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  1. Your persistent jibes and attempted witty put downs are nonsense. They ruin this thread on a regular basis, repeatedly taking it away from being a football related conversation. As for hating me, that's pathetic in itself. don't care enough about you to hate you. Even responding to you is a waste of energy, but frankly I'd had enough of reading your jibes at people. Oh, and don't try guessing what I think about other people. The only one of us to suggest there's something wrong with Cooper is you.
  2. It's posts like that which are just pathetic. Grammar policing someone for a cheap laugh? That's just sad. Every fan is entitled to their opinion, irrespective of their spelling. If you don't agree with it, just ignore it. Don't use it to score cheap laughs with other posters who see Cooper as an easy target. Poor show.
  3. I don't understand people defending Fitzpatrick by saying he hasn't done much wrong. The question is, what has he done right? For a defensive midfielder, I don't see him winning enough tackles or headers. Also most of his passes were misplaced yesterday, so instead of him breaking up Livi's play, he's breaking down ours. Just because he's the captain doesn't make him free of criticism. I just don't rate him and this isn't just an opinion of a few games, but over a season.
  4. I'd rather watch the team we have now than watch Bollans team. We are trying to play football, which most fans seem to appreciate. If he can't fit into the new system then he needs replaced I'm afraid.
  5. I can't believe nobody has mentioned how truly goddamn awful our supposed captain is. Fitzpatrick is rank rotten. He's not a leader that inspires and misplaced about 90% of his passes. He is simply not good enough. He should have been subbed and we need a long term replacement or we will suffer. Secondly, we did not control our own box today. We lost far too many important headers, didn't clear our lines and were rightly punished. For all Crichton & Lithgiw are slow, they dominated in the air and got the ball away when required. Our tippy tappy play got us in trouble too often. Fine to do at times. But sometimes putting your foot through the ball and punting it clear is fine too! Finally, silly individual errors need to be cut out and the players MUST learn from their mistakes. Ferguson twice tried to lob the ball out wide to McDonald and it was cut out both times. The 2nd time lead to Livi scoring. McIntosh mistimed a jump for another lost goal. There were lots of positives today , but sadly they were outnumbered by mistakes.
  6. When we signed Russell and Ryan everyone was happy and thought They were good signings. There's no reason to believe we won't sign a few more good quality players. Gow is still training with us so there's a potential addition. Keep the faith. There's plenty time yet.
  7. Firstly, it's not good news, it's a rumour until confirmed by the club. Secondly, I never said it was a policy.
  8. Whilst he'd be a very good signing, it once again goes against this whole 'nobody over the age of 26' thing that keeps being mentioned. That'd be him, Fitzpatrick & Faria comfortably exceeding that one. Edited to add: Happy if he signs as good scoring record.
  9. Faria dithered on the ball and whilst did a lot of chasing, he was second to a lot of balls tonight. Having said that, he's better than our 'captain' Fitzpatrick. I really cannot believe he is captain when his own game is so poor. He can't pass, tackle or win a header. A wasted of a jersey in my opinion. As someone wake mentioned, I'd rather go 442 and drop Fitzpatrick in place of Prunty upfront.
  10. The thing that bugs me is that most fans think playing Prunty out on the wing was stupid, yet the guys getting paid still did it. We all also thought Faria/Fitzpatrick would be subbed but were shocked when 'those who know best' took off Prunty & Thompson, who showed last week he can make a goal out of nothing. Instead, we were left with the fucking chuckle brothers in midfield, joined by headless chicken Stewart. We were lucky to get a point tonight. Forfar could easily have won by a couple of goals had they taken their chances. They were the better team tonight.
  11. Agree 100%. We've jade it harder for teams to score in the last two games. We have players who can break well and fast as well but there's more changes to come in the summer so got to work with what we have for now. Must add how huge it's Ben getting Lister back. Superb for us.
  12. I've never understood why anyone wouldn't want us promoted out the seaside league. Especially with full time coming. With bigger crowds anticipated in the Championship there's more scope for a better budget and the ability to then attract better players. The first season up would then be about consolidating in that league. TW wants promotion, he'd be daft not to.
  13. YAAAAAS! Get it right up ye Dunfermline. Hope your larger superior amazing fan based enjoyed watching that. WE ARE AIRDRIE!
  14. If we go full time we can attract better players. If we then play better we attract more fans to return. For years now fans have moaned that the product on the pitch needs to improve before fans will come back. Maybe TW is willing to take that gamble and outlay the funds to back a return to fulltime football in order to bring more fans back.
  15. I'd go with that except would swap Bain with O'Neill. Other option would be Watt centre mid with Faria, and Bain at right mid. I prefer Watt in a central role.
  16. And you seem like a toilet plunger. Always bringing up old sh!t. Must try harder. :-)
  17. Haha that sums your mob up entirely. All excited about beating a league one team with a free kick that had to be won by a dive. Mind you, if you're anchored to the bottom of the league with a (unt of a manager in charge, i can see where the desperation comes from. Dundee Utd were completely clueless in the final third. Hope to see you in the Championship next year.
  18. 2 games in and 2 defeats is not a good start but its the same players underperforming for Bollan. Hardly fair to call EWB sh!te so soon when he's had very little chance to have any real impact. But hey, don't let that stop the chants of 'sack the manager.' At this stage, the players have to take a long hard look at themselves and get heir fu(King fingers out. It was the players who threw away a 2 goal lead in 6 minutes on Saturday. It was the same players who couldn't string two passes together tonight. No manager deserves to be judged barely a week into a new job working with someone else's team.
  19. Butting in on a public forum? Now there's a new level of pish I didn't think even you could reach. Thanks as ever for your high quality opinion on my posts. Keep that feedback coming. Merry Christmas to all in ward 24.
  20. Haha, I love how you say you and Pesadilla are big/ugly enough to talk for yourselves, yet you keep talking trying to convince everyone your opinions are the same! In terms of justifying my comments with a response, you posted in a different thread saying Lennon will be in as manager and he should start Watt & Stewart in centre mid together. Now there's a steely midfield. Lost some respect for that comment. Lol
  21. No he doesn't. He even states he sees it completely opposite from you. When Bollan came in mid season, he turned things round and brought in decent players. End of season and too much hanging around by the board meant he had to rebuild all over again. So last season was another slow start. Again, he managed to get things together by mid season and we go on another solid run. This preseason we were more organised and it shows I terms of league position and points. The quality has not been great at times but the squad is weaker after losing Boyle & Docherty and with Fraser going back to Dundee Utd. They're hard players to replace. It seems very much like Bollan has not been fully supported this season by the new owner so fair play to him for jumping ship and I can see why it would be hard for him to seem like he gave a fu(k when he clearly was not valued by club and fans alike.
  22. Funny how you've highlighted pretty much the same weak players you shot me down for. But dont let that stop you thinking you know more than everyone else.....
  23. Parry had a howler against Ayr at home. He's been decent at times but is by no means our best player this season.
  24. Great comeback there. Well done you. Don't like someone's opinion so theyobviously know nothing? Nice. I'm guessing you've played amateur footy or something like that so qualify as one of Airdries many undiscovered superstar managers who think they can do better. Good luck.
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