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  1. Latifi cant even crash properly to bring a safety car out ffs Edit:wasn’t his fault tbf
  2. Don’t understand aston martin’s strategy here. In other news latifi doing what he does best in his last race being miles off the pace in last.
  3. Obsession with hamilton on here is mental, there should really be a different thread for it. Boring race so far, hoping seb can produce some final race magic.
  4. His interviews have been cringey for some time. Campbell(s) have done a great job but his transfer business in the summer, tactics and subs are inexcusable in my opinion and its time to go. If petrie is available at montrose i’d take him.
  5. We’re fucking shite. Thanks for everything you’ve done dick but its time to go.
  6. When williams said they’re replacing latifi with sargeant i dont think they meant…..
  7. Kmag was a bellend before he left haas but I’ve actually quite liked him since his return. Speaking of haas, guenther steiner is definitely my favourite team principal, drive to survive would be nowhere without him.
  8. Wow! Yes if you’re george russell you’ve won the sprint, controlling the race and on the verge of your first ever win in f1 but na i’ll move over and let my teammate through who’s won over 100 races just so he can keep record going [emoji1787]
  9. All high end sport stars are arseholes to a certain extent, you have to be to reach the top. But to not help your teammate to get 2nd when u have already won the championship easily and had help from him in the past is really poor. Horner will no doubt kiss his arse and make an excuse about him just being overly competitive.
  10. Perez went to fairly extreme lengths to help max win in abu dhabi last year, max seems to have forgot that pretty quick. Disobeying team orders is unacceptable…….multi 21 and all that
  11. For all the money and time spent on finding time on the track merc always seem to be 1-1.5 seconds slower in the pit stops to red bull
  12. Hamilton’s citizenship coming in handy here
  13. Max will probably breeze past the mercs on the first straight
  14. Start of interview “we probably deserved to win the game” Later the same interview “we didn’t create enough chances to win the game”
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