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  1. I'm starting off in Canada (Happy Canada Day everyone btw), then Vegas, San Fransisco, PEI, Central America, South America, Australasia, Skint. See you in a year Re: my aunt. She has got marginally better at stuff (although she still inexplicably closes the browser every time she wants to open a new site). Fair play to her. When I reach her age, I'll be making a right royal arse of whatever the young 'uns are into.
  2. @SlipperyP ... hello old Slippers. I'm taking a few weeks off league duties while I travel hither and thither, but I shall be back before you know it.
  3. 9 out of 10. A A Milne. If you're known by your initials, how the f**k do you expect c***s to know your actual names?
  4. Cheers. These Aberdeen Bon Accord fans really are a nuisance.
  5. There is a pinned thread here which lists each team's squad. Any discussions from the other thread I've moved here.
  6. I keep a passing information / fascination with cryptocurrency, although I have made no investments. I'm sure it's been mentioned already, but the president of El Salvador (which adopted Bitcoin as its national currency) "bought the drip" at $60,300 per BTC. Current price $21,280.
  7. Well, it could have been a finish as exciting as the finish to the English Premiership, but Bully Wee Villa decided to phone in his performance on the last day of the season, thus handing the trophy to Arch Stanton. Well done to you. And the rest of you should be able to see what league you will be in next season if you use your fucking eyes. @SlipperyP ... glad to hear you're doing okay and Junior Slippers is made of stern stuff. I've just realised I've forgotten to add any trophies - and I've no idea what it all means anyway, so if you wouldn't mind doing the honours, that'd be braw.
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