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  1. Sky describing that as a “thrilling” race. Apart from an intense last few laps I personally thought it was another snooze fest
  2. I’ve no doubt he’s a great driver but its hard to argue against this, still think he’ll replace bottas.
  3. Bottas is a broken man and surely will be replaced at the end of the season
  4. Incredibly dangerous moving that quickly, that close and at that speed. Not only is he absolutely shite but he’s putting other drivers in danger
  5. Folk bang on about lewis throwing his toys our the pram but max isn’t any better. Referring to qualifying as stupid and “shit going on” because things didn’t go his way
  6. Sweepy on how many laps it’ll take before mazespin bins it? Cant see him making it through the tight sector 2 once imo
  7. I dont think henderson has been brought in as a back up defender, at times hamilton was a weak link last season & henderson will surely be giving him good competition at the very least as well as providing a bit more cover at the back with both players able to play cb or lb.
  8. Monaco is a complete shitfest and I didn’t bother wasting 2 hours of my day watching it, good result for the championship and another great result for lando!
  9. I agree but the circuit has never been great for overtaking and has been made even harder with the size of these cars now. It’s probably a lot easier said than done but even if they could modify the track to get 1 decent straight/overtaking opportunity that would make such a difference
  10. Might be the 2nd best pie in the league after robertson’s steak & black pudding pies. PS if u haven’t already tried them robertson’s now do a steak, black pudding and peppercorn sauce pie [emoji1786]
  11. Gulf and martini liveries should be in f1 by law
  12. McLaren’s one off livery for the monaco grand prix to celebrate their partnership with gulf [emoji41]
  13. Whatley will be a good signing for u guys, not the most talented footballer & gets a nose bleed anytime he crosses the half way line but will work his socks off and does all the dirty work and basics well.
  14. We need to drop the kane hester thing. I like him and dont think we should have got rid but campbell clearly doesn’t rate him and i cant see him signing him back especially with the ongoing court case
  15. Pretty happy with both kits, classy looking and hopefully a bit better quality than pendle
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