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  1. Not as bad as some of the covid haircuts out there tbf
  2. Bit harsh on doolan but i’d bring hamilton back in for him, otherwise same team
  3. I’ve been reading through the last couple of days of this thread thinking this was just a wind up but r some folk actually serious? Get a fucking grip and if u dont like the commentary then mute it. If i was a raith fan i would probably go one further and switch it off because they were murder.
  4. Superb, only complaint is it should have been more. Great team performance
  5. Liked last years car but not so sure on this one, at least they’ve changed it unlike mclaren
  6. We seem to have a much more settled team now and a striker that can score which were 2 of our main problems solved. Our next issue we need to solve is seeing out games and finishing off teams especially the ones around us, we’ve dropped so many points against alloa, QOS and caley.
  7. Alloa should just count themselves lucky they weren’t playing dunfermline for the post match meltdown for playing in those conditions putting players safety at risk. In all seriousness we were well on top in the first half and should have put the game to bed. Alloa stuck to it in the second half and got their reward. Daft from craigen fouling the boy there when he’s on a yellow.
  8. Got to be the hat-trick at station park for me, don’t think I’ve ever seen 1 player carry a whole team like linn did that day. Forfar were by far the better team and 3 moments of magic (including THAT free kick) from bobby won us the game. Forfar’s right back that day probably still has nightmares. Its easy to choose a current player but i’d go for linn too with ricky little a close second. He maybe doesn’t get the attention that linn does but he gives 100% every game and never lets u down, also travelling from ayr to every training session and game for 8 years now is incredible commitment for a part time player.
  9. Well the meltdown by some pars fans about the weather has made for an entertaining read
  10. Sorry I’ve been social distancing from fifers for a lot more than the last 12 months
  11. Despite being from fife, dunfermline seem like good c**nts
  12. A big well done to all involved with arbroath fc, including the ground staff [emoji122]
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