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  1. That’s exactly what I said, but using far fewer words.
  2. According to the St Mirren fans on Wednesday we’re not famous any more. Probably the most famous we’ve been in years.
  3. It’s almost worth all these defeats to make so many people happy.
  4. I see that Jay Gorter has got Scottish football sussed pretty quickly. “Scotland’s top three teams are Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen.”.
  5. I haven’t checked for accuracy, but it’s not many.
  6. Unfortunately it’s not us, but it must be a bit gut wrenching that it’s St Mirren getting closer to you.
  7. After watching the Jay Gorter interview I'm certain he will be in goal tomorrow.
  8. It’s undoubtedly a red card. He shouldn’t be kicking the ball into the crowd in an attempt to hit a spectator, so by definition in order to do that the force used has to be deemed “excessive”.
  9. The only time I’ve seen it used (fairly) well is in the World Cup. Everything else is crap.
  10. Prior to last night they had one away league game all season. We made them look good.
  11. Duk had the ball set up for the free kick and Grieve stuck his boot through the legs of Duk and kicked the ball away. Duk gave him a wee nudge and he took a tumble to end up on the deck.
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