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  1. A'right? Just an Accies fan here saying to Fundee fans… "Hiyaaaaaaaaaa!!!"
  2. Following stints as a TV pundit and football manager, Neil practices his harmonica day and night for his next job as a busker
  3. New stock in at Dundee club shop. 3 wins, 9-0 aggregate
  4. Given the balance of power of the combined Edinburgh clubs V Hamilton Accies these days, feel free to use this pic for your desktop. Cheers
  5. Right. Can we get all the Hearts and Hibs fans the f**k out of here? This is mean't to be the Premiership forum!
  6. We give good bungs alright. Dundee should do a deal with us next time their debts are killing them... Hang around, it's due to happen any minute.
  7. Hope Kenny gets a job with whoever we get in the play offs... We'd be one bung nearer the Premiership
  8. That could be funny if Old Firm fuds didn't continually ask other team's suporters that line of questioning.
  9. I see one of the Livi boys has brought his Accies top with him so he can go out in public too.
  10. I saw this thread, then I saw this picture.... Maybe one for the Cappielow trophy room? ...and here's a chap just about to enjoy a great feeling at cappielow
  11. Just shows that you don't need to be a Morton fan to have a great feeling at Cappielow. Anyone who fucks them there can feel great.
  12. Why did you edit your post? Grammar, typing or pish? Forget the pish reason, you keep those ones in their original form.
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