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  1. Relegation Royal Rumble

    'Because he is a Queen's fan'. That was the line Ms Crow left out.
  2. HELLO

    No feelings for Clyde either way, but this forum might be worth watching next season if they pip Falkirk to the title
  3. Does anyone else hate cyclists ??

    Guys can we all not just get along. Can we all just agree that there are twats on cycles and twats in cars. The overwhelming majority of us are happy to let each other use the roads. We need to unite behind the common enemy...c***s towing caravans and c***s in RV's
  4. Milk

    Aye was braw when I had it on my cereal on the island. If it's labelled whole milk then you'll get the full fat experience, usually around 4% fat. The generic shitey supermarket brands are standardised to 3.5% fat. M&S don't cut it though so of the major retailers if you want a better taste, go for theirs.
  5. Are we about to be inundated with suggestions of Sunday League players we should be taking a look at? Poor old Dryhorce and his rare eye condition. Last seen getting hounded off the SRE page. That takes some doing
  6. Dinner Party

    Hitler Stalin Atilla the *** Malcolm X Just for the lols
  7. Greatest team in my Time in a classic 4-4-2 style Craig Nelson John Robertson Gary Agnew Franck Rolling Ian McAllister Andy Millen Robert Connor Henry Templeton Gary Teale Glynn Hurst Alan Mcinally Subs Cammy Duncan Lawrence Shankland Marvin Wilson Andy Walker Paul Lovering Davie Craig Ryan Stevenson So many miss out. What a fucking team that would be though A bowl of fruit and fibre for breakfast btw
  8. Scottish Islands

    Cheers for that. Aye for the camera. It'll be a Thursday so I'll get the two chances at it.
  9. 12 team Championship

    Nothing is confusing. It's just total fucking bollocks. If you're at the wind up, congratulations. You got a bite. If you're not I call you out as worse than Neil Doncaster.
  10. 12 team Championship

  11. Scottish Islands

    Looks awesome. You certainly got the weather for it. If it's half as good as that when I go I'll be delighted. If it wasn't for my bloody football team I'd have been there already!! Quick question on the airport. Is that the spot to be for the take off/landing. You really can't go to Barra and not witness the uniqueness of it.
  12. Aye pure fucking raging. Gordon Sawers levels of raging It's cool though. We'll just take our frustrations out on our ungrateful teenage kids, by changing the broadband password so they can't spout shite on the internet.
  13. Aye Partick said that. Hamilton would fit right in