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  1. These guys got the memo!
  2. Hopefully Love Island is next for the chop but that's a ratings hit so not likely.
  3. I enjoyed that scene but it definitely felt like Varys signing off on his own execution (by dragon) next week.
  4. I had similar thought, just fly round behind and bbq the f**k out of them. Those crossbows can't see through sails. Was a good episode nonetheless.
  5. I blame the strips, players can't tell each other apart....or it could just be the shitey stream I'm watching!
  6. Put all that effort into the photoshopping to f**k it up with the shite spelling.
  7. This is spot on, any sensible Celtic fan will agree. Tierney has been nowhere near as influential for Celtic for months now, he's definitely carrying an injury and would have been rested more often if we had more LB options. If it's a hip injury similar to Andy Murray's it could be worrying.
  8. " There is a very good reason why people generally don’t stab each other. Normal, sane humans recoil from the very idea of plunging a sharp blade into a fellow creature, let alone driving it so deep that it is bound to kill. The crime has been rare because nobody wanted to commit it. Yet now we have a significant minority who do not recoil. So what has changed?" "And almost all of those who go out and kill someone with a blade will turn out, once the investigation is over, to be a long-term user of marijuana, no longer wholly sane or wholly civilised. Its widespread use is the only significant social change in this country that correlates with the rise in homicidal violence"
  9. There's no way UK government would allow Scotland to legalise on its own. We also have more than our fair share of dinosaurs in this country too unfortunately.
  10. Almost as farcical as blaming current societal problems on a drug that has been around for hundreds of years? As farcical as ignoring the countries where weed has been legalised that haven't descended into anarchy? There's way too much to actually go into but an open mind helps when debating weed which Hitchens and his ilk are sadly lacking.
  11. I suppose weed could also be responsible for Muslim extremism, razor gangs, Ted Bundy, Kid'n'Play and both world wars......you may have a point! Oof, imagine admiring Peter Hitchens?
  12. The cretin Peter Hitchens has outdone himself this time, weed is now responsible for the recent spate of stabbings. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6791067/PETER-HITCHENS-real-cause-knife-crime-hidden-fog-cannabis-smoke.html " Its widespread use is the only significant social change in this country that correlates with the rise in homicidal violence" That is unfortunately what you have to contend with before we can get anywhere near legalisation in this country.
  13. Very surprised at the general consensus on last night's episode, thought it was much better than last week and had some classic Alan moments, pocketing the After Eight, constantly pointing out the nepotism of the 'Dan Snow' character and his general smugness towards the end. I really enjoyed it and look forward to next week
  14. Do I? At what point did I say they are an elite European club? They very much have been in the past though.
  15. I'd agree with you if Celtic went about sacking managers because they weren't getting the results an elite European team would expect.
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