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  1. 1 hour ago, waysider said:

    I must be watching different matches than everyone else. I cannot understand all this optimism. We are a very ordinary team. We have a decent defence and little else. We hardly ever manage a shot at goal. We have no cutting edge. If we do well in this league, it must be a poor league.

    Yep, you just be. To say we have little else other than a decent defence is skepticism at its finest. We've some decent attacking players, just haven't found the right combo yet. Also we've been trying to bring in a new striker for a while. We finally got one and he's not even had an opportunity to play yet. Let's not forget, we've played some friendlies to get players fitness up and ONE Betfred Cup game against a team from the league above. 

    A wee bit of perspective required maybe. We've barely got started. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Spanish Armada said:

    Sabatini has been great since he’s came best midfielder we’ve had in a long long time we just need to get the right midfield round about him and he’ll really show how great a player he is he’s too good for us along with Thomas Robert

    Many will disagree about Robert but the guys clearly has talent. We've seen flashes of it so far he's still young though and realistically has no actual 2st team experience so we cannot put to much pressure or expectation on his shoulders just because of who his dad is. He will come good but it won't necessarily be immediate. I'd still have him in an attacking mid 3 with Carrick and Stokes.gove them a few games to gel, with a solid 7 behind them and possible Connell up top. He seems quite highly rated by Killie fans. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Mr November said:

    It looks like Ally Roy will be out for around 3 months going by Ian Murray’s comments here.

    I thought we were ok last night and losing certainly wasn’t a disaster but I think it showed the issues most of us were expecting based on pre-season. Alloa looked much more comfortable on the ball and really controlled the game either side of their goals. I actually thought Airdrie probably edged it in between their goals, there was a spell early in the second half where we looked really good, but on the whole we never did enough going forward. 

    I don’t think the Paul McKay up front experiment worked. He’s played all across the defence, right midfield, central midfield and now as a striker, it’s probably about time he finds a settled position for his own sake. I thought Kerr and Sabatini did ok in midfield, Sabatini was excellent during our spells where we looked the better team but seemed to struggle a bit either side of Alloa’s goals when we looked worse, which probably isn’t a coincidence. 

    Thomson and Carrick worked hard as always but there was little end product there. O’Reilly looked decent when he came on and certainly tried to impose himself on the game so I’d like to see him start ahead of Thomson against Stenhousemuir. 

    Overall, I have strangely few complaints for a defeat, with only the front four needing changed for Tuesday. The seven behind them look pretty settled, so I think it’s now a case of finding the best balance going forward. 

    A very fair assessment I think. Keeper, defence and CDMs all solid enough but the front 4, so to speak, needs to improve. I'd keep Carrick in there for his work ethic and ability to track back. I'd start Stokes as he's shown enough to be able to cause defences problems and then OReilly after a decent sub appearance. Him or Robert. Robert is one of these players who will drift in and out of games I think, but when on it he can be very dangerous. 

    Up top, I'd start the loanee next game. See what he can do. 

    Overall it was a decent exercise last night though. Nothing to be too disheartened about and we do have options to mix it up a bit so let's see what happens in our next game. 

  4. Stokes was meh today. He's a decent player but drifts in and out of the game. However that could be down to the punt game we play at times. We have to get better as passing the ball out from defence. Love Crichton as a player, but he cannot play effective long balls. Also, we don't have the type of players to confidently take those high balls in. 

    As for the trialist, yeah a midfielder. Did well enough without looking amazing. Don't think we need another midfleider to be fair. Think everyone knows we need a striker. Roy did well again today chasing everything down, good energy and work rate as well as scoring an opportunist goal due to a bad defensive error on their part. However he also missed a really good chance when clean through, hitting it straight at the keeper. Is he the main man to lead the line? I'm not sure yet, but he's the best we have at present I think. Confident the club know we need another striker and equally confident they are working hard behind the scenes to bring one in. 


  5. 51 minutes ago, ++Ammo - Airdrie++ said:

    I personally wouldn't be dropping Sabatini for McKay, imo he is the most composed player on the ball we have, based on what I've seen. McKay does like to get forward and help out which is something neither Kerr or Sabatini do, so definitely food for thought for Murray. A good headache to have.

