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  1. Not your job to pick the new manager. But it is your job to sack the existing one? Not sure how that works.
  2. I would like to thank you, @BigBo10, for saving me from my first Wooden Spoon. I was one horror guess away. Cheers min.
  3. I’ve been following the rules and don’t allow any cans in my living room during the PPV coverage.
  4. Spot on. This is what Tom English, Ann Budge et al did not have the gumption to work out.
  5. Just bought the PPV so I hope that I’m not watching another pitch inspection today. Looking forward to the match and seeing how Scott Wright performs. If he’s really looking to move on this window he may take another decent game.
  6. It’s now two, but that’s meaningless here. If Scott Wright goes to Rangers in this window I’m pretty sure we’d not be loaning another Rangers players, but signing him permanently.
  7. Given the shite that Hearts fans were spouting at the start of the season, it’s unfair on them that they have not been able to carry out their boycott of all of the grounds in the Championship.
  8. After watching Steven McLean’s interview on Sportscene, and for the sake of accuracy, McLean said that during the warm ups players from both teams approached him to say that they felt the pitch was unsafe.
  9. I’ve no idea why so many people are getting their knickers in a twist over this. I might be wrong, but is this not only the second time that Livi’s artificial pitch has had a match postponed because of the weather? I’ve been at two games, could be three, where matches at Pittodrie were put off because of flooodlight failure. Things out of everybody’s control happen. Ehm...maybe like a pandemic.
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