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  1. Yeah. Labour to Tory. Unionist vote is jumping ship in a huge way....?Death of Labour in Scotland.
  2. Oh....and Rey living/surviving by herself for years as opposed to Luke being looked after by his relatives....I fucking loved it and it exceeded my expectations.
  3. Aye. Its really hard to swing a bit of metal with something as ridiculously heavy as photons emerging from the base. It would take...I dunno....years to master that particular 'skill'.
  4. Thought Scott Agnew was outstanding today....Pink boots were a bit disconcerting though...
  5. Must be hideous to be such a craven c.unt as the OP. Celebrating the spineless surrender of a generation of cowards.
  6. I think I'll support Ireland from here on in. Don't wish to associate myself with a Northern British non-entity of a region any more than I have to.
  7. Where's Labour's promises of extra powers? They appear to have been deleted at an astonishing rate. You gullible, spineless, selfish, c u n t s.
  8. I'm not feeling anything anymore. Numb.
  9. How much debt is the UK currently holding? And how about now? How much now? How much now? How much now?
  10. Fucking hell. They are shitting it. End of Empire for those tedious, leeching, pointless C u n t s at the Daily loony Mail.
  11. I know! Shocking but true. That uber-twat-muppet is roundly despised by most folks here. He was out on Inverness high street with UKIP yesterday. The c**t.
  12. Can't see Highland with less than 50%......the good guys are well on top - especially in the towns.....
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