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  1. Should we get email confirmation? I’ve pledged my tenner but not got any email. Tenner has came out account. Thanks
  2. Sheesh....... who shat in your kettle?!
  3. In the very short term it is better. But if you view the selling of club merchandise as a way of marketing the club and building brand awareness the more units you sell the better. It’s a fine balance.
  4. New Sons strip? 2nd from left obviously.
  5. Both arse-cheeks probably sitting there willing for lower league clubs to go under. They can piss off!!
  6. Ooft lucky deflection for the goal. Looked like the keeper had it covered. 🙌
  7. Wind to pick up around 12 and peak 3-5pm 🙈
  8. 60mph wind forecast. This'll be interesting!
  9. Tomorrow night on Sportscene. Starts 7:15 no idea when draw will be.
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