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  1. The 'Tremendous' Tales of Tightfistedness Thread

    I have a friend who eats roadkill.
  2. Infuriating things your parents do

    Mine too. He used to have a pound symbol pin badge back when there was talk of the Euro replacing the Pound. I miss him
  3. P&b Running Club

    Weirdly, I am. Nice splits mate. Was Km no 3 hilly? I've often thought about posting my Runkeeper map / stats, but they all start and end at my house and I don't want you all coming round to rob me when I'm not in.
  4. Still Game & Best Bits

    Just realised where I'd seen Frances before!
  5. "In time of difficulties, we must not lose sight of our achievements".
  6. Infuriating things your parents do

    My late father was the master of the cock-block. Whenever we went on holiday and I made myself a female friend, he would always come over and say stuff like "Oh, I see you've got yourself a girlfriend" and I'd have to go and have a quiet cringe somewhere. On the subject of the older generation and mobile phones, my Canadian aunt has a smartphone and even knows how to use Whats App. But despite paying $20+ per month for a contract, she refuses to get data. Indeed, she pays $2.50 a month (they've just put the prices up as well) for the feature that blocks her from using data. Yes, she is paying NOT to use something she owns. Fucking madness.
  7. Before the leagues, a quote from Benito Mussolini. Thanks for that Benito. Mind you, not even Il Duce himself could have predicted such a thrilling end to a league season. Plenty of teams were in the running for scooping the richest prize in the P+B Quiz Thread, but all but one shat the bed. Well done MSU - you are now the most decorated quiz team in the league (although a cup win still eludes him). Christophe takes 2nd place on BNQD over Salvo ... Down below, it's incredibly tight as well ... BNQD again playing a factor. Well not for JamesP, his goose was cooked days ago ... but The DA is relegated and pleslie99 has a glimmer of hope in the play-offs. Petershill's Finest, Peasy23 gets gold (well silver) in the SWL. BNQD again rears its contentious head, promoting Helpma and leaving German Jag in the play-offs. At the other end, Mark Connolly shat the bed, mathematics couldn't hack it with the medium-sized boys, and yet again, BNQD is used to dump one of three teams into the play-off. And as luck would have it, it means that the 2 Edinburgh quiz attending boys - me and Adam101 - stay up, and the one who said he was coming then dinghied us at the 11th hour has to endure the play-offs. BNQD has a heart after all. And in the BHL - in his second season in charge (or first, if you exclude the aborted week where he did all the quizzes but just assumed that some wizardry happened to add his scores to the league table. This despite every single other team posting their scores every day), As Easterly as it gets! gets his first taste of success. I can see that ! becoming as annoying as the full stop at the end of Ross.'s username. Anyway, well done to AEAIG, and to Leedsy who is up-and-down more than the proverbial whore's drawers. And BNQD is working overtime today ... Ziggy's in the play-offs at the expense of The Captain. So it's over to @SlipperyP to post this week's thaibreaker.
  8. Here's the roll-call of latecomers ... Premiership: Salvo + Scotfree (Fri), CaspianChris (all week) SWL: NJ2 (Fri) BHL: Ziggy + gkneil (Fri), Ross (Thu), G_Man (Wed), Wilky + Dee Man + AFJ (all week)
  9. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    That must have taken JV minutes to knock up on MS Paint. Still, it answered my question as to what John Virgo gets up to in his spare time.
  10. Fair enough. I think he's served his purpose. Normally, I'd "hilariously" give you a Dunfermline badge for a week or two, but I'll skip that particular hilarity ... you wanting a Falkirk crest - or as a special treat - a foxy bird actress? (although once you condense someone's picture down to 30pxs, nobody looks particularly foxy) Edit: I changed Eednud's name to Edmund at least two years ago and I can't remember why. Still, I'm sure he chuckles every day when he sees it. I'm pretty sure his wife has started calling him Edmund.
  11. I'm feeling a lot of shame right now. As penance, I'm going to say 5 how's your fathers and preclude myself from promotion this season.
  12. I'm going to start handing out point deductions for this behaviour!!!! Edit: If you want something done, get a Cardinal to do it. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/mind-games/quiz?quizId=11583&sectionId=1
  13. There's yer league boys. @alang1993 - as usual you've missed out a score. And "As Easterly as it gets" ... is a frontrunner in his first (well second really) season in charge.
  14. P&b Running Club

    Of course, if you hopped off the treadmill for, say a mile, to get a breather, then the watch may be right after all
  15. LinkedIn thread

    What a total bell-end. And don't get me started on "love helping my clients". Not sure what the rest of the sentence says ... probably something like "I really enjoy getting my paperwork done".