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  1. Should be giving us £42 to take one off their hands!
  2. Top 4 here we come! 👍🏻 Patience was McKee
  3. Maybe we should start a defender debate. Who's worse Neill or McGeever?! 😢
  4. I'm sure we'll give him the welcome he deserves on his return to the Rock on Saturday.
  5. Ps maybe Duffy's playing mind games with McKee by giving this guy the number 7 jersey?
  6. Will that be a development loan? They don't count towards 'normal' loans so we've still got 4 available? That right?
  7. Only thing that sponsor is interested in is getting their hands on the land the stadium is built on.
  8. Seriously, if the strips aren't going to be available until 20th July what was the rush in putting a picture up with it on the dummies? Could've waited until tomorrow and taken pics on a couple of players?!
  9. And only useful if you're 12 (or know any 12 year olds)
  10. I don't even think we've went to Joma for those. They look like Joma knock-offs!! Someone's been doon the Barras!!
  11. If Langan has signed doubt we'll sign McKee as well given the tight squad we're going with.
  12. Good, liked the look of him against Dundee Utd. Heard about anyone else?
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