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  1. Quick Question Thread

    Nope. We can issue warnings on a whim.
  2. EDIT: If you're doing the Australian Daily Quiz (scroll forward 1000+ pages) and you've missed a day, you can find all the previous quizzes in their archive here: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/mind-games/quiz-archive It's a simple enough premise. Every day, they publish 10 multiple-choice general knowledge questions. What isn't simple is the questions. I've had a 2 or 3 many times. I've achieved 8 out of 10 a few times, but never the Holy Grail: 10 out of 10. The day that happens, I'll probably end up adding it to my CV. Here's a link to today's. I got a very healthy 8, my lack of knowledge about the gait of Icelandic horses let me down... http://www.theguardian.com/news/quiz/2013/dec/13/daily-quiz-13-december-2013
  3. Quick Question Thread

    Apparently, mods can't report posts, nor can they issue a warning based on a particular post unless someone reports it first. This video is one of the worst things I've ever seen ... I'm on my 4th watching already. Latest observation ... why do the animated sharks and crabs get a walk on part, but not the octopus?
  4. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Dennis Norden Tempted to take that as a guess, but won't be a dick (for once!) Dennis Norden ... yet another one of those ones you're convinced died a decade ago, yet is still going strong (well, he's still alive, I can't vouch for his bench-pressing prowess).
  5. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    I'm saying nothing so I can give other people the chance. There's a big prize up for grabs. Edit: And just to make it interesting for those guaranteed top-flight status next season already - I'm also offering to go and greenie a handful of your previous posts (I'm calling it a reverse LincolnHearts) Agreed. Except one.
  6. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Cheers. Never had any complaints. Automatic promotion to the top league (after reconstruction ) to any one who can correctly identify me in that line-up. But be warned, automatic relegation to the bottom shop for anyone who gets it wrong. @SlipperyP ... this is the kinda play-off shit we need.
  7. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Re: point 1. I know the rules. But it was so long ago, I have no photographs. Ha. I take that back ... God Bless the Internet. Re: point 2. "Where democracy is absent, the illusion of democracy provides sweet succour to the masses."
  8. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Ah, I had a different experience. Whiteley was sound (except when he called me a dick), Vorderman was a snooty cow, Barry Norman kept name dropping and Susie Dent was delightful. And I lost by 11 points to a woman who worked in a knicker elastic factory.
  9. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Bollocks to that Mexican system. If we're going to go with any ridiculous Central American tournament, I would nominate the 1994 Caribbean Cup Qualifiers...
  10. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    We tried that before. It wasn't exactly a blistering success.
  11. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    And here's more stuff. At the recent Mods and Quiz Thread Conference in Hokkaido, Tynietraitor and I were discussing the league table wrt the dearth of players in the bottom league. After 16 brandies, he got quite vocal about sticking to three leagues (I think he said something patronising about "the little oiks" like to win something at one point) ... but to even things up, move to leagues of 10,10,10ish ... I'm fine with this, but since I'm in the relegation zone at the moment and likely to benefit from such gerrymandering, I was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts? Edit: I'm talking utter horse dung. I'm down regardless.
  12. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    (Un)interestingly enough, when I was on Countdown, Barry Norman was in dictionary corner and Whiteley took him to task about his catchphrase. Bazza (to his mates) replied that not only was it not his catchphrase, but he'd never actually said it once. So they made him say it. It made for great telly, as you can imagine.
  13. The joke thread: a thread for camaraderie and hilarity

    Or similarly, two guys in the pub. One says wistfully "Ah, my wife will be on the plane by now". "Is she going anywhere nice?" asks his pal. "Nah. She's just taking a couple of inches off the kitchen door.".
  14. The joke thread: a thread for camaraderie and hilarity

    I was thinking of having a tattoo, but I don't think I've got room for a pipe band in my garden.
  15. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Here are some league tables. It's all looking a bit barren down in the BHL ... might have to think about going back to a 2 league format. Which won't please Tynierose ... but since he's not posted all week, he probably won't even notice.
  16. Quick Question Thread

    Never mind that. His profile says he's not logged in since February 2017. I'm pulling a double-shift here. I'm grassing him in to Div.
  17. Grassing

    Just give us a representative snapshot them. I understand you are busy so just dump a few screens in here and wel crack ok with it. Er, surely that would be grassing?!!?
  18. Grassing

    You and the other mods could provide a genuine service in this thread by providing a list of all grassings in the last year. That would provide a robust picture of what P&Bers deem grassworthy. For the past year?!?! There are three already in the "Grass box" I need to wade through. That'd be a full time job to product a report for the P+B masses.
  19. Grassing

    So a loved one gets murdered ... you should investigate the murder yourself and not involve the authorities (or their resources / experiences). Presumably, they'll find out anyway - at which point you refuse to assist at all in the investigation. If it goes to court, refuse to be a witness for the prosecution, then get your retribution on the steps of the courthouse after he's let off?
  20. Unpopular opinions.

    I could have all of you shot.
  21. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    That's 2003 calling .. they're wondering if you've finished with their patter.
  22. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIFA_World_Cup Brazil have come 4th twice. If there is one thing we can all take away from this, it's that Tyniewhateverhe'scalledthisweek is: Wrong A bellend
  23. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    *cough* superleague *cough* I would normally be up for a SUPERLEAGUE. But: SUPERLEAGUE must be capitalised I just ground t̶y̶n̶i̶e̶n̶e̶s̶s̶'̶s̶ tynieroses' stupid face into the dirt.