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  1. Some of these posts about a. Couple of friendlies. Jeezo. Never surprises me how pessimistic some people can be so quickly. Friendlies are all part of training and fitness, nothing more. If we beat a better team than us 5 nil, I wouldn't see that as a sign that we would win the league, just like losing a couple of goals to Albion Rovers doesn't mean we are in poor shape. Robert has class about him and will prove it, as will Sabatini and Stokes. They all have something about them and our team better will be better as a result. Let's give them the opportunity to show that.
  2. Cool, was asking as I'd heard he was looking good too, as well as Robert & Stokes. Heard he's very mobile, quick feet and wants to contribute defensively as well as going forward so fingers crossed they all impress. Heard O'Reilly also looking very good. Think he will be challenging for a starting place so interesting times ahead!
  3. Who is to say The Shire were at full strength and also not playing trialists? Friendlies mean nothing to be honest, but you have put a smile on my, and many other peoples faces with that one. 😂
  4. Hopefully we shall see for ourselves on Saturday. I am quietly confident.
  5. Out of interest, what have you heard so far about Sabatini? Just curious as you don't sound keen from what you've heard.
  6. Cheers, hope you enjoy this season as much as the last one. Looking forward to watching Sammons immense input next time we play you.
  7. As someone else posted, the club did provide a communication about this in July. Given season ticket details only recently came out, I'd expect an update regarding PPV options to follow prior to the start of the season. It will happen although not sure of the price but I'd imagine there'll be a reasonable demand for it.
  8. Loving how, without seeing a single game, you've already decided its between Falkirk and Partick for the title. Thanks for throwing the play-off bone out there for a few teams.
  9. Still happening I believe. And another solid addition it will be too.
  10. It's an old cliche but it really was a game of 2 halves. Don't think any Airdrie fan was too despondent at half time. We were a goal down from a bit of luck and still in with a shout. What was disappointing was how we folded in the second half, but that's where full time football and experience kicked in. Nothing to be ashamed of and there's plenty to learn from, but we move on now. For the Stranraer game, I'd like to see us go 442 with Gal and Ryan upfront together, Smith and Carrick wide. Same back 4 and centre mid I'd prefer Roberts back in for McKay, so partner him with Miller. We need to be on the front foot and show less fear. We are 2nd in the league and at home so must go on the offensive from the start. We won't do that with the same team that started against Hearts.
  11. Don't want to be to over confident but there's a lot of posts selling Ryan short in my opinion. Why cant he come back as good as before, or even better? He's still got plenty years left in him, he's been playing, albeit not a lot, and training at a higher level with bigger exlectations. He will be coming back with something to prove and fire in his belly. Not sure how he will fit in but I doubt it'll be super sub for the last 20 mins. We've struggled for goals in recent games and I think Ryan can be the guy to get them for us. More competition to keep the others on their toes.
  12. Dumbarton 1-2 Clyde East Fife 1-3 Airdrie Forfar 2 - 1 Raith Peterhead 1-3 Falkirk Stranraer 1-2 Montrose
  13. Really enjoyed it yesterday. To win 4-1 and not have really played as well as we can was good. Scrappy game at times and you could tell we miss Gallagher. Roy is a different type of player, wants to run into passes, where as Gallagher is much better at holding the ball up and bringing others into play. Roberts was superb. His pass to get Smith away and then to get up the park and onto the end of it to finish the move with a lively dink over the keeper was excellent. Special mention to Smith too. Worked his socks off again and his return pass for Roberts goal was beautifully threaded between two defenders. Captain Crichton really responded well after the OG. What better way to redeem yourself than with a couple of thunderous strikes that any forward would be proud of. Great day.
  14. The very best of luck to Clyde FC in your upcoming game against East Fife. May you horse them, utterly destroying their confidence, and take all 3 points. Yours gratefully, Every Airdrie fan. ♦️
  15. But how shite is Connor Salmon though? I mean seriously. Talk about an overpaid waste of space. The only real damage he’s done this season is to your wage bill. Honking.
  16. Good job my good man. Can you answer me one thing though that I cant tell from the highlights. See Crichton’s shot over the bar towards the end, he was appealing for a corner and I too thought their defender got a crucial touch to deflect it over the bar. Can you tell if he did or not? Cheers.
  17. Clyde 2-1 Peterhead Dumbarton 2-1 East Fife Falkirk 2-3 Airdrie Montrose 1-1 Forfar Raith Rovers 4-0 Stranraer
  18. Not exactly a ‘must win’ game, more of a ‘we really need to start winning’ kind of game. Agreed we need a decent run and to shed the inconsistency. It’s a tight league and we are still in the mix. It’s early days but sooner or later a team will put a good run together and move clear at the top. I want it to be us for a change!
  19. Which begs the question, why sign up for a cup in which you have no legal requirement to be part of if it’s not that important? Just don’t join.
  20. Let’s not get our knickers in a twist about the reserve fixtures FFS.
  21. You already are. Short of your drubbing of possibly the worst Dumbarton team in recent history, you’ve been poor. So have Airdrie. You have fans who think you’re better than you are and wonder where it all went wrong since ‘the glory days’. Snap. You’re in League 1. Snap again. welcome to mediocrity.
  22. Don’t be fooled. Kerr is starting up front after his 3 goals in 2 games for the youth team........
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