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  1. We only have ourselves to blame. It’s one of these freak games that is almost unexplainable. I’ve never seen two such beautifully gifted goals in the same game before. I’ve also never seen a team with ten men come back with 3 goals from the 87th minute before. I’ve never seen an Airdrie attack play so well only to leave with defeat before. It’s just one of those games that will haunt me forever. Nobody can deny Airdrie were the better team today yet managed to steal a glorious defeat from the gaping jaws of victory. Worst capitulation in the history of football ever. If I was a Raith fan I’d be sing, dancing and drinking all night long. As an Airdrie fan, I’ll just be drinking. A lot.
  2. Unfortunately, the yellow is part of the sponsors actual logo so feck all we can do about that.
  3. Serious question. When was the last time it felt this good to be an Airdrie fan with a real sense optimism aeound the club? I genuinely cannot remember. its a good feeling to be the club signing up a squad early and for once not looking on at every other club in envy. Well done to the board for delivering. This sort of positivity might just get more bums on seats this season!
  4. The way we’ve conducted some of our business so quickly, efficiently and how well it’s been communicated to fans really does instill a level of confidence I’ve not felt in years. Theres just a huge huge improvement in the organisation and professionalism about how the club is being run. Very pleasing and long may it continue.
  5. 2-1 Airdrie. Ayr are about to bottle it. Again. Enough said.
  6. I am going bold as I do think someone will get a hammering from us soon. Last two games the opposition keeper got MOTM which says we are getting close. 4-0 to Airdrie
  7. Watching the highlights we’re very unlucky with Raiths equaliser. As for the second, poor defending and you can see two of our guys arguin with each other about who should have been marking Vaughan. Overall though, some great fight and good movement so promising. To go to Raith and make a game of it is all you can ask of the players.
  8. Willis who? ;-) Well done to the club on another couple of additions to strengthen the team. I like how Findlay said he’s adding players he thinks will make us better, not just to bulk out the squad.
  9. Fair play if he does. He doesn’t owe us anything and has put in a shift every single week so good luck to him. Will be gutted to see him leave but it was expected and we’ll move forward without him and continue to strengthen on and off the field under our new leadership. Mon The Diamonds ♦️
  10. Hastie is staying till end of season. Confirmed by his parents last weekend. The fact that Watt is still in the squad and talks about tomorrows game in the match preview without mentioning going back to Motherwell, I’d assume he’ll be staying too. As for the new strikers, both in tomorrow’s squad which is good. Shouldn’t be any fitness issues as both coming from full time teams. Spoke to a player today who said both looked very good in training so far which is promising. As for Furtado, until I see/hear something concrete regarding the rumoured £60k development fee, I’ll remain sceptical. We managed to sign him for the 1st half of the season so can see no reason why we wouldn’t try to do the same for the remainder. If this £60k is an actual stumbling block, how many Scottish clubs are going to fork out for him? If he’d banged in 20+goals, then maybe..... but I don’t see anyone else paying that to get him so I hope something is worked out. hes still with us tomorrow as far as I’ve been told so hopeful of a good result tomorrow.
  11. Sorry, what was Ayr’s last result again? Its not even arrogance, it’s sheer stupidity now.
  12. Invincibles indeed. Out fought, outran, out-muscled, outplayed. That felt good. Let me be be the first to say, GET IT RIGHT FU(KING UP YOU YOU SCUMMY b*****dS. Merry Christmas! ♦️ ♦️ ♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️
  13. No snow, just frost. If above posts about pitch being playable in low temps is accurate then it’ll be on no bother.
  14. 3-1 to Airdrie today. That's £4 per goal to provide some value for money. With Findlay now appointed, hopefully the players will get a wee boost and there might just be some stability for a couple of weeks!
  15. I, like many others, walked away today raging at getting beat. Especially to the Rovers as we always like to get one over on them. However a few hours on and I see it a bit differently now. Yes, we were very poor but we were missing 3 players who would have started is they were available/fit. That's a big change for any team and definitely the biggest enforced change we've had to deal with in any game this season. We didn't get gubbed; we lost by one goal. Bar some good saves at the end cut could well have ended up a draw. I think we need to see the teams reaction next week now and hopefully we will have the missing theee players back. i do believe we need another centre half though. That's a priority now. There's no competition in there to keep the players on their toes. So they can't get dropped if there's nobody to replace them.
  16. The 'big boys' of the league really showed their true potential today eh? Fucking hilarious. :-)
  17. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! well done East Fife for sticking it right up those overspending [email protected] Happy New Year! :-)
  18. Agree regarding soft midfield. I'd like McIntosh to stay at right back as did nothing wrong. Then bring Stewart into defensive midfield as he's decent at passing, tackling, heading. More physical than Leitch and Conroy. Move Conroy into Brown's wide position and bench Brown. Doubt it'll happen but I'd like to see if that would toughen up the midfield a bit.
  19. Better atmosphere though. Apart from that, aye it's a sh!tehole.
  20. Was talking about this on Saturday. I think half the issue is that we don't have anyone in the team who is actually capable of dominating in the air. What I'd do to have someone like Lister back in the team. We are putting crosses in with nobody there to take the chances.
  21. IMO the issue is the style of football we are trying to play. The 'pass it out from the back' ethos has seen us caught out way too often. It's also lead to us sign defenders based on their supposed passing ability instead of their defensive ability. Crichton and Lithgow may not have been he best passers of the the ball but they knew how to clear their lines. They knew how to mark, tackle, and won their fair share of headers. (I know they've left, so this isn't about wanting them back.) Our current pairing don't. And to be honest, their passing ability has turned out to be pretty rank as well. The worrying thing is, I don't think we have the ability within the squad to fix it. We've focussed so much on having a good passing, attacking team that someone made the schoolboy error of forgetting the defence. I Can't actually think of two central defenders within our pool of players who can stop the rot.
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