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  1. Hulkenberg rumoured to replace perez for the next 2 races, ironically could be his 2 best shots at a podium in his career!
  2. Unbelievable work from red bull to fix that in time
  3. I’d very surprised if he starts the race, what was he thinking
  4. This season could be the worst yet in terms of mercedes dominance. On the plus side behind the red bull, ferrari, racing point and mclaren all seem to be close
  5. Yeah u get all the f1 and f2 drivers and some made up too.
  6. I think him and russell r very good, russell should get a drive at merc in the next couple of years and hopefully mclaren will be stronger with merc engines
  7. Had every game in the series and this is by far and away the best. Gameplay is much better and the new my team has a lot more detail than I expected and is really satisfying when u get it right. My only criticism of my team is the lack of designs without having the buy extra content. And I would have liked a few classic tracks to go with the classic cars like they did a few years back.
  8. Hamilton is a p***k but u cannot deny his quality. Absolutely epic lap.
  9. Mugello is a great track, not the biggest but f1 cars should be good round it. I’d still love imola to come back
  10. True but i dont think u could pay me enough to have barry ferguson as my gaffer
  11. Good for the sport for a big name return, can’t see him having much success but hope im wrong
  12. I agree if u watch the on board from hamilton he’s still turning and there’s not much he could have done. Not sure why merc didn’t pit both cars under safety car.
  13. Horner demanding hamilton apologises, i’d be more concerned about apologising to my drivers for the poor reliability. Bit of a chaotic end to the race, chuffed for lando
  14. Regardless of the cause that’s much nicer than their normal silver, stunning
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