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  1. Airdrieonians vs Dumbarton

    How much is it to park your car at the ground?
  2. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    Montrose player put his head towards/into Thomson. Guess ref classed as head butt.
  3. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    Ref announced on OS........
  4. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    Prostate Cancer charity badge.
  5. The Sons 2018/19

    Need to stop dicking around and make the decision. Somebody must have Flannery's number...........
  6. The Sons 2018/19

    Durrant getting the boot?
  7. Sons' sorrow

    It was the absence of sponsor backdrop boards that got us into this mess. Now they've been delivered all is well
  8. Stenhousemuir -vs- Dumbarton

    Rory Loy posted missing? Misspelt Seagal's name as well. But lots do that.
  9. Stenhousemuir -vs- Dumbarton

    Maybe playing a narrow diamond in the middle? Could see Beany at left mid in that formation.
  10. Stenhousemuir -vs- Dumbarton

  11. Dumbarton v Arbroath.

    Think we've got the numbers now.
  12. Dumbarton v Arbroath.

    According to the muppet behind me the team 'aren't fit'
  13. Dumbarton v Arbroath.

    If anyone's lost a mobile phone I've handed it into reception.
  14. The Sons 2018/19

  15. The Sons 2018/19