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  1. wonder if any stats men or maybe a Spartans fan has this info stored away. In 2007 Scottish FA Cup tie Fort William v Spartans believe it finished 0-6. But has anyone still got the Spartans line up or even the goalscorers. There's also a you tube clip showing a missed penalty, who was the taker?
  2. Only three league games, Gretna 1-2 Stirling Uni Hawick 2-4 Dalbeattie Selkirk 1-5 East Stirling
  3. Dalbeattie 2-0 Selkirk East Stirling 3-1 Cumbernauld Gala 1-1 Preston Hawick 1-2 Edinburgh Uni Spartans 3-0 Gretna Stirling Uni 1-3 East Kilbride Whitehill 2-1 Vale of Leithen
  4. Civil. 0-3 Spartans Cumbernauld 2-0 Edinburgh Uni Dalbeattie 1-2 Stirling Uni East Kilbride 2-3 East Stirling Gretna 1-2 BSC Glasgow Preston 0-3 Whitehill Selkirk 1-3 Gala Vale 3-2 Hawick
  5. BSC. 1-4. Spartans Civil. 0-5. East Stirling East Kilbride 4-0 Gala Edin. Uni. 1-2. Gretna Hawick 2-1 Preston Selkirk 0-3 Stirling Uni. Vale 2-2 Cumbernauld Whitehill 1-1 Dalbeattie
  6. how much are BSC charging to get in. I know they were charging £7 last season ,will need to attract neutral support to games so surely less than last season.
  7. Cumbernauld 3-0 Civil Dalbeattie 3-1 BSC Glasgow East Stirling 5-0 Hawick Gala 2-1 Edinburgh Uni Gretna 0-2 Whitehill Preston 0-6 East Kilbride Spartans 6-0 Selkirk Stirling Uni 3-1 Vale of Leithen
  8. Apparently the Scottish FA Cup winners qualify for the Europa league. Presumably Hibs will once again bottle it in the final, leaving Rangers with European qualification. BUT when Rangers liquidated and were reformed in league two, a UEFA rule was in place that a club had to have 5 years of accounts to produce before being allowed to participate in European competitions, even then would have to be sanctioned by the SFA for first acceptance, so why is this rule not being adhered to, or is UEFA hoping Hibs prevent their intervention, lets remind uefa Hibs are always crap in Scottish Cup finals.
  9. Was at the game, first half Stirling had a couple of decent chances to take the lead, BSC goalie made some excellent saves. Second half only one team in it. Needless penalty conceded for 0-1, needless free kick for 0-2 but what a strike 0-3 came it was only matter of time, BSC attack was pulling the home defence apart. Equals Stirlings record home defeat.
  10. Whitehill would be only team to be glad to see Threave relegated as it appears that WW are the only team Threave can beat, lol.
  11. When was Whitehill Welfares last game? Not been a lot of football played anywhere to be fair.
  12. Stirling University last game was December 12th
  13. Stirling University v Edinburgh University, pitch passed inspection so its game on.
  14. Stirling University v BSC Glasgow is postponed.
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