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  1. Graeme Elder scored for Queen's Park in a 1-1 draw against Queen of the South in May 1993 and didn't score again until over 5 and a half years later, in a 3-0 win over Montrose in November 1998. I hadn't started watching QP in 1993 but was at the latter game which was a league match played at Lesser Hampden. Compared to the examples quoted so far, he's relatively prolific.
  2. I can understand the cloak and dagger approach with players but it is disappointing we can't at least put a note on the club website of our pre-season games. By this time, people are choking to go to a game of any description. We know they are friendlies and we won't be watching the finished article but if we're interested enough we'll go. Last year I saw us play East Kilbride at K Park. I stay in EK and the only reason I knew about the game was because it was mentioned in the sports section of our local paper.
  3. Why bring in Irish and Welsh teams? Will we get to play in their tournaments as well?
  4. Correct. It's the world's oldest trophy but the English FA Cup is the oldest competition. One of the previous FA Cup trophies got stolen and melted down or something in the early days.
  5. Dunfermline- 1968 I'm sure I heard the BBC commentator say that Hibs have now won the cup the same number of times as St Bernards. Imagine taking 114 years to draw level with a team which went bust in the 1940s. Correction- Vale of Leven, not St Bernards, apologies. Still funny they took so long to draw level.
  6. My pal who works for the Sun has just told me that Willie has signed for East Fife. A great goalkeeper for us. All the best to him.
  7. I guess just how to pitch it. The balance between serious and humour.
  8. I'll try. It's what she would have wanted!
  9. ^^^^^ Professional mourner. PS south side of Glasgow since you asked
  10. Over 12 years ago now, I was at my Granda's brother's funeral. It was a very poignant occasion, an appropriate memorial to him, until we got to the cemetery. After he had been lowered into his grave, I thought "well that was a nice send off" only it wasn't over. One of his nephews (my Mum's cousin) brought out a CD player and we all had to stand there for up to another 5 minutes while he played the Celine Dion tune "Because You Loved Me." I expected the deceased to jump out at any time telling his nephew to shut it. My Dad and I have a similar sense of humour and we were really stifling the giggles much to my Mum's dismay. Unfortunately my Gran (same side of the family) died on Friday so we have the harsh reality of organising her funeral. It's on Friday with the purvey at my brother's boss's hotel, soup, steak pie and tea and coffee for all. I'm one of the ones carrying the coffin and I'm doing the eulogy and really hope I don't muck either task up. If there are any significant highlights eg professional mourners or fights, I'll report back.
  11. QPStu


    I'm glad Australia missed out. Forgive me for being old fashioned but, given it is called Eurovision, I'd much rather the winner was actually from Europe.
  12. East Kilbride Thistle and Newmains drew 1-1 at the Showpark. EK are my local team and I had spare time so went along to watch. Newmains had the better of the first half and ought to have been 2 or 3 goals up. EK though hit the woodwork with their best chance of the half and came into it in the second. They went ahead in the closing minutes after Newmains had a man sent off. The 10 men fought back though and their number 9 equalised with a belter of a shot. Decent game.
  13. Martinez had a good first season at Everton and you could put the dip in league form last season down to their Europa League run but it's unravelled for him this season. I do like him but I can't see him staying on at Goodison beyond the weekend.
  14. John Brogan was 9 years at EK Thistle by the time he left/was sacked in 2008- I don't know the circumstances of his departure.
  15. I worked in a Morrison's petrol station for a couple of years. Being off the till stocking up was good and getting to wander over to the store for more stock was a great skive. On the till though was absoloute tedium. I also had to really bite my tongue at times at the rudeness of some customers, especially taxi drivers. Common courtesy costs nothing. Mind numbing job.
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