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  1. I think he’s living on Planet England. A bit like Gordon Strachan, Alex Rae and Stewart Reagan, to name a few more.
  2. Strachan being a fantastic player for us, and pivotal in our eighties domination, does not stop me from saying that everything that he said on the podcast yesterday was utter bollocks. Chic gave him the runaround.
  3. No idea what you were listening to, but as has been the case recently on a few Sportsounds, Chic comes away from it as the sensible voice among idiots. Never thought I'd be saying that a few months back.
  4. Foster must be a delight to deal with by management. Does he realise that people in the real world are being made redundant? It's obviously not a good position to be in, but why should footballers be treated any differently?
  5. The daily Sportsound Scottish Football Podcasts have generally been pretty good, up until today. A horrendous show with Gordon Strachan as a guest. The show was split between Strachan trying, unsuccessfully, to be funny, and Kenny McIntyre and Broadfoot laughing themselves silly like the sycophants that they certainly were today, and Strachan telling all the wee Scottish clubs to piss off to the Juniors. Also lots of "this is how they do it in England" shite to top it all.
  6. Why do people, like Gordon Strachan on Sportsound today, continue to compare the Scottish football to football in England. There is absolutely no comparison so stop doing it.
  7. The USA is led by a gentleman who thinks that it's a good idea to inject Dettol to get rid of Covid 19. Not sure that using the USA as a standard is that good an idea.
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