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  1. Gotta hand it to hamilton, bottas has again looked like he’s been quicker all weekend but hamilton pulls it out the bag when it matters
  2. Piss poor game but we’ve had our chances & probably should have taken a point
  3. This track looks a bit nuts, really interested to see how they get on with all the blind crests/corners. The alternative turn 1 might have been better for the race though
  4. Very much doubt hass will go for 2 rookie’s so i think perez or the hulk will get 1 seat. Think schumacher is more likely to partner kimi at alfa romeo.
  5. Just watched the highlights, 1st goal was a great strike, 2nd goal was shocking defending/goalkeeping and the pen looked a bit soft. The 2nd penalty is ridiculous im not exactly sure where footballers are meant to put their arms if the ball is blasted at them full pelt. Could have easily been 5 or 6 and its a bit worrying that we play hearts on friday with potentially 2 midfielders at the back.
  6. Frustration gets to players when things aren’t going well, i like it as long as its not stupid or dangerous. I also remember raith players kicking f**k out of our players in the last 10 mins of the previous game at starks park because they were 1-0 down and the league was gone so dont start with the we’re a dirty team shite
  7. Cant argue with the scoreline tbh with the amount of chances county have had but the mistake for the pen was a bad one.
  8. Stewart is in for Swankie Pretty attacking line up
  9. I was astonished to see bottas re-passing hamilton in the first corner before his mistake let him through and eventually engine issues. Fingers crossed for a danny ric podium! Hamilton and verstappen will lap the field at this rate
  10. Will do. I remember a few folk streamed it when hammy won the league at starks park.
  11. I could facebook live this off my phone better than this
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