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  1. Then he's a bigger fucking idiot than I thought. If he's willing to work that way he clearly has no values or respect for himself.
  2. Absolute shite bag performance today from that shower of pish. f**k all effort. Murray is clueless. He's fucking dreadful. That was predictable and Murray showing his ineptitude once again. He can f**k right off. He can take Millar which him who is clearly getting involved beyond his station and Murray is just a fucking puppet for him.
  3. It's the 3rd tier of Scotland, so of course it's. It the best standard in the world. You may currently be top, but considering you're pulling a Morton and having a total arse collapse, you might not be for much longer. Some Falkirk fans act like they're too good for this league. You're clearly not. Acting like old firm fans, thinking you're the Billy Big baws, just makes it all the sweeter when the shit hits the fan. Enjoy your evening, I know I will. 😘
  4. At Hutton age, he's going to want to be playing so can understand him leaving and hopefully frees up a wage that can be used elsewhere. I reckon Connell will stay, he's enjoying his football, developing well, but not yet ready to jump into an SPL starting lineup so best with us. Good to see Roy back. His sub was a token gesture at best, given how late he came on. A positive sign and can be like a new signing for us. Solid win yesterday, much deserved, even if Clyde did give us a couple of Christmas gifts with dodgy defending. Next two games very winnable. Would say must wins but if we want to do anything other than just the play offs, we should be winning them. Let's wait and see how we're feeling after them. Hopefully very happy!
  5. Long way to go. Yes you're in the better league position but it's a marathon, not a sprint. We exposed weaknesses in Falkirk yesterday that other teams can and will learn from. You'll drop more points and we play you twice more also, so it's all to play for.
  6. Agreed, and this impacts why we struggle to score goals. Long balls done suit us. It just comes straight back to us in the form of an attack. Sabatini is often missed out, then subbed a lot when he's actually a good link between defence and midfield, then midfield to attack. Robert too is not the sort of player who benefits from long, high balls fired towards him. Give him the ball at his feet and he can make things happen, win us free kicks, set up and score goals etc. Even when out front man does win the ball, there's nobody near him so we lose possession. Again, if we can learn from this and, as you said, have patience in building play through the midfield and on the deck, we will become a more potent team. Some very winnable games coming up and we really do need to be looking to take at least 7 out of the next 9 points as a minimum.
  7. Unlike Falkirk eh? 😂 We came, we conquered, we left happy and you're still greeting about it. Happy Mondays. 👌
  8. Looking at the games played so far, it's clear our main issue to overcome is lack of goals. 3 of the 4 league games we've lost, we've huffed and puffed and not looked like scoring. Today's win was a solid, compact performance but ultimately a smash and grab job. Which I am totally fine with when away to the unbeaten top of the league team. It's the Dumbarton, East Fife and Montrose games leave us kicking ourselves. Go a goal down and we don't know how to recover. Today is a good day, executing a game plan to good effect and getting the win. Moving into the next round of games, we need to address the lack of goals and be able to adapt better to games where we should be the attacking team, not the defensive team. Anyway, into Christmas on a win so let's hope we can build on it going forward.
  9. Airdrie's pocket remaining heavy with Falkirk still in there. 😂
  10. Same, I'm losing interest and know many others who feel the same. At the point where I now think Murray's time is up. 3 losses in 7 league games is not good enough. Especially with two of them being Dumbarton and East Fife. You win nothing if you cannot beat the weaker teams in the league. Even more fans falling by the wayside now. Its up to the club to see what plenty fans see and that's Murray not being the right man to take us forward. Time for change.
  11. Tactical ineptitude once again from Murray. Today has been nothing short of shambolic. The team are all over the place and Wallace is running the show for them. Crichton has been dreadful, yet still thinks he can ping a pads 60 yards. Yeah, he can, straight out the fucking park. Pish.
  12. Clyde 2 Forfar 2 Cove 3 Montrose 1 East Fife 0 Airdrie 3 Falkirk 2 Peterhead 1 Partick 2Dumbarton 1
  13. Your glasses seem to have the opposite effect as you're almost always cynical in your views. We may have been outplayed in the first half but we scored a peach and hit the bar twice in the second half. So Murray deserves credit for getting a reaction out the team as they picked up the tempo and pressed better. A draw was probably a fair result but irrespective of the first half, we could have won it. Connell was struggling with an injury which is why he didn't start. Gall also struggling which is why he went off. We set out the team pretty similar to the last 2 league games where we scored 8 goals and only lost 1. We are unbeaten in 3 games now. So I'd say there's plenty positives to take, given how strong Coves team is.
  14. We are going into this game with two good league wins giving us confidence. Yes, we may see some enforced changes going by the match preview, but if that's the case, then it's clearly outwith the control of the club and we've just got to make do with who we have fit and available. All teams will experience that at some point or another. But I think whoever we put out on the park and in whichever formation, they will be right up for this game today.
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