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  1. I'm sure we'd all like to hear what services you provide to Stranraer and its supporters (apart from whinging about the manager of course).
  2. Cardinalrichie 0-1 Eindhovendee While I was concentrating on trying to steal a pawn or two, Eindhoven was very much focused on giving me a good shoeing, which he did with aplomb.
  3. I can't be the only wag who answers the question "How many slices do you want your pizza sliced into?" with "seven". It must be the highlight of my local takeaway's week when I pull out that gag. It's the little things.
  4. Oh btw, can I take this opportunity to give a hearty "f**k you" to both Rangers and Celtic for appropriating the songs Penny Arcade and I Just Can't Get Enough respectively. Two fine songs with f**k all to do with football / the respective teams, but I can never put on a jukebox in the pub again lest I'm accused of being a fan of one of the Gruesome Twosome. I appreciate other clubs have adopted songs, but they're generally shite songs (e.g. I'm forever blowing bubbles) or clubs that I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen as a supporter of.
  5. Just to add, Half Man Half Biscuit have done quite a few football songs (they're Tranmere Rovers fans), including The Referee's Alphabet, Even Met with Steel Hearts (Love to see a Dog on the Pitch), Bob Wilson - Anchorman, and my favourite - the rather lesser known Swerving the Checkatrade - a song where he professes to his lover that he'd rather hang about with her than go and watch shite football matches, and contains such classic lines as...
  6. As predicted, @NotThePars hoovered up my queen and rook and it was all over as a contest.
  7. Ah cheers. Not sure how Frank is dealing with the people who have to resign, but if it means awarding me a victory, it'll mean I've managed to beat one Dunfermline team (my match against NotthePars isn't going well!)
  8. Does anyone know if GParsFan is still playing? Don't even know his P+B username to tag him.
  9. Definitely the safety battle. Whilst big clearances are impressive, there's no sense of competition. I wouldn't want to watch a 10-0 football match for the same reason.
  10. 7 out of 10, but morally an 8 because they've spelled reservoir wrong, and if they'd spelled it correctly I would have got the question right.
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