    Agreed, Sabatini has looked excellent so far. The best player at dropping back and taking the ball into feet from the defence. God knows we need that to reduce the daft long punts we still seem to do too much of. Him and Kerr would be my starting DCMs. Kerrs passing is superb. I like McKay too but those two just pip it for me, though again I agree it's a good headache to have competition in there. Ahead of them, I'd definitely have Carrick and Robert with the 3rd being fought out by OReilly, Thomson & Stokes. I'd start with Stokes. Thomson is quick but jis decision making and final ball are not good enough yet. Same with OReilly. Up top it has to be Roy on Form, although still not convinced he's the man to consistently lead. I think we will bring in another striker soon. Back 4, well, it picks itself and Currie will start over Hutton IMO but again, good to have decent competition in there. 

    Only position lacking decent competition is striker. Hope that changes soon. 

  6. 45 minutes ago, AndyDD said:

    Yeah, i think Robert has been, well, 'intermittently exciting' was how I described him in my report on Tuesday's game. You can see in flashes the real talent there, his close control can be excellent, he has vision, intent, good low centre of gravity too. A few tricks and flicks and some good passes. But you can tell he's a young player, as well, which pretyy much always spells inconsistency. He's here for a first taste of first team football and we need to be patient. I think impact sub might be how we utilise him at least to begin with. When there's a bit more space later in the game, when opposition players might already have a yellow and cannae risk getting right stuck into him, he could be a match winner. 

    He's probably the player  in the squad with a bit of magic in his boots that could turn a game, and he's only had a few halves of football with us. I still think there have been enough glimpses of his talent to be optimistic for what we'll see from him over the course of the season. 

    Agreed, we've seen very little of him so far and he will take time to settle. 

    I'll never forget that Dennis Bergkamp didn't score in his first 7 games for Arsenal. Thank God he didn't play for Airdrie as we'd have binned him by then. 😂

  7. 43 minutes ago, ++Ammo - Airdrie++ said:

    You do say it as you see it, but the way you see it is pessimistic. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that but within 2 pages of comments you've said that based on friendlies "these players are not good enough", the old guard will need to bail us out defensively, no-one else in the league would rush to sign ANY of our players, and the manager isn't good enough to get us out of this league. Forgive me for jumping to the conclusion that you're a bit negative when it comes to Airdrie.

    Fair play. I always enjoy a footballing debate. I might not have facts and figures to back up my points but I do mostly always include "IMO" in my posts.

    I can kind of see folks point about poor performance in friendlies, but I can also see the point that friendlies don't matter either. I'm in between on it, I'd like to see more than just 1 or 2 standing out in the games, but also if we play well and get beat 2-1, I don't really mind. For instance I couldn't tell you who we played in friendlies last season or the year before that etc. I always like to start the season by giving the manager and squad 9 games before I pass any judgement, lets us see the opposition once, aswell as our own guys.

    I do have wee doubts about Robert though, he's arrived with a lot of fanfare and because of the level he was playing at before, his dad, apparent interest from clubs before he signed.  Im being slightly pessimistic but I just think he won't be cut out for Scottish League 1. That's my own personal doubt but as always I'll be happy to be proved wrong.

    Agreed, I can't remember who we played in previous seasons friendlies either. They serve the purpose of fitness and experimentation, trying new players, nothing more. 

    Robert is definitely a player of ability, but let's not forget he is still young and doesn't have 1st team experience so has a lot of learning to do. That's why he joined us, instead of going to a bigger club and sitting on the bench or playing U23 games. He will learn more playing league 1 and he will often learn the hard way. However, he's shows flashes of excellent ability and I am quietly confident he will come on leaps and bounds in a more settled team when the real action starts. In my opinion. 😉

  8. 1 hour ago, ++Ammo - Airdrie++ said:

    Because it's IMO. That's why.

    You seem to be looking for an arguement or want to pick holes in people opinion with comments like "the state of some of these comments" etc . Just relax man, it's a football board, I don't agree with a lot of the stuff I read on here, but at the end of the day, that's what someone else thinks, and I respect that. If the boy Jack Reed wants to be a bit negative, fine. If you want to be a happy clapper, that's also fine. Absolutely your choice 👍

    Agree, everyone is entitled to an opinion. As am I. My opinion is that some of the comments have been laughable so far, given its still preseason. Not looking for an argument but a discussion, a debate if you will. Nowt wrong with that and I have no issue with people disagreeing with me. 👍 

    I'm far from being a happy clapper, but I will always start each season supporting the team, hoping for the best and trying not to expect the worst. If it goes tits up, I'll be one of the first to say so. But so far I'm happy enough with how preseason has been and our recruitment looks decent. Just hope we can add another striker as I think we need one. 

