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  1. Best school fight you saw

    Surely we wouldn't be allowed to talk about it...first rule and all of that
  2. General Politics Thread

    Was anyone else watching that, solely concentrating on the position of Ross Thompson's hands?
  3. Scottish football needs a strong Alloa. Come on the Wasps!
  4. General Politics Thread

    Every time I hear his name, I am reminded of this I wonder how many were genuinely mistakes?
  5. Best school fight you saw

    Snow in Ayr was a rarity so when it did lie all the kids used to launch as many snowballs as they possibly could at the passing vehicles. Buses being the favourite target of choice. One wintry day a council vehicle(may have been a gritter I can't remember for sure) passed and the inevitable volley of snowballs land on the poor Kyle and Carrick(yes it was that long ago) publicly funded vehicle. Driver of said vehicle didn't seem particularly chuffed, slammed on the brakes and out he jumps to harass the poor snowball launching kids. Unfortunately for him the snowballs didn't stop being launched and an irate driver heads for the first kid he can get his hands on Big Muzz, who was 15/16 at the time, but looked about 40 takes it upon himself to defend the honour of the school, and after a brief verbal exchange punches are thrown and driver eventually fucks off back to his vehicle with his tail between his legs. He then Lee Wallace'd to the headmaster. A moment of magic at school
  6. They are legally obliged to do this though. It isn't about getting sued. From Gov.UK Certain foods must have a use by date due to them going off and having a risk of pathogenic micro organisms. (Salmonella, listeria etc) All food companies who make perishable food items will conduct shelf life testing to ascertain how long the food will be safe for. And depending on those results will determine the use by date on the packet. It wouldn't be fine as you suggest because lab results will tell you that it isn't. Otherwise it would have a longer use by date.
  7. Local Council c***s

    Fair point. My sympathies lie with the non Tory voting people of Angus
  8. If it's a use by date they can't legally sell it. The safety of the food can only be guaranteed until the day that was on the item. After that there is a potential food poisoning risk.
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Aye but we won Two World Wars. That makes us immortal like
  10. Local Council c***s

    Words fail me. My sympathies lie with the poor people of Angus
  11. Local Council c***s

    Did she a fucking MP, genuinely not vote in the referendum?
  12. The Race for the Play-Offs

    It's the Ayr United way.
  13. The normalisation of the far-right continues

    Personally I blame shite like this article from the Daily Heil. I wont link it but have copied and pasted in the hidden comments It's an article on Countries ranked by happiness of it's population. Once it gets all of the 'We're better than Country X, Y and Z' shite out of the way it starts on the usual right wing agenda of immigration. Despite the report having f**k all to do with immigration this rag decides to point out that the Nordic countries(all in the top ten) are "Not particularly diverse" and Finland who topped the poll is "Relatively homogenous" Even then it points out that the largest group of "Immigrants" are from other European countries i.e. they have white faces However it does fail to point out that a diverse country like The Netherlands is above the UK You just know that racist fuckers will be jumping all over pieces like this telling us that countries with low immigration are much happier.