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  1. Should know this but why don’t we have a game on 10th Dec?
  2. I’ll give you that refs view might’ve been obstructed but lino had a clear unobstructed view. He just cocked it up.
  3. Plus with Rangers being the home team they’d be responsible for stewarding, turnstiles etc etc I’d imagine?
  4. Cash only as well. Proper old-school!
  5. Highlight of the day for me were the groundsmen turning the sprinklers on the Annan team when they were warming up!
  6. Can just imagine the conversation: Amateur Analyst: So Carsy got your report from last match here. You need to track back more and you lost your man for the first goal. Carsy: F*ck off……
  7. Seems like the same role. Maybe the guy that was doing it has chucked it for whatever reason.
  8. That’ll teach me to just read the first paragraph!!
  9. Only 330 season tickets and Young Sons tickets sold. Wonder what the split is Sons Website
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