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  1. A rather surprising 10 for today, with guesswork playing a part in a couple but it should be enough to stave off relegation. Shame I couldn't hit such form in the cup ... sorry fellow sharks.
  2. Running is a bit like the opposite of drinking. With boozing, you feel great at the time and then feel shite the next day and swear blind you're never doing it again. With running, you feel shite at the time and swear blind you're never doing it again, then afterwards you feel grand.
  3. Shit voting systems. Shit Italian painters. And to cap it all off, utterly shit American sports. That quiz had it all. 7 out of 10. Managed to get the shit song from 2013 though.
  4. Can I get a transfer to Team Tiger? I love Tigers. 7/10. Nice to see an animal quiz with almost no questions about animals.
  5. When the WWE decided to be more family friendly and change Cena's finishers from the FU to the AA / STFU to STF... did they announce that they were going to do it, or did they just start using the new names and let people work it out themselves?
  6. I can't date two women. I can barely date one.
  7. Don't be so quick to judge! There is no reason why someone with a Californian IP and 0 posts elsewhere might want to discuss Celtic's chances of 10 in a row or Edusport's rebranding as Caledonian Braves.
  8. Well, as this is Scotland's leading football discussion forum, I think you've come to the right place. Btw, can you tag me when you edit your post to include a link - otherwise I might miss it.
  9. I don't doubt it. But I passed through Peebles on the way to Ettrickbridge. Stayed in a pub there. £45 a night including a cooked breakfast. Lovely stuff.
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