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  1. You've got to get the balance right. We tried that previously and ended up with too many young, supposedly promising players and not enough experience. Have struck a far better balance this season and its paid dividends. Well, paid so far. Just need to finish the job on Sunday now.
  2. Then you've nothing to worry about if we come up then eh? Glad you've built your opinion on a game played on a Tattie field.
  3. I'd say there'll be more pressure on QP now. You couldn't beat us on your own tattie field of a pitch that played to your pressing game. It's far easier to press and close players down when they're trying to control a ball on a pitch with more bobbles than an old wooly jumper. We will move the ball about far quicker in our own pitch and play far fewer long clearances. There's players who struggled on that pitch last night who will be far more comfortable back on an actual flat surface. Last night we had to adapt to your pitch. On Sunday you'll have to adapt your game to our pitch. I'm extremely happy to have escaped with a draw but even happier to be home in the second leg with a huge crowd guaranteed to back the team again.
  4. Falkirk fans really stretched for moments of joy these days. Get it right fu(King up you.
  5. That pitch was a huge factor in how poorly we played. And I think we will all see that in Sunday. Watched the highlights and definitely a penalty. Clever play by Afalobi as he saw the keeper coming and just knocks the ball away and takes the hit. Penalty all day long and superb finish from McCabe. Sunday will be another tight affair but will see Airdrie playing to their strengths on a decent surface and think that will be the deciding factor. Roll on Sunday!
  6. I'm sure Owen is on here checking what neutrals are supporting QP to help with his prematch motivational talk.
  7. Still biting away wee man? You'll be full soon with all these fish.
  8. And there it is. You've lost it and the wee digs come out. LOLKIRK
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