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  1. I've no idea. I find it fascinating. There was one in the gaming section the other day whose first post was some generic shite. I asked him who his big team was ... and he replied Hibs (not Hibernian - the IP address was in NY btw). Obviously, that made him sound legit, yet a few days later, he was back to subtly add some spurious link to the post (he actually added a link to a single character in the post that he was quoting). If all that is done by a bot, that's pretty clever, albeit fucking terrifying. p.s. assuming you're referring to a couple of posters in this thread, they seem legit (so far!)
  2. Surely the driver was swearing as well so how come he didn't get the same?
  3. A couple of Glasgow ones. The M74 minion. Think it might be away now. And off Maryhill Road, the magnificently named Stair Street - which is just a stairway between two streets. Sadly, the Googlemaps car couldn't go up it.
  4. They seem to be getting smarter too. They've learned to select a football team when singing up. The latest one, based in New Mexico, was a big fan of Bishopmill United, it would appear.
  5. That seems a bit weird. Obviously everyone is different, but I'd say the 10k in under 50 minutes would be a lot easier to achieve than 2k in under 8 minutes. My PB for 10k is about 45 minutes, yet I can barely run 0.5km in under 2 minutes, so I'd have no chance of doing 2km in under 8 minutes. Or to look at it another way, if you could achieve 2k in 8 minutes, you should be doing 10k in around 44 minutes (obviously, it's a generalisation!) https://www.fetcheveryone.com/training-calculators-racetimes.php?race_distance=2&race_unit=km&race_hours=&race_minutes=8&race_seconds=
  6. Nah, I think it was paid for. You set up, I'll knock 'em down.
  7. WTF happened to this thread? It used to be a jolly finger-pointing "look at the dafties on the other threads" type affair, but it's just descended into pointless and meaningless sniping. Nobody ever wins an argument on the internet.
  8. 7 out of 10. Guessed the cycist, fluffed the film, Roman emperor and can't remember the other one. 7 for Thursday n aw. Sorry - forgot topost.
  9. Wish I'd invested in hand sanitiser and sourdough companies 9-12 months ago.
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