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  1. Haha, there’ll be plenty people waiting in the wings for that I’m sure. Murray and Millar now have the responsibility of putting a team on the park capable of challenging for promotion, not just a play off spot. If they don’t, then of course, on their heads be it. However I am willing to give them the chance to do it. It’s going to be an interesting close-season.
  2. I think some of the poorer guys you’re referring to may still be under contract. Hopefully we’ll be working on cutting some of them loose, but that’s not as easy as parting company with people whose contracts have naturally expired.
  3. Considering the board, in its current state, has barely been in place that long, I disagree that ‘chasing away young raw talent’ is the ‘Airdrie way’. They need to be given a chance to change things and that always starts with players leaving before being replaced. Im not gutted with any of the names that have gone. O’Neill was decent but who is to say we can’t do better? Mill make my judgement in the playing squad once some time has past and we can see it taking shape.
  4. Then it’s a good job the board and manager have signalled a mass clear out then eh? Everyone connected with the club knows this season was not good enough. For the first time in a long time I am confident that, in Murray and Millar, we have the right people with good experience and connections to bring in players good enough to challenge next season. Plus the hybrid model means we won’t rule out either full or part time players if they fit the criteria, whatever that may be. Wotherspoons ‘fulltime’ Was full of kids. Murray and Millar won’t do that, in my opinion. Glad the season is over and I’m looking forward to seeing who we bring in over the next couple of months.
  5. Some very valid points. for what it’s worth, I don’t know any inside information about what’s going on but it’s clear some people do. I’ve read comments from people I know who have the clubs best interest at heart and seem to be showing support of the board and direction it’s looking to go. I take heart from that and liked the club statement about the hybrid plans for next season. The shares issue needs clarified and sorted. That’s clearly one of a number of issues causing a rift between the Trust and the board. Those involved on both sides need to get the situation sorted and start working together. All I’ve heard/read is comments about the Trusts side of things. However I’m not going to condemn the club not making public statements about it as it risks becoming unprofessional so sometimes silence is best on such matters. Do I personally think the fallout between trust and board will hugely impact attendance next season? No, as first off, the trust doesn’t represent all fans views and secondly if the club get the right team on the pitch and start winning games, people will go and watch. The current feeling of being scunnered is not a new one caused by the current issues, it’s from years of having a shit product on the pitch. I see Murray and Staurt Millar as the right people to change that next season.
  6. Of course I am but what right do I really have to demand to know that information? Does every football club share their long term strategy with their fans? I doubt it. Maybe im just easily pleased at knowing the plans for the next few seasons.
  7. Have the club not already done this by telling us about the hybrid plans for next year? Also now the new sponsorship deal? What more do they have to say about future plans?
  8. 3 new posters in a day, viewing different sides of the coin. Here’s hoping t leads to some productive come together of both parties and doesn’t make this forum the next location for mud slinging.
  9. I appreciate you taking the time to post a summary, as many others will. What I would say though is, I didn’t read new poster Diamond Outsiders response as being aimed at you, as what you posted wasn’t your opinion but notes from the meeting.
  10. Dunno but here’s hoping they buy season tickets for next season. ;-)
  11. It seems more like you didn’t understand my original response. You can have a great striker, but if nobody creates chances for him, gives him the ball, puts him through on goal, provides goal scoring opportunities, then he won’t score many goals will he? This season we did not consistently create opportunities. Wallace clearly does not play as an out and out striker on his own, thus his value to the team and contribution to Arbroath being promoted was his ability to create goal scoring chances for others in the team. Which they took. Meaning they won more games than us. I’d quite like someone like that in my team.
  12. So what’s your point caller? He’s supposedly better than McIntosh and can set up goals. Why would you not want someone like that in the team? Or are you saying strikers shouldn’t be setting up goals?
  13. So if, as an Arbroath fan stated above, Wallace is Arbroath’s leading assist maker, then why would that be a bad thing? They won the league and he set up more of their goals than anyone else in their team. Sounds just like what we need.
