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  1. I’ve liked the look of the youngsters but imo stewart should be starting on the right and linn on the left. Agree donnelly will probably start instead of doolan
  2. Incredible to think hamilton is now probably the favourite
  3. Albon deciding he’s not keen on a new red bull contract
  4. Right now anyone of the top 5 and max could win this, great stuff
  5. Does it annoy anyone else how poorly designed the ferrari face mask is with the drivers constantly having to lift it up?
  6. Trying to give this pixielot camera a chance but im not convinced at all. Looses track of the ball, doesn’t seem to zoom in & out and can never focus properly probably due to a poor connection or line speed. As for the game a decent performance with gold proving once again why he needs to be starting every game. Stewart was unlucky to be dropped but did well for his goal when he came on, i’d have him in ahead of hilson.
  7. Tomorrow is going to interesting!
  8. Grosjean filling that role pretty well tbf
  9. Could be an interesting qualifying now that its wet on an already slippy track, fancy verstappen for pole
  10. Going by the game vietnam is an awful track anyway
  11. Very hard to judge russell in what has been the worst car on the grid for the last 3 years but he’s made s few silly mistakes which has cost him a point or 2. That said i think him and verstappen will be teammates in a Mercedes in 2 or 3 years
  12. Honda engine is quite good for the price (and sounds the best) and answer your media questions carefully. You’re most likely to be back of the grid anyway so as well just picking a cheap teammate.
  13. Albon out perez/hulk in for red bull surely
  14. George Russell just not fancy any points in f1?
  15. Hamilton striking lucky with the vsc there. That said his pace was probably good enough to get ahead of bottas anyway
  16. Agree on how shite it is supporting your club in front of the tv instead of being at the game. Rumours there will be another national lockdown announced on wednesday despite the tier system which is thoroughly depressing.
  17. Tob in for craigen would be the only change for me
  18. Hamilton untouchable. Albon’s days must be numbered, gasly, hulk & perez all better options
  19. Gotta hand it to hamilton, bottas has again looked like he’s been quicker all weekend but hamilton pulls it out the bag when it matters
  20. Piss poor game but we’ve had our chances & probably should have taken a point
  21. This track looks a bit nuts, really interested to see how they get on with all the blind crests/corners. The alternative turn 1 might have been better for the race though
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