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  1. @andrewh the date in the thread title is annoying me a lot more than it should.
  2. Of course. The Everton one was a particular belter was it not?
  3. BBC have a section on their website just now with a few Memorable Games Between English and Scottish Clubs and have included a few ties where the Scottish club has lost. But no mention of unfancied Aberdeen turfing the UEFA Cup holders, Ipswich, out of the UEFA Cup.
  4. Retrospective ban for simulation incoming...
  5. Indeed there was, all initiated by the Scotland star.
  6. I've seen the over the ball challenge, it's horrendous. Not sure how closely you follow football, but it is possible to be on the end of a terrible tackle, although Devlin's could scarcely be described as a tackle, and still play on for the rest of the match.
  7. I honestly never noticed him all afternoon. Also, a weird decision by Mr McInnes to put Laugherty on the bench if he had no intention of putting him on.
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