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  1. Good job my good man. Can you answer me one thing though that I cant tell from the highlights. See Crichton’s shot over the bar towards the end, he was appealing for a corner and I too thought their defender got a crucial touch to deflect it over the bar. Can you tell if he did or not? Cheers.
  2. Clyde 2-1 Peterhead Dumbarton 2-1 East Fife Falkirk 2-3 Airdrie Montrose 1-1 Forfar Raith Rovers 4-0 Stranraer
  3. Not exactly a ‘must win’ game, more of a ‘we really need to start winning’ kind of game. Agreed we need a decent run and to shed the inconsistency. It’s a tight league and we are still in the mix. It’s early days but sooner or later a team will put a good run together and move clear at the top. I want it to be us for a change!
  4. Which begs the question, why sign up for a cup in which you have no legal requirement to be part of if it’s not that important? Just don’t join.
  5. Let’s not get our knickers in a twist about the reserve fixtures FFS.
  6. You already are. Short of your drubbing of possibly the worst Dumbarton team in recent history, you’ve been poor. So have Airdrie. You have fans who think you’re better than you are and wonder where it all went wrong since ‘the glory days’. Snap. You’re in League 1. Snap again. welcome to mediocrity.
  7. Don’t be fooled. Kerr is starting up front after his 3 goals in 2 games for the youth team........
  8. It’s this sort of arrogant smugness that makes me look forward to the end of the season when you’ve fucked up your promotion chances, have to spend another season in the seaside league and suffer financial difficulty due to over spending on and being stuck with full time players who think they’re better than they are. 2-1 Airdrie
  9. The back four? Kerr was awful. Poor passing and some dodgy attempted clearances. Agreed though that it was tough to watch. Performances like that will not put bums on seats. Especially at £17 a pop.
  10. I’m confused by a couple of points you’ve made. 1. You say the club hit us with propaganda every time we signed a player by saying they were good. Did you expect them to say they were shite or just bang average? Find me a club that doesn’t sign a player because they think they’ll be a good addition. 2. You’re not shouting for Murray to be sacked, yet you’re ‘certain’ he isn’t the man to get us promoted? Slightly contradicting don’t you think? So You’ll back him even though you know he won’t get us promoted? Murray is he best manager we’ve had in a long time and with Stuart Millar supporting him, I am confident we will do well this season. So we lost the first game. Wish we’d won but I’ve seen us play so much better before Saturday and I’m confident we will see a winning team soon.
  11. You could very easily say ‘typical Airdrie’ as many have. You can just as easily say ‘typical Airdrie fans’ after reading some of the reaction on here and FB. Sack Murray? Aye, that’ll help. Let’s waste money on paying him off after ONE league game and then pay to get someone else in so we can then say ‘it’s not his team’ whenever he loses a game. How many managers have we went through in recent years? How’s about giving the guy a chance to build something. It was one game against a good team. They were better than us on the day. We also shot ourselves in the foot by gifting them a goal. If that doesn’t happen, then it could have been a very different game. Yes, could have. Nobody knows. What’s different to this season from last is that there’s players waiting in the songs to get their chance. And after yesterday’s performance they will get just that. Changes will be made. Preseason created optimism amongst most fans and rightly so with some promising performances. That shouldn’t just die based on one game. The season is not just about one game. I’ll revisit this post in a while once we’ve won a couple of games on the bounce and everyone thinks we’re amazing again.
  12. Disagree about Wedderburn. Yeah he’s slow but his passing is solid, rarely misplaced, and he wins pretty much every header he’s up for IMO. Miles better than Conroy.
  13. A dodgy penalty let them back in. Then they should’ve been down to 10 men but the ref bottled it and only booked the guy for a two footed, off the ground challenge? 2nd penalty was fair enough and last goal a decent strike but think Hutton May be disappointed to not have saved it. Got a hand to it but still dipped in. Hamilton got lucky today and the ref was shocking. Shame we lost but I saw enough today to be confident for the league.
  14. Aye this defensive football is just awful to watch. Imagine only being 2-0 up on Accies after 25 minutes.....
  15. You’re challenging me on being a true fan but talking not attending games yourself? A tad hypocritical don’t you think? We’ve started the season quite well with some decent new players signed and played some promising football. There’s been plenty of good attacking football and the players signed indicate we’re setting up to go win games. cant ask for any more than that at the moment.
  16. Nah; Nobody cares whether you rush back or not. You remain bitter and thinking you know best by not bothering to turn up and see for yourself, yet continuing to sprout how defensive the team are going to be. At what point did I say it was not great to watch? I believe I said we didn’t play well but we weren’t terrible either. Really good for 60 mins, but being a 90 min game, we didn’t play well overall. However, winning and scoring 3 goals, which could have been even more, whilst not playing that well? I’ll take that. Knowing we can play even better and can potentially destroy some teams this season? Superb.
  17. I’m confident the team will only get stronger and better with every game. There’s good competition throughout the squad so if someone doesn’t perform, then they drop out, so everyone has to be on their toes. We’ve not had that level of competition for a good while. Yes we need to iron out some blips but in my opinion there are Good times ahead.
  18. What utter nonsense. 3-2 today, hardly defensive. We’ve signed several strikers and attacking wide players who look to get on the ball and take their man on. We have a stronger bench than we have had for years. That’s a mile better than the sh!t we’ve watched in seasons gone by. If thats your idea of a defensive minded manager, I’m fine with that.
  19. We, Airdrie, didn’t play that well today either to be honest. Some decent spells but I am confident we will only get better and some of our main players didn’t start today. Think you’ll do OK due to Goodwillie, but is he got injured..... Defence definitely needs improvements.
  20. Can we all make a pact that if any Montrose fans ask if he’s any good we say aye he’s amazing? Just until we're definitely shot of him. Don’t want to jinx any moves......
  21. I’m genuinely quite happy with the signings so far. I think we have the makings of a really good team. A solid defence, with hard working midfield and front line with pace and power going forward. Cant complain. Plus, I still think we will add another few players, especially once we offload a couple still hanging round. Most of all though, I think I just believe we’ve the right management team in Murray and Millar. The best we’ve had in a good while IMO. Looking forward to the start of the season.
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