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  1. Whilst we have absolutely loved having you here entertaining us with your constant whining about how you're too big a club to be in this league, all the while getting pumped left, right and centre. And I cannot wait until you fail to get promoted again. That's of you even manage to complete the season.
  2. I've heard some pretty grim rumours about Falkirk's current financial troubles including running out of money before the end of the season and how bad it will be if they don't get promoted this season. Could all be nonsense of course, but the sponsor a step and 10yr season ticket initiatives do stink of desperate measures to get money in fast.
  3. Yet from our two games so far you've failed to beat us with an aggregate score of 5-1 to Airdrie. But yeah, we are pish and your huge club are superb. There's 3 points in it and we will strengthen a fair bit in Jan whilst you'll acquire even more debt whilst trying to sell off bits of the stadium along with 10 year season tickets in a desperate bid to not run out of money before the end of the season. Best get used to the decline mate, as its only going to get worse.
  4. The only people that count. They didn't see it. Smart.
  5. Cry more. Your team are hardly saints. Maybe just not as smart.
  6. Of course it matters. Was the penalty given? Nope. Therefore it was clever and it matters. Round ye.
  7. The sheer comedy value of posts like this is just superb. So far up your own arse and cannot see that you're just as 'pish' as the teams you've mentioned. Get those Lolkirk glasses off and see the truth. You're bang average.
  8. Lolkirk fans back to their entitled best I see, feeling aggrieved for not winning what was quite a balanced game. Airdrie had their chances to get the lead early in the game and then even get a winner at the end. I love how the Lolkirk highlights managed to leave out a good 2 or 3 of Airdrie's chances, including McGills at the end which could easily have won the game for us but for a good block. Any opportunity to try and make you seem better than you are I suppose. Potentially your best squad in years, against a very threadbare Airdrie team and still can't get a win. You love to see it. As for the penalty claims, no chance with the first one, Lyness definitely gets a hand to it. A cracking intervention. As for the second one, soft if that and clever defending on our part, knowing the refs view would be obscured. Linesmen are useless so it's a smart wee nudge to put the striker off and it did the job. Lyness got to the ball first anyway so was always getting cleared. Looking forward to Airdrie building on the squad in January, whilst it seems you'll need to sell a few more bricks and 10 year season tickets to help fund more marquee signings, hopefully in the mould of the Griffiths one.
  9. I doubt we will deploy a long ball tactic. Doesn't suit the style of play McCabe favours, especially just to target one player who now seems to be in form. Pointless. It seemed to be the case v Dundee that getting the ball down and playing football works best for us. We can match most teams on our day. Where we currently fall down is lack of a decent bench. Squad depth could impact us again on Saturday. Need to get to January still in the mix. Regarding Telfer, he's not been as bad as some say IMO. I guess when you go from Easton to Telfer, it's hard not to see what is lacking in terms of what he adds. Also he came with a reputation of not doing enough in a poor Falkirk team. However I think he's been decent without being outstanding. Looking forward to seeing him and Frizz play together as think they could work well together and help create more opportunities for the forwards. Great seeing Smith get back amongst the goals last week. If ever a player deserved a goal it was him. His work rate is just superb so it'll have done his confidence a power of good. As for the game itself, I am nervous about it as Falkirk are probably at the best level they have been at for a few years now and by all accounts. Mind you, I don't think I've ever gone into a game V Falkirk with confidence, even if we have had the upper hand in recent seasons. I'd take a draw.
  10. Clyde 2 Edinburgh 1 Dunfermline 3 Queen of the South 1 Falkirk 1 Airdrieonians 2 Kelty Hearts 2 Peterhead 0 Montrose 2 Alloa Athletic 1
  11. Airdrie 2-1 Kelty Airdrie 3-1 Kelty Clyde 0-3 Falkirk Edinburgh 2-2 Alloa Peterhead 1-2 Dunfermline Queen of the South 1-2 Montrose
  12. Airdrieonians 3 vs 0 Peterhead Alloa Athletic 1 vs 2 Queen of the South Dunfermline Athletic 3 vs 0 Clyde Falkirk 2 vs 1 FC Edinburgh Kelty Hearts 1 vs 1 Montrose
  13. Clyde 0 Airdrieonians 3 Edinburgh 2 Queen of the South 2 Falkirk 1 Dunfermline 2 Kelty Hearts 2 Alloa 1 Montrose 3 Peterhead 1
  14. Airdrie 1-2 Montrose Alloa 2-0 Clyde Dunfermline 2-1 Kelty Peterhead 0-2 Edinburgh QoS 2-1 Falkirk
  15. Clyde 1-3 Queen of the South FC Edinburgh 2-1 Airdrieonians Falkirk 3-0 Kelty Hearts Montrose 1-2 Dunfermline Athletic Peterhead 0-2 Alloa Athletic
  16. Disagree with a couple of things you've said there. 1. I don't think it's fair to say it lies squarely at McCabe's door. The club put him in as manager and let us get to the point where we have not signed enough players. They could have stepped in earlier. 2. I doubt PH will do anything regarding McCabe being manager. Partly because I think he will be given more time but also who says McCabe would stay as just a player? So we'd potentially lose him AND Dycey? Cannot see that happening, not just yet anyway.
  17. Unpopular opinion maybe, but the blame for this current shambles sits more with the board than McCabe. They appointed him and have not put much of a visible support network in place. Every coach in place is pretty much inexperienced. They've allowed us to go past signing deadlines with too small a squad. Whatever happened to the other 2 Irish guys who were signing along with the keeper Henderson? There's not many options to fix the current mess so it looks like we will have to watch us continue to struggle for a while yet. And for those thinking McCabe should go..... He's hardly going to remain as a player so that'd be another payer down, not to mention Dycey too?? So yes, that also sits on the club for putting us in the position we are in. It's all turned sour pretty quickly.
  18. When the window was still open, the excuse for lack of players was that every club was struggling. But now it's just us. Blame lies with McCabe and the club owners for not getting experienced support in for him. All good and well having high standards for players but to end up with such a small squad, now also being impacted by injury and suspension, is unforgivable. Its just poor and there's no excuse for it. It could well be the reason we don't win promotion this year.
  19. Alloa 2 - 3 Airdrie Dunfermline 3- 1 Edinburgh Kelty 2 - 1 Clyde Montrose 2 - 2 Falkirk QoS 3 - 0 Peterhead
  20. Airdrieonians 2 Queen of the South 1 Alloa Athletic 1 Dunfermline 2 Clyde 2 Montrose 2 FC Edinburgh 2 Kelty Hearts 1 Peterhead 0 Falkirk 3
  21. Dunfermline 3 - 0 Peterhead Falkirk 3 - 1 Clyde Kelty Hearts 1 - 3 Airdrie Montrose 2 - 1 Edinburgh City Queen of the South 2 - 1 Alloa Athletic
  22. This. Why you'd play Wylie over Justin is beyond me. And suggesting he plays as wing back is pointless given he's clearly better through the middle, as we have witnessed. His work rate is excellent and he knows where the goal is.
  23. Airdrieonians 3-1 Clyde Alloa Athletic 2-2 Montrose Dunfermline Athletic 1 -1 Falkirk Peterhead 1-2 Kelty Hearts Queen of the South 2-1 FC Edinburgh
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