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  1. Well, not has to exactly, but if he doesn’t then 72 years of continuity goes down the Swanee.
  2. 6 for Wednesday. I could set a record of being the first person to be relegated before I actually get promoted. However given my play off answers I am unlikely to be promoted. I’m in a totally confused state.
  3. Stephen Glass has to play Dean Campbell at left back to continue the club’s record of playing a player who has come through the youth system in the first eleven of every competitive match since 1949.
  4. I appreciate that you are trying to help me, but I have accepted a long time ago that stuff as you have just described have passed me by a long time ago. Thanks though.
  5. I find the fact that he said this on twitter while a director of an SPFL club totally insane. Just resign now, because it's an absolute certainty he will be gone shortly whatever.
  6. I remember this as well, and posted about it on here at the time.
  7. I was at the match and was following the ball. When the game stopped, I had no idea what had happened either and thought initially that the game had finished as well.
  8. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. I Googled Rangers PPV and it came up with no events upcoming. £9.99 is very reasonable to be fair to your club.
  9. I’ve got RedTV, but that bit you’ve added on is like speaking to me in Chinese.
  10. Question for Rangers fans. Have your team taken away the PPV service for your home matches?
  11. Agreed, some where, but the results were previously ok, which was the point. That was my point certainly.
  12. I think it may have been the other way round. That’s my guess anyway.
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