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  1. Because Rangers and Celtic have no feeling for Scottish football. All they are interested in is Rangers and Celtic, and that’s it. They have both, in the past, actively tried to leave Scottish football, and they will both in the future, try to leave Scottish football. I genuinely don’t understand why people want Rangers and Celtic to do well in anything.
  2. Just discovered that Pittodrie is being used as a Polling Station. I'm really annoyed with myself that I've no idea if this is the norm for elections. Any other stadiums in use today as Polling Stations?
  3. Only a couple of things wrong with that post. You continually broke down a ten man defence that was all over the shop, and you missed around 6 one on ones. (And you also didn’t score a penalty)
  4. I’ve watched the coverage of the match back on Sky Sports. I particularly liked how the nice neutral folk behind the coverage appeared to have a camera on Sam Cosgrove for the whole match to show how he should have been sent off, according to Boyd. However, they didn’t bother to level things up by having a camera on Morelos to show all his different dives, falling over moves, clutching his knee, his elbow, his face, heel clips, etc. No wonder Rangers fans love him.
  5. I’m sure that that actually means something in your head.
  6. I disagree. Like you, I don’t like to celebrate a home draw, but being 2.0 down and playing as if no one cared fir 35 minutes, the fight in that second half gave us plenty to celebrate. Add on our recent two performances against Celtic and Rangers, and there was plenty of a-whoopin’ and a-hollerin’ when the full time whistle blew last night. Small steps.
  7. Just in from the match so haven’t seen any highlights yet. From my recollection of the game, it was watching through my fingers for the first half hour then we woke up. Well worked first goal, with great trickery from Gallacher to get round McGregor without losing a leg, and a good shot to finish. Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy Considine with a tap in for the equaliser and at that point the Rangers defence was all over the place. Has Flanagan really played international football, and Gallacher had the big centre back, not Goldson, shiting himself every time the ball was played down the right hand side second half. Sam should have scored a third with an easy header, but taking three points would have been greedy. I don’t often celebrate a draw, but feel that was justified tonight. Real battling second half performance which was needed for the fans, but not the ones that left at 2.0! The two despicable human beings that are Morelos and McGregor are so suited to the institution that is Rangers, it is scary. I have no idea how many times that Morelos dived tonight, and not once was he booked for it. And he doesn’t just fall over. It’s the face clutching, the multiple roll overs, the greetin’ face, he’s obviously Rangers most important player and I get that the Rangers fans love him, but he is a horrible individual. And no idea what McGregor was up to with the referee at the end, but he likes to be the victim all the time. An angry, angry person.
  8. I would imagine that if both Celtic and Rangers were to somehow be knocked out in a round, Premier Sports would simply stop covering the competition at all.
  9. Going off on a different tack, up close, St Mirren’s Austrian Lederhosen strip is the worst in the league, just slightly beating the Celtic strip this season.
  10. I said that I didn’t find it strange. And, it might be.
  11. The back of my jacket, the back of my head and my pint of cider are in that short film.
  12. Am I the one on here that doesn’t find this at all strange? (Pretty obviously I am)
  13. I am normally one of Sportsound’s defenders, and continue to listen to as many podcasts as I can, if I miss the live show. But last night’s programme had the look of utter nothingness from the start, and so it transpired. David Currie (master of being a big child presenting an adult programme), Kenny Miller (Naisy is brilliant for Scotland and, yes, I could still do a job for Scotland) and the aforesaid Steven “Naisy” Naismith (says absolutely nothing of any note whatsoever). A really insightful question in the first few minutes to Naismith from Currie asking him about Austin MacPhee. MacPhee is Naismith’s present manager, what the hell is he going to say if he values his position in the team? Blandness personified.
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