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  1. Not so sure that you have 8 actual midfielders that are better players than Ross McCrorie. Please enlighten me.
  2. You don’t do much with your youngsters anyway, apart from more or less give them away to Aberdeen. Cheers for that.
  3. It takes you a while to work most things out tbh You would certainly know.
  4. As the Hibs v Aberdeen match is coming up shortly, are Hibs now allowing away fans to purchase PPV for matches at Easter Road?
  5. Big positive for me is that the Rangers away game is on Sky, so I don’t have to give any cash to Rangers to watch the match.
  6. Arguing with this guy is the same as trying to argue with 8gamestogo. It took me a few posts to work it out right enough.
  7. Yes, and if the advantage isn’t an advantage, in that we didn’t score, play is quite legitimately brought back to the foul a couple of seconds earlier, in this case a penalty.
  8. You obviously don’t realise that McGregor was already on a yellow from the first half. Nobody is saying it should have been a straight red, just a second yellow. Your description of how playing advantage works is way off the mark.
  9. I caught it on Twitter earlier, but don’t have the technical ability o put it on here. It happened in the corner of the pitch where the away fans would have been at a throw, I think it was. Scott Wright tries to find a bit of space by running from in front of Brown round behind him, and you can see Brown checking where Wright is going, and just as Wright gets behind him out comes the arm to hit Wright in the face.
  10. Because it wasn’t reshown at the time, and Sportscene didn’t pick it up in the highlights, I’d forgotten all about it. I missed it, but my son said at the time that Brown had deliberately stuck his elbow in Scott Wright’s face. Scott Wright, not being a player like Morelos, didn’t go down writhing about in agony to bring it to the attention of the officials. If the charge is brought, which I think it should be having looked at it again now, I think that we can safely say that Celtic will be “flabbergasted, astounded, mystified, apoplectic, dumbfounded, appalled, astonished, bewildered, shocked, staggered” (not a definitive list).
  11. Can we settle this by simply saying that both teams are pretty shit.
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