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  1. Every morning, I open my browser to be greeted by some shit by some p***k I've never heard of. But occasionally ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Je_t'adore
  2. Oh right. I'm sorry. (Eugene impression). 6 out of 10. Farewell top league. Why is Rick Astley one of the answers to every music question nowadays? Is this what the young 'uns refer to as rickrolling?
  3. I'd post it over on the wrestling forum over here: https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/forum/114-the-wrestling-forum/
  4. 6 out of 10. Can't believe I got "Lister" wrong. What a riddy. Not sure why people were contending the meaning of Škoda in Czech. In fact, you should count yourselves lucky I let you use an S instead of a Š since they're different letters. b*****ds.
  5. Nope. It was intentional. The quiz is over and the winner has been declared. It was either that or post every single bloody link individually and life is too short.
  6. Apologies for the delay in posting this. The winner of the Coronavirus Quiz (part 1!) was Arch Stanton with a healthy 41 out of 50. +1 his cup column please! You can view the full leaderboard here and have fun guessing what people's real names are: https://wikiquiz.org/a/GHuiE9Zs9joQXCD0cWRfzwhTAssr5lS6vHFjjYwP And if you want to look at how each paper was marked, go ye here: https://wikiquiz.org/a/GHuiE9Zs9joQXCD0cWRfzwhTAssr5lS6vHFjjYwP 9 out of 10 for tday.
  7. Yeah, sorry about that. I'm not going to change it now so that everyone is in the same boat. I originally put the deadline at 2359 on Sunday but if there are people still wanting to take it, it's been extended to Tuesday night so fill yer boots! https://wikiquiz.org/r/iB2TkKDALp1Tmo9pWm9WCXiGLlVteX7ewkPf75gV And a measly pathetic THREE for Monday's quiz.
  8. https://wikiquiz.org/s/V8or7v6rvOStwqitCz9OJlw63gK5XK8ymivS7f27 Kudos on Lincoln. Whatever the opposite of kudos is for your "anal sex" response to the shortest verse in the bible.
  9. Cheers guys (i.e. those who gave me a compliment) re: question 50. It's probably my favourite pub quiz question. You've got a 1/12 chance of getting it even if you don't have a clue.
  10. And here's the rub. I saw your teamname earlier. And now it's vanished. I don't know whether it's me or you. Either way., I need a hug.
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