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  1. Ruiz-Diaz wiki page, link below, looks half decent. Not that you can take too much from it but if it's the right guy, he's a striker and has a decent goals per game return, including for Australia U20's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dylan_Ruiz-Diaz Hopefully see more of him today.
  2. It wasn't last year, so don't see why it would be this year. It's just 2 more preseason friendlies. If anyone stands out, as Gabby did last year, then great. But I'd take any starting line up with a pinch of salt this early in preseason.
  3. I'd be surprised if he gets near the first team given he's only 16yrs old and nobody, other than his gifted writer father, knows how good / honking he is. I, like most on here, hope he is sensational, but I am veering towards the 'honking' category given how previous self-confessed protégés have turned out.
  4. At the very least, get him signed to do the official club comms. Irrespective of his footballing abilities, this guy can write!
  5. Some difference with those Kelty odds too being 4/1 with McBookie and 14/1 on Sky.
  6. It's not his logic, it's your logic. You claim you don't have any concerns about Dunfermline or QoS because they were relegated. He then pointed out that by YOUR logic, Airdrie shouldn't be feared as they failed to get promoted from League 1 last year. Quote where I said don't have any concerns about Dunfermline or QoTS?
  7. So by your logic, should anyone be worried about your lot since you were relegated and beaten by a league 1 team in the play offs?
  8. I think in our league it's not just about ability but work rate and effort. Falkirk had plenty players expected to stroll this league. They bottles it and hardly tried a leg. Not saying QoTS will be the same but it could happen. This league ain't as easy as some players think. They'll need to adapt and some do, others don't. Time will tell I guess. But it's been proven that it's not purely based on crowd size, budget etc.
  9. I have no fears of how our squad will turn out. None at all. It's the same every close season. Scroll back and you'll see the same panics and moans and complaints. No point stressing about it and maybe have a little faith eh.
  10. Falkirks team is full of jobbers they want shot of but gave 4 year contracts to. I'd rather be in our position of not being stuck with journeymen who didn't try a keg last season. Queens have a team that got them relegated, same as Dunfermline. Not concerned by either of them. Let's just see how we do over the next month.
  11. I'm sorry but you're way off the mark with that one. We are not miles off a decent squad or behind our rivals IMO. As for the 3 or 4 more players, these things take time. Take our time to get the right players and people moan. If we rushed signings and they were poor people would moan. The club can't win really, until we get the team on the park, in the league, and start winning. This is the first season in a long time where we have retained the bulk of our squad we wanted to keep and are not starting from scratch. Add in the best RB in the league over the last few seasons and an improvement in goals and if say we are in a damn good position right now. Also, personally I don't give a monkeys about the league Cup. It's almost an extended preseason these days for most teams. It's the league that counts and that's where I'll save my judgement for. And I guarantee we will have a much fuller squad by the time we play Peterhead.
  12. For starters, see Diamonds are Forever's post above regarding our current team. We are already very close to possibly our best starting 11 in a long long time. You almost seem to be focusing on the negatives or things still to be implemented. There's plenty time yet and the league Cup start is not a deadline to have a whole squad signed and ready to go. Giving players training facilities means heehaw except maybe that we are kind enough to help some people out. Means nothing if they don't sign them. I am very confident that we will sign some more very good players, similar to how we've upgraded our RB and GK so far. May e its just how different people look at things but there's just zero reason for some of the panic and negativity in here this early in preseason. Over a month from the league even starting. I just don't get it.
  13. Of course some of them won't be better. But some of them might. That's the whole point of trialists and playing them in friendlies. To suss that out. I'd be surprised if we sign many, if any, of these players. But you've got to see them in training and games to know if they'll add value. Basing it on actual signings so far, I'm impressed with the upgrades at right back and GK. And I am confident McCabe will continue to upgrade the squad. He's no mug.
  14. So basically we're basing some daft panic and drawing conclusions on a list of players from a closed doors game and result 1 and a half weeks into preseason training? Just let that sink in a moment.
  15. You've got to love the optimism of Airdrie fans. Always calm during preseason, always looking at the positives, not panicking at all. Never over thinking friendly results, Willing to give new and unknown players the opportunity.......
  16. Wait, are you saying you're a fan of Paul McKay? The long throw utility man who helped you stave off relegation? Oh wait....
  17. A very fair and well reasoned assessment. Still lots of business to be done, much of which could define how teams do this season.
  18. I do find these posts amusing, especially given how much squads still have to assemble. In saying that, we've lost a Manager who wasn't always loved by fans and certainly had his flaws. Such as sh!tting the bed tactically when it counted most in the play offs. We've also only lost one player that we wanted to retain, Easton, to a higher league so fair play to him. So far we've signed arguably the best right back in the league in recent seasons as well as getting the better end of the stick in a keeper swap with QoTS. From where I'm sitting, I'm more than happy with our squad retentions and early recruitment. Add to that some promising signing rumours which I can only hope come to fruition and I'd say we will be in the mix once again.
  19. Man, barely posted and voted down twice by Marshmallo. No idea who he is but it's pretty clear by the sheer volume of up and down votes that he's sitting constantly refreshing the page, getting a semi everytime there's a positive Lolkirk post and giving himself a harsh w**k and a down vote for every negative comment. No doubt this post alone will lead ot his third harsh w**k in the last half hour alone. His Foreskin must be as tough as a rhino's by now.
  20. Lolkirk fans definitely top the league for comedy value.
  21. Osunds like the kind of utility player we'd appreciate then. Someone who can cover a multitude of defensive positions. Decent.
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