guys on Sportsound the other night, can’t remember who, saying that the upcoming match between Celtic and Rangers should be postponed until the two clubs have their strongest teams available. Scottish football deserves that, was their narrative.
  2. I actually doubt that Van Bronckhorst has anything to do with this. This has all the hallmarks of the 1690 mob in the boardroom.
  3. I think his response will be along the lines of “they’re all c**ts.”.
  4. Cheers. It seems to have worked.
  5. 3 today for both me and my wife. I have no idea how to transfer the grid on to here. I am such a dinosaur.
  6. I’m so confused. One week some ref or other is a Rangers sympathiser and the next he’s a Celtic guy. Are you able to list the refs in Scotland and which half of the gruesome twosome each of them have leanings towards. It’ll make it easier for the rest of us.
  7. Fabulous performance from Cove, but Hibs have been utterly shite. Extra time is going to kill Cove though. Could be 3 or 4.
  8. We didn't blame the referee.
  9. You're playing League 1 opposition. Regardless of the referee Hibs should be miles ahead of a team from that division.
  10. Absolutely. Nail on the head. As I’ve said before, Rangers as a club are simply bullies.
  11. Do they ask for all cinch adverts to be removed or covered up around the grounds when they are live on a TV? So why tell Sky that they won’t do interviews in front of their hosts interview boards?
  12. Yes, although “ask” is stretching it a bit. They order Sky to remove the boards.
  13. I’m not sure that pointing out to Kent where the tunnel is, and also asking him to get a move on because Aberdeen were trying to win the game, would qualify as offensive gestures.
  14. Morelos outdid his usual diving antics at that challenge. He threw himself at least a foot up in the air twice whilst rolling around and almost hit Hedges with his second tumble.
  15. Because they have ordered that the Aberdeen sponsor board be removed from view, which no other team do. It’s not just cinch that is on that board.
  16. They held all the TV interviews in exactly the same place beside the tunnel. But for the precious Rangers people they insisted that the sponsors board be moved from behind them.
  17. I’m sure that Stephen Glass has learnt from the Raith Rovers match and will start with our strongest team on Saturday. No fannying about with fringe players. This is such an important match for the club.
  18. Nice to see a group of Rangers fans moving seamlessly into the 17th century with a banner prominently on display last night, “Sons Of William, Glenmavis”. Bloody hell guys.
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