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  1. I think bar the 7s goals it works quite well. The lack of referees in some games isn't great.
  2. Strange season they are having. Some very positive results invariably followed by a poor performance. Weren't good yesterday and were 4-0 up and hanging on by the end. There's something really missing from previous years. The players don't look as fit. Hope I'm wrong but don't see the boys coming close to top 5. The 4 wins have all been against teams below them and they've struggled v Eyemouth who everyone else is hammering. On a positive number 8 for Eyemouth looks a good player.
  3. I'm going to be generous and say 15 at lthv game yesterday.
  4. What sort of half hearted punishment is that?
  5. I don’t know much about his Clyde tenure but i did read he put a lot of his own money into it and lots of time. He might do a good job as he’s definitely got the ambition to do well.
  6. Lthv lost key players and not replacEd them. Plus league is stronger and other teams competing for similar players. Just don't have the resources to compete. The disappointment is the football is absolutely brutal to watch this season. Another dreadful result today
  7. Brilliant result for lthv considering they've not been at it so far this season imo.
  8. Not a great start by lthv who played a lot of long balls v tynecastle on Saturday and we're fortunate to equalise late on. Tynecastle looked much improved from last season but oddly started time wasting with 20 minutes to go.
  9. I was at lthv v tynecastle and would estimate crowd of about 70
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