  14. ..... who need people to set up chances for them. We’ve hardly been good at creating a lot of chances this season.....
  15. Some talk of us being over budget. Fair enough; bad management by someone to agree to the signings. However, what’s happened to the money from the Celtic cup game? Surely that easily offsets any supposed overspend?!?!
  16. Looking at our results this season, no team has given us a hammering as such. We’ve lost a lot of our games by the odd goal and definitely some of those and some draws have been very frustrating and could/should have been a different result. Just look at Saturday. Still cannot quite believe we lost that. However, we can’t keep using excuses of what might have been. Pre-match interviews of how we owe it to the fans etc are just words. It’s time for the players to stand up and be counted and start delivering on the pitch. Every single one of them. Where better to start proving themselves than away to the league leaders. Its getting to that stage of the season where a few of them should be worrying about where they’ll be playing their football next season, if anywhere. Most have certainly not put themselves in the shop window or done anywhere near enough to earn a new deal. Mass clearout required, especially if things don’t change and soon.
  17. Absolute garbage today. Total dross. Sideways, backwards, sat deep and allowed ourselves to get pressed deep in our own half early on, leading to their goal. Second half, sideways, backwards, then our centrehalves being relied on to put the ball into the box. Woeful. Gallagher sold us out today. Dreadful. Sean McIntosh is not a wing back. Can’t beat a man to get a cross in. Then Stewart comes on. Can get space to cross, but cannot cross for sh1t. Conroy, can pass a ball but is also not a wing back. It a defensive centre mid either as cannot tackle for sh1t. Leighton McIntosh. Useless today. Didn’t win a header all day. If Duffy doesn’t know how to stay inside at his age then he never will. Caught offside too often today. Carrick is not a wing back either. Wasted our wide when we were crying for someone to be able to run at them on the few breaks we had. Overall we were just far to slow today and generL passing was awful. There’s a very evident lack of confidence throughout the squad. Thank goodness we’re not away from home to top of the league next week, as that could result in a hammering.
  18. Given you guys are on a decent run just now, above us I’m the league and we’ve chucked away silly points against the bottom two teams recently, I’m going for an Airdrie win. Why? Because it’s typical Airdrie. Raise our game against the form teams and feck it up against those we should beat. Plus I won’t make this one so it’s pretty much guaranteed that a ‘goal of the season’ contender will also be scored By Airdrie.
  19. Absolutely cannot take anything for granted and I’m confident Murray will still that same message into the players. Re:above, I also thought Edwards and O’Neill gave a good account of themselves considering the quality of player they were up against and how much attacking play Celtic had. With exception to Edwards control/touch prior to one of Celtics goals, he did well. He’s still a young boy learning his trade. He will only get better.
  20. I know this is unusually early to start a thread for Saturday’s game, but I am looking forward to seeing us back in league action & hopefully continuing our unbeaten league run. I thought the team were superb against Celtic in terms of effort and organisation so hoping that continues. Confidence will be high and from the little I saw of him on a Saturday, the addition of Declan Glass looks positive. We won at Stenny playing with only 10 men for most of the game at the start of the season so with Murray in, and the extra training looking to be paying off, I’m confident we can go there again and get another win.
  21. If you struggled to find a positive from a 3-0 win Then you’re not looking very hard. We won comfortably and kept a clean sheet. That not enough for you? As for the forward pass nonsense, Not every pass has to go forward. It’s called trying to keep possession. Even at 3 nil up there were stupid shouts aimed at players and even Murray. Crazy stuff. Thats Airdrie for you though.
  22. I’m looking forward to the game after missing last weeks. Given confidence will be up with a solid win last week and new manager in we should see a return of some fans to boost the crowd. Historically, this would usually lead is to blowing the opportunity to retain them by getting pumped. Hoping it’s a different story today. 3-0 Airdrie.
  23. Whilst I’d like us to win handsomely today, we need to learn how to win ugly. I’d happily take a shitty 1-0 win with a deflection off someone’s face than play well than lose again. Especially keen to avoid losing in the manner in which we did last week. Still gives me shivers down my spine.
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