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  1. Yeah, if you don't report him then come back on here to tell us you did it, we will be left in perpetual ambiguity about whether you are a grass or not. Is everyone who reports a crime a grass?
  2. Some arsehole has gone round my local area (Battlefield) booting off wing mirrors. Police were called but he got away. Is there any point in reporting the damage to my motor to them, since dozens of other motors got tanned and I can't claim on my insurance? (well I can, but there's no point!)
  3. I fucking hate Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse and Celtic mythology - mainly cos it's all made up. Christian mythology gets a pass but only cos it was drilled into me as an impressionable young Cardinal. 9 btw. If that's not enough to get me promoted, I'm picking up my league tables and going home.
  4. You can't have been that successfully since you chaps got your arses handed to you by the Allies, what? Anyway, Thursday's league tables. MSU has done an alang1993 and missed a day.
  5. And another 10 out of 10. Students of French in the 90s will remember La Tricolore textbooks, where seemingly every other sentence made reference to the vibrancy and richness of things happening in La Rochelle, France. I was absolutely convinced growing up that La Rochelle was second only to Paris in terms of size and importance. Of course, having just looked it up, it would appear that's a pretty ordinary "city" with a population of around 75,000. Which leads me to wonder if students in France eagerly open their cahiers des textes to read about all the goings-on in, say, East Kilbride.
  6. Don't expect a friend request any time soon Willie.
  7. Less annoying and more lethal, but I can't fucking stand cassowaries.
  8. I sympathise with the asthma thing, but I quite enjoy sneezing. It's like a mini-orgasm. I just had one a minute ago and now I'm smoking a cigarette.
  9. Anybody going to see Big Mad Andy host a Peep Show quiz? Edinburgh 30th January, Glasgow QMU on the 31st January. Need to buy tickets.
  10. 50719 Elizabethgriffin 4524 Barklajdetolli 2014 GQ (343158) 2009 HC (219774) 2001 YY
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