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  1. They need to sit close to the defence because we can't pass worth a f**k so we're constantly under pressure. Hearts haven't had to work today where as we've ran around like headless chickens chasing passes that can't find a man. It's infuriating that we can perform so well against Celtic but look worse than schoolboy the next again weekend. I'm usually pretty positive but f**k me it's worse than pish right now. out of all those midfielders we signed, you'd think there would be at least one who could cross the halfway line and make something happen. We've no divine right to win games but at least have a go. this would make your eyes bleed.
  2. to be fair to Scrutinizer his posts are very lengthy and detailed. Must be very scary sitting in the dark in his maws bedroom typing them all out.
  3. correct, smoke and mirrors. Livi had 5 players in their starting line up that were not at the club last season. The players that Celtic signed were , presumably, at a higher level experience and ability wise that any we could attract to our club but on yesterdays showing were lacking in demonstrating any fight for the cause. Two wingers whos inability to cross a ball properly and a midfield who loved passing sideways and backwards led to the " shock" result. It will in all probability start to gel for Celtic but jeez they were awful yesterday.
  4. thereby lies the real problem. You have to go back to season 1984/85 to see any other team( Aberdeen) other than Rangers ( in whatever guise ) or Celtic win the top league. Their dominance while providing much needed revenue for clubs also stifles /eliminates any real competitive nature in a league where perm any two from maybe eight is fighting to avoid relegation. Marketing the league and attracting sponsorship and funding would not be such a black hole if there was a real chance that the dominance of these two could be sustainably challenged. We go along in the hope that our team might pull off a shock result once in a while but are realistic to know that we will probably f*ck it up the following week against a team we would look to beat. I don't think any commission or review is going to come up with any revolutionary ideas otherwise it would have been done before. Additionally, the quality of product on show often does not justify the levels of admission prices. TV broadcasts are extremely selective in where they devote their energies i.e. who is playing either of the big two to suit the " ive been a fan all my life " brigade but in truth who never set foot in Ibrox or Parkhead . That plus moderate exposure in England for ex pats or those of a bigoted nature down south. In short a waste of time and money.
  5. If Brighton are willing to spend a reported £18.2m on Edouard I would suggest they hang off for a week or so .. Based on tonight's performance they could probably save £18m.
  6. Absolutely brilliant you boys. I hope when you get the first home game of next season ( if the fans are allowed) that you get a full house. Outstanding achievement, richly deserved. Envy of the highest order.
  7. Foxy for Falkirk , please. All part of the master plan to team up with Holt and have the Bairns playing in the same league as Sauchie in a couple of years.
  8. That's heightism in the extreme. He cannot help being a short arse.
  9. Back on the thread topic .....The number of goals we have lost down our right hand side this season is criminal. Get McMillan in there pronto. Don't get the love in for Devlin - he cannot defend. Now lost all post split games, absolute rubbish.
  10. I'm going to take that as a compliment, thank you.
  11. It's not the longevity of the joke it's the relevance. man walks into a pub with his dog just as the football results were coming on the TV. Announcer says Falkirk lost 3-0 to which the dog lies on its back with 4 legs in the air. " that's great" says the barman, " what does he do when they win?" " Don't know " says the man " I've only had him 4 months"
  12. Falkirk players were doing their usual good deed visiting local hospitals' childrens ward and handing out presents. " it was heartbreaking to see their sad faces and hopelessness in their eyes" said Billy aged 6
  13. Ok i was walking passed the Falkirk Stadium the other day and saw a Falkirk Season Ticket nailed to a tree. " I'm having that" I thought, you can never have too many nails
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