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  1. Good all round team performance but 2 points dropped. Dundee - shite
  2. Really poor decision by the club, hopefully they review the amount of tickets sold & announce a cash gate 1st thing tomorrow
  3. The only good thing about that race is that it proved we do not need drs, fia please take note & get rid
  4. I think we all hoped doris would get fit over the summer, have a good pre season & get back to his old self but its just not happened. As for spence he is just no where near good enough for this level. Not having a striker to come off the bench to threaten has really hampered us, especially against morton. Time to say bye to them both & get someone else in
  5. Good enough player i would have kept but a huffy little b*****d. Not sure if it was him that wanted to leave or management that didn’t want him.
  6. Good to see mckenna playing up top & getting a goal, proving again thats his best position
  7. It would be a fitting time to repeat this
  8. Feel sorry for whatley, he just cannot get a goal. 1st half he stepped on the ball in the 6 yard box and 2nd half had his goal chopped off after s nice move. When was the last time he scored???
  9. Think miko is a bit more physical & has a bit more fight, both quality players
  10. Montrose’s yellow & black away strip was quite smart tbf
  11. The rain has disappeared until later on tonight so shouldn’t be any issues with the conditions
  12. Hopefully this game goes ahead, a lot of rain today & more expected tomorrow
  13. The challenge on gold (i think) looked a stonewaller in the highlights. One on stewart also a clear pen
  14. Not sure i see the point of a midweek friendly in november when we have a game every weekend & a thin squad
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