  9. 8 hours ago, Passionate said:

    Optimism or realism....  My main disappointment is with the recent  performances in pre season,  scores are irrelevant,   we hardly created a chance against queens and the Rovers,   queens are favourites for the drop and to be honest I am sure Rovers fans would bite your hand off to stay in their league this season.....

    Jury is well and truly out this season....   Last season is in the history books....

    Yes last season is in the history books. But it's still the best form count we have and it's not a bad one. We have a stronger squad this season too, or don't you agree? Also this season hasn't even started and you're already condemning us to fail. Why? Because of preseason friendly results and performances? Mental. 

    If you want to go down that road, we kept a clean sheet against a team in the league above in the only game where we played our strongest back 4.regardless of how they're expected to fare this season, they're still in the league above. We also never lost a game whilst experimenting heavily and making wholesale changes at half time in all games. Purely a fitness exercise. 

    I reckon the cup games will see us try out a more settled line up, but I don't really care how we do in those either. It's the league that really matters 

    You won't change your mind and neither will I. Let's just wait and see how the league starts. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Passionate said:

    Do you not think top 4 minimum in a 10 team league in the third tier of Scottish Football after spending 2 years building your own team ...  I don't think there are excuses for fai!ure this season ,    maybe as a support we have lost our expectation and drive for success after numerous years of shiteness....  


    In my own opinion i think we will be fighting for 3 , 4 ,5 th place this season with Tbistle and Falkirk sailing off into the sunset at New year..... The bookies may be right are they ever wrong at this level...

    Yes I do think top 4 minimum. Did we not achieve that last season, whilst still being in with a shout of winning the league? I expect we will achieve top 4 again this season.  So for me, it's not a case of the jury being out. Don't think it is either for you though as you already seem convinced we will fail by saying Falkirk and Thistle will be well clear by Christmas. Before a competitive ball has even been kicked. Optimism at its best. 

  11. 2 hours ago, ShineOnYouCrazyDiamonds said:

    We played the same starting 11 and formation for about 10 games in a row last season?

    Exactly. Some people have selective memories for stuff like this to suit their point. Find me a manager who doesn't change his team when results aren't going his way? Murray did that, then found a winning combination and stuck with it. Nowt wrong with that. 

    For those with short memories, we were 3rd and still in with a shout of winning the league prior to lock down calling an early half to last season. 

    In my opinion, we have an even stronger squad this season, which Murray, Millar and board deserve a lot of credit for. 

  12. The state of some of these comments. 😂

    There's been wholesale substitutions at half time in every game so far. Each half having a reletavely balanced team but none being the final lineup or best team. And I genuinely don't think any were planned to be. Purely fitness and giving everyone minutes and experimenting with a few things in meaningless games from a result perspective. 

    QoS game probably saw the closest to an actual league game starting line up. 

    I'd like to see a team of


    Mcdonald, Crichton, Fordyce, McCann

    Kerr, Sabatini

    Robert, Stokes, Carrick

    New Striker


    Mbayo looks like a solid back up to Crichton and Fordyce. McKay, OReilly and Ritchie will be challenging for a starting spot in midfield. Roy looks up for it this season and needs to prove he can be the man to keep getting the goals. Don't think Gallagher looks fully up for it so far and don't think he's the answer. The club are clearly looking for a new striker so whoever we get, I reckon they will be signed to be the main starter. 


  13. 2 hours ago, G_H said:

    yep, how dare people have opinions, especially based on statistics!

    Statistics of a league we know heehaw about from a level perspective, of a 20yr old. Hardly concise enough data to form a solid opinion on. Here's a crazy idea. How's about we give the guy a chance? 

    So far I'd say we've built a pretty decent squad and are doing well avoiding the usual dross of our level. We've found a couple of good prospects and this guy might be another one. 


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