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  1. It really doesn't matter how many games pass trouble free. All it takes is one high profile example and the whole games a bogey. Not too long before that game pilots were held. Those pilots have never returned. Take it down to our level and it wasn't that long ago the club were repeatedly putting out posts regarding fans behaviour
  2. That's a pretty shite argument. To sustain life we require food and water and neither lowers our inhibitions.
  3. Seems like I've touched a nerve here judging by some of the responses. However yes I do think a blanket ban is correct, because if they don't the inevitable howls of derision from certain teams will ensue. People in grounds can't behave today, never mind 41 years ago. The potential return of booze in grounds ended after the 2016 cup final. But whatever. If you're desperate to pay for overpriced and warm Tennents from a paper cup then be my guest
  4. No alcohol in grounds is hardly rules for the sake of rules If anyone with a knowledge of Scottish Football and the behaviour of some of it's supporters, cannot see why alcohol in grounds won't be back any time soon, then they need to enlighten themselves. Also if someone can't go a couple of hours without an alcoholic drink, then they have a problem.
  5. Some of those prices are eye watering to say the least
  6. That article is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest pile of shite ever written It also cements Murdo Fraser's position as the biggest fud in Scotland
  7. Not even close to being beaten by a bunch of ayrshire junior jobbers, but we had a midweek game v Airdrie under Reid in 2010 Had we won we would have pretty much relegated them and we had just beaten Thistle at Firhill. Airdrie had a silly amount of games to play, thanks to the big freeze that year. A wee quick check back and they played 15 games between the 6th March an the 1st of May. This was the 12th game of that punishing schedule. Jesus it was as brutal a second haf as I've seen. It was 0-0 at half time John Baird lubed us up, bent us over and destroyed us. After that he did it again and again. Words can't describe how bad a night it was. 3 days later Inverness stuck seven past us and ultimately we went down with a whimper
  8. How the f**k would you know. He literally had nothing to do
  9. Burke definitely head and shoulders above everyone else on the pitch. That's pretty much it.
  10. At what point is it appropriate to start blaming the shocking plastic pitch
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