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  1. 4 points dropped when there have been + 7 mins added on. Concentration levels seem to go wayward.
  2. Or, of course, he may be 3-5 years older tan previously thought.
  3. After 2 games where we have attacked the opposition ( I know we were at home) suspect we will revert to 5 at the back, Shinnie in midfield, and try to shitfest a draw. Oh forgot about VAR, penalty to Rangers.
  4. Reiterating what has been said before. Shinnie, as per most of his appearances for the club, is an empty Jersey and rarely contributes something positive. Exceptionally talented, the " pointy man" as he's is recognised as in our section is terrific at waving his arms about , telling others what to do , while being a lazy git. Martingale has tried with Sean Kelly to convert him into a) a solid defensive midfielder b) a comfortable centre back. Failed on both counts. Fans from other clubs where he had been warned us about him being shit but it seems we were wrong to ignore them, especially with 2 competent centre backs warming their bums on the bench., Finishing , we had 13 efforts at goal before we got 1 on target. Shooting practice this week lads. It's frustrating as there are good players out there and we can deliver some good build up play. Must win next week to get the confidence built up.
  5. Has Hughes not blamed they players a) nae character b) nae heart ) c) nae fight yet?
  6. Hope all the St Johnstone players are OK. I feared for them as they fell over after a hard look from a Livi player and squealed like wee lasses. Developing a real talent there. Hope Arbroath stuff you.
  7. 5 bookings and a sending off would lead some people to suspect that your lads could have been a trifle over enthusiastic on the physical side of the game.
  8. There could be carnage if Besuijin and Charlie Adam collide with each other.
  9. The substitutions ( why ? )totally changed our approach to the game. 2-0 up and Motherwell with no serious effort on target , Martindale goes into panic mode to defend what we had and the two wide men are taken off leaving us backs to the wall. Not the first time this has happened this season. At the end of the day it was a perm any two from six scenario as to who hit the top six and we came up short. Target is to makes sure we are no lower than 10th now.
  10. Slightly off topic but a big shout out to the Livi board for holding next seasons , season ticket prices at the same level for the 4th year in a row. Brilliant stuff. Motherwell leading the way in the free tickets for the unemployed and also recognising the importance of their fan base.
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