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  1. Why was the Rangers B v Civil Service Strollers match off/abandoned tonight?
  2. Bruce Anderson likes a goal against Rangers.
  3. You have never had more than 4500 home fans at a home match in the last 20 years? I honestly didn’t know that, so I apologise for yet another daft post.
  4. Not sure if you’re fully aware that we don’t all live in Aberdeen.
  5. Also credit to Lanarkshire Council. They’re allowing almost 50% of the capacity of Fir Park into the ground. Aberdeen City Council are only allowing 30% of Pittodrie’s capacity in on Sunday.
  6. I had to wait for over three hours to get my Hacken ticket. Got the United one at about a minute past five. Stress free, wherever you may be...
  7. WATP is sewn into the back of the shirt, so I’ll have to agree with you.
  8. The first season in a while that I get the home kit and they bring out this beauty. I may have to get both.
  9. I can’t get my around why a club who have done so much good stuff for their fans, gets permission to have 6500 into a match and gives 2000 of these tickets to the away fans. Bizarre.
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