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  1. Who said it doesn't? If it's proven then I will want the club to take the strongest action it can, including giving their evidence to the police. I don't think there's a single post on here saying otherwise. But don't let that stop your mock horror at my post. Anyway, shouldn't you be preoccupied being up in arms at the car crash of a situation Falkirk are in? Pretty conclusive evidence of that given the pumping we gave you on Saturday. Enjoy your decline.
  2. If anything, it's fullback cover we need. Wardrop leaving opened an opportunity for Watson, which he's fully taken. But injured and we are short there. Walker is decent cover but yeah, I believe he's a CB by nature. No natural cover on the left back either. McGill doing a great job there but he's a right footed midfielder so not a long term solution.
  3. Airdrieonians 4 Dumbarton 0 Cove Rangers 3 Clyde 1 Montrose 2 East Fife 1 Peterhead 1 Falkirk 2 Queens park 2 Alloa 2
  4. Absolutely agree. But first you need to be able to identify them and that's not been possible. The only person who can do this is the person who heard it and challenged it. If they can't identify the suspect, what can the club do? As said above, resorting to trial by social media and attacking either the club or player is wrong. But it's happening and its both unprofessional and irresponsible for any party to do so.
  5. Ive not suggested you don't. But you have effectively set up a fake account pretending to be an Airdrie fan and then calling out people about lying and not believing people. It's the height of hypocrisy and gives you zero credibility. Its things like this that get people's backs up. You're pretending to be an Airdrie fan whilst trying to discredit the club at the same time.
  6. Yet another new account with only 2 posts. Am I jumping to a conclusion by suggesting you also are not actually an Airdrie fan but someone on to keep this going? There's more to it than you've said above and that I do know. It's not at straight forward as you're making out, but you already know that I'm sure. One minute you say 'us' then you post again saying 'your team' but set up a new account alluding to being an Airdrie fan '4ever'. Talking about people being believed or not.... Unreal amount of hypocrisy in that wouldn't you agree?
  7. You're absolutely at it. Inconclusive evidence = unable to identify the culprit. How you make the leap to me not wanting the same is nothing short of moronic. Of course I do. But I also don't see how that will happen without evidence of who the culprit is. And I don't buy that the club have not done enough. Its in their best interests to catch and ban the person. They'd come out of this looking great if they achieved that. The only people trying to continually attract attention are you and the agent. Now that could be two people or one. Only you know. I have my suspicions but sadly don't have enough evidence.
  8. Jump on every team thread when former players don't get treated well? Your Rico love in is admirable but I've supported Airdrie for a long time and have never seen a situation where an agent slates the club and accuses them of covering up racism. So I'm sorry if I seem defensive of my club for not finding a culprit when there was only one witness who hasn't been able to identify the alleged offender.
  9. Yet you keep coming back Mr New Fan. This page has seen players, wife's, girlfriend's and even former employees come on and pretend to be your average fan. Agents might be the new one to add to the list. You've side stepped a simple question of what would justice be to you. You've clearly got your bee in a bonnet about the club over this. So all the best to you too for whatever YOU are trying to get at.
  10. So what exactly is justice in your opinion? There's a family member of a player missed the opportunity to report the incident there and then to a steward. Do we ban them for not taking more proactive action? What more do want the club to do that would be classed as justice done? If what's been alleged has happened as such then it's horrific for Rico, absolutely. But he's been badly let down by his agents handling of the situation IMO, by shooting his mouth off on twitter and taking aim at the club. Rico could do well by ditching him and finding a better agent.
  11. Not at all. But when it's fans of othe teams who seem to be revelling in the possibility of racism having haooened, it's quite sad.
  12. Yeah, because I'm just an Airdrie fan, not a director. Youre not even a fan of this club but want to get your nose and views in. Fair enough. You believe what you want. I'll believe what the club says.
  13. Any reason why you didn't mention about the witness speaking directly with the alleged offender? Seems a strange thing to leave out. As I said before, I can see no reason for the club to not do everything in their power to identify someone if they could. They've nothing to gain and everything to lose by not investigating properly. What's your thoughts on why the club would not do that?
  14. I've had a listen and a few things jump out right away. Is the family section being referred to that of the players families? So was the alleged comments made by another players family member? Secondly, if the witness has actually turned and spoken to the person in question, then surely they should have reported it to stewards there and then? Or at the very least, be able to provide a details description of the person? Ricos original statement said the club were supporting him as best they could. So has that changed and if so, how?
  15. Your clutching at straws. Picking bits of sentences from different responses for your own benefit. Whatever floats your boat. I think the club should or may have already involved the police don't see why not. But I'm just a fan so how would I know. Similarly, if Rico and his agent are unhappy and feel the club have swept allegations of racism under the carpet, then they should contact the police. If you can't get your head around that then that's your problem.
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