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  1. Sensible. Think the majority of fans want to start feeling a bit more upbeat about things and look forward to the new season ahead.
  2. Good on you. I hope you’re a neutral. I hope you’re similar to many fans like myself who are bystanders getting scunnered with the embarrassment of the situation and some people’s posts on FB etc. I also hope you are pro-club and just want to see it thrive and have a winning team in the park. Ultimately that is what any fan should want. To see the team do well.
  3. Practically Every comment you’ve made paints the club as the ones in the wrong or up to no good, so I’m quite sure I know your views. I am neutral in this but fetting fed up of the constant sniping and negativity toward he club. Positive club communications are being shot down by many people who clearly have a bee in their bonnet.
  4. Love how you ignore the rest of the post & just focus on this one bit which can be used to portray the club board in a negative light again. Of course it’s a possibility but your suggestion is purely speculative with absolutely no evidence to back that up. The way I see it, the club and trust have fell out, the club see it as an irreconcilable relationship, therefore have set up their own community trust. Not saying it’s an ideal situation to find ourselves in but I don’t share your conspiratorial views.
  5. This. There’s plenty people caught up in the middle, be it by knowning people in both camps or knowing none in either; just neautrals who want the best for their club. I am one of the latter. Agree though that it’s clear as day on the FB page that some people are inflaming the situation and I fear that it’s gone too far and bridges may have been permanently burnt. Why else would the club set up their own community trust? When legal issues arise and lawyers get involved, it never ends well. Very much seems like a divorce is in process. A very bitter and public one at that.
  6. It was a good thing already being done by the supporters trust so why the need to have everything "in-house". A need to control everything isn't necessarily a good thing, just ask any person in a controlling abusive relationship how that works out for them. It very much looks as if the club felt they no longer had a good relationship with the Trust, therefore they’re setting up their own. If that benefits the club and fans, How is it a bad thing?
  7. What I actually find hilarious is the ones who’ve looked for every possible opportunity to moan about the club, lack of communication, signings etc, who’ve now all but vanished when the good news comes. Can’t even comment on the positives. There’s fickle, but then there’s sheer backwards.
  8. Sounds very promising. In Murray we trust. There’s been plenty moans on the Facebook page recently regarding the current signings lack of experience etc. If we do sign Eckersley, how long do you give it before someone moans that he’s too old?
  9. A slightly more relaxed and positive vibe on this thread over the last 24hrs which makes a pleasant change. Theres a long way to go before the start of next season but I’ve a good feeling about the next couple of weeks in that we will see a few more players leave and some decent signings coming in. Heard some names being mentioned that I’d be happy with. Not inside info per say, more rumours which is why I’m not mentioning said names as Could be total nonsense. However my overarching feeling of positivity comes from my belief that we have the right people in charge and we are starting to see better communication from the club. Those two things alone make me have faith.
  10. How do you know it was £25 more? Or don’t you and you’re just guessing/making shit up? Another example of Airdrie fans looking for any opportunity to get stuck into the club. Yes it’s been years of misery, but let’s not continue to compound this with a preseason of gloom and negativity. Nobody knows if the two new signings will be good or not. Nobody knows who else we might sign. Nobody knows how we will fair next season. However people are quick to judge and say how shit everything is. Depressing as f**k. Hows about we give the management team a fucking chance to sign a full team and see how they do? Crazy idea eh? Back the club? The club we all make out we support? Or should we just continue to make unfounded claims of despair?
  11. We can all pretend/think what we want. heres an idea. Let’s wait until we’ve signed up our whole squad before slating it or making assumptions about it and our budget etc. Let’s see how that idea pans out amongst our patient fan base....
  12. Scandalous. Can’t wait for this drama to be back page of every newspaper, it’s such a terrible and incompetent thing to have happened. *please read the above with a sarcastic tone.*
  13. By rushing in and signing 10 players to appease the fans? Yeah good way to go.
  14. Season has not even fully finished. Cup final was only today and Premier League play off still to finish. So basically there’s still a whole close season to go, yet some fans are still panicking. Mental.
  15. So you have to have heard of him for him to maybe be decent? Great post.
  16. Hardly hidden if it’s blatantly mentioned in a post from the club. Drama drama.
  17. He was one of our best players at getting up the line, past his man and putting a decent cross in. Even when part of a back 3!!!! I’d have played his at wingback over Edwards every week. Edwards is a decent prospect but not great going forward yet IMO. For me, McDonald is not a terrible loss but not a bad player to keep as part of a squad due to his versatility.
  18. Exactly. That’s the danger with social media. Rumours from anonymous posters in here or comments on the FB page can quickly turn into more that they should. The club have been forthcoming with their communications in recent weeks and i applaud them for that. Not heard anything direct from the club about being interested in Wallace so him signing for another team cannot be seen as a ‘loss’ for us. There’s plenty time and plenty available players out there. Yes, I’d love some signing news but I’d also like to avoid limiting ourselves to ex-players (unless clearly good enough) as well as not rushing in just to please people. Ill make my overall judgement on the playing squad once they’re recruited and I’ve seen a few games.
  19. Sure I read something Ross posted about it being a copyright issue. Not sure if Willie’s issue was the same or not. Might just have been a freak coincidence. If it was the same reason, raises the question of what was the copyright issue and who raised it. Doubt we will ever find out to be honest. Won’t stop the speculation though.
  20. They’ve still got to beat Raith in the final but glad only have one of them to contend with next season.
  21. When did they stop communicating? As far as I’m concerned, they’ve told us all we need to know. We know the plans for the season ahead, sponsorship, new kit deal, what’s happening with existing squad in terms of next season. What more is expected?
  22. First off, O’Neills mum (if that’s who it is) making public her opinion on the wages offered helps nobody. Also there was clear exaggeration in her statement to emphasise what she thinks was a low offer. If the club think it’s fair to them then who are we to disagree, especially when we don’t know the facts. Secondly, how do we know whether the club offered a ‘fair wage’ or not? That’s a matter of opinion, which clearly differed between club and player. I doubt they offered him a low wage hoping to push him out as they’re being very clear about what players are no longer part of the plans so I’m sure if they didn’t want O’Neill to stay they wouldn’t have offered him anything. Either way, he is replaceable. He was decent but not irreplaceable. It’s up to Murray and Millar to get in better quality and if that means offering lower wages to certain current players then so be it.
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