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  1. I see the chap who binned his hard drive with loads of Bitcoin back in 2009 is back in the news begging to be allowed to quite literally rake the bins (well, landfill site) where it is likely to be. Now that his discarded Bitcoin are worth £200m, all sort of private investors are offering to pay for the cost of doing it and he's trying to bribe the council with 25% of the value (assuming they find it). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-55658942 Now don't get me wrong, if I drop a pound coin down the back of the couch, I'll not rest until I find it. But surely to God it would be impossible to find a hard drive with 10 years of shite discarded on top of it. And what's the chances the data is even recoverable if it is found?
  2. And the birds! Here's another one. It does look class right enough.
  3. And conversely, is there anything better in life than writing on the soul of your slipper with a biro (on a Saturday night instead of going to the pub) ?
  4. Did you not get a brick through your window the other day?
  5. That's the last of the shower gel.
  6. As I mentioned before, check out the Cracking the Cryptic channel on Youtube. There are lots of variants of sudoku that put more life into the format, and they might be interested in your new version.
  7. Can't imagine that many people watch Sky Sports Racing tbf!
  8. Nice work fella! 22km so far is a great start, especially given the weather since New Year. Re: the boredom. Obviously there's music / podcasts, and varying the routes that you run can keep things interesting. I used to get bored running - to the point that would never go running without my phone / headphones - but then I did a HM where headphones were banned and I was forced to run for nearly 2 hours with just my thoughts to keep me amused. I did it and actually found it was easier to concentrate on my breathing etc, and I've never run with headphones since. The only drawback was some well-meaning p***k about mile 5 start up a conversation with me about the Dukla Prague top I was wearing.
  9. That was pretty much my meal deal today, although I went for the chicken, bacon AND stuffing sandwich (and I chose that over a triple decker, even though it was 25p dearer, thus going against my MO). In fact, I could have smashed my record out the park if I'd also bought coconut water - which would have brought the individual total to £6.50. But who the f**k wants to drink coconut water? It does lead me to ask though... are Tesco's losing money hand over fist every time you max out your meal deal, or are we just getting super ripped-off if we buy any of the items individually?
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