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  1. So that makes it ok to do to them whatever the SFA want to make it even worse. Just give them a 5.30 kick off on the Saturday to help them just a wee bit.
  2. I’ve just listened to the podcast and what John Collins said tonight. By no stretch of the imagination could it be said that I am any fan of John Collins ever being on Sportsound, but he did not say that he “slammed” Rangers and he also did not say that he “reckons deep down the appeal is simply an underhand tactic”. These two things are made up sensationalist journalistic nonsense.
  3. In your favour is the fact that Montrose play in Glasgow against a Thistle at 7.00 on Thursday night, and 35 hours after that match finishes they’ll have had to travel down to Ayrshire to kick off against your lot. Be as well just saying to League One clubs to f*ck off, you’re not wanted in this competition.
  4. Sorry, I've been very insensitive here. I was forgetting that Saturday was Aberdeen's Cup Final and you won it. Well done. I’ll take your congratulations with the grace it was given.
  5. I think that you’re being kind to say that Premier Sports are less concerned about Aberdeen v Livingston, what you should have said is that they don’t give a shit about it. They are contractually obliged to show two matches in this round, and wouldn’t have touched our match with a barge pole if Celtic and Rangers weren’t playing each other.
  6. Great, because two clubs fans can’t behave themselves, our match gets punted from a non-controversial time on the Sunday, back to the f*ck*ng Saturday evening.
  7. I am extremely aware that the likelihood is that Hibs will finish ahead of us in 3rd. That’s not my point.
  8. Well everyone knows that you won the League Cup, and apart from Livingston fans everyone congratulated you at the time. I thought we were only discussing matches between Aberdeen and St Johnstone.
  9. What was George Galloway like back then? Not a lot different, but he did make me look good when we played football. However, what happens in secondary school stays in secondary school
  10. Hibs have only got 1.45 ppg since then, 32pts from 22 games. That was my original point that everyone is saying that we’ve fallen off a cliff but Hibs have been gliding along. That’s not the reality of what’s happened.
  11. Sorry for being slow, but can you please explain your post. Who have still won more what?
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