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  1. What did you think the Jag's 6-1 demolition of Accies last night? Also, please make sure to edit your original post with a couple of links that no-one will click and will get removed in fairly short order.
  2. Well in that case, I'd like to start. Shame John Paul II, he'd have been a shoo-in for goalie. Anyway, in the league for Friday - 7/10 And in the cup, 8/10 in 55 seconds (if it comes to a tie-breaker it should go on speed).
  3. Sorry - I've been away for a few days so have missed out on all the excitement. Why am I suddenly representing Italy rather than France? Maybe I should have the Vatican flag. Anyway, in the league: Monday - 8 Tuesday - 7 Wednesday - 9 Thursday - 9
  4. I've removed a few of the posts that go into rather a lot of detail about the injuries inflicted on Jamie Bulger, which I think are a wee bit much for this forum (especially since anyone can read it). This information is freely available elsewhere on the internet if you really do need to know.
  5. 9 for the League. Surprised myself by actually kinda knowing the Underground question and also working out what the f**k was going on with Q10. 6 out of 10 for the Cup. Sorry lads. Letting Scotland down.
  6. 9 for Thursday. Never heard of the song. Edit: Oh wait. I have heard it. But I didn't know what it was called or who it was by.
  7. 8 out of 10 for Wednesday's quiz. The Greek king was a bit before my time, and I thought Baby Driver was shite so I refused to get it right on principle.
  8. In the league for Tuesday, 8 out of 10 including a lucky guess on Mr Bond. In the cup, a 7. Will that be enough? Hopefully @Salvo Montalbano can pull his socks up and bang in a big score and send those Rest of the Worlders @Duszek & @Spring Onion back to whichever hell-hole they crawled out of. God I hate The Rest of the World so much.
  9. I appreciate he's very much alive, but I had a very vivid dream regarding the sudden demise of Graeme Souness. This dream included Sky Sports TV coverage of the funeral and even a Dead Pool quip (Graeme Too Souness). Unfortunately, unlike dreaming the name of the winning horse in a race, it's very hard to monetise my new-found prophetic ability. But if Souness were to curl up his toes by the end of the year, could I get some sort of honorary award from the Dead Pool?
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