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  1. ^^^ Seething That'll be something to show the grand weans, which bearing in mind it's Dundee will be in about 25 years time
  2. Weather dependant, heading to Bute this Saturday for a weekender. Been to Rothesay for a couple of hours before so this is effectively virgin territory for me Mount Stuart and Rothesay Castle are the only two things I know of, so any hints and tips out with these would be appreciated
  3. It's not often I am speechless, but I certainly was when I saw an older gentlemen wearing football colours at Dachau. .
  4. He probably was referring to the second. Pretty easy to get them mixed up when so many goals go in against your team. From his angle it probably did look it. McCowan was looking over at the assistant to make sure after he had tapped in.
  5. Delicious Yes I knew this one would come back to bite me on the arse. Congratulations on finally making it after all these years. Great achievement for such a huge massive club.
  6. Yes it is as Pandarilla so eloquently put it The point being you don't need to remember as you can physically see what you are spending. It's a bit fucking pointless logging in five seconds after you've decked your bank account It isn't. The space bar of the computers in the Dick Institute are
  7. All in all an easy three points. Slightly concerning that we gifted two goals away though. Still at least a good start and Morton are starting to become our bitches again Moff and Forrest were standouts. Not long until Sir Michael of Moffat gets his hundredth for us The only thing that Morton really offered was physicality. A big bunch of bruisers.
  8. Congratulations to Dundee. After one game you have managed to do what your city rivals failed to do at any point last season...and possibly even the two seasons previous to that
  9. Easier to keep track of what your spending. It's a dangerous thing keep swiping your card, especially when you are on the ran-dan. But I guess it's a generational thing When my nose no longer touches the ceiling when I go to bed it's time to put some more of the folding stuff away
  10. So who contacted Radio Scotland this morning during a discussion regarding a cashless society. Complaining that even football grounds are cashless now and you have to queue twice for a ticket. Got to have been about us
  11. Sorry my post wasn't clear. The safety thing was a wee joke for ayrunitedfw as he provided a link, nothing to do with the club. I am sure the firm will be a responsible provider. The problem was when I purchased through the Ayr site it took me to a page that had limited options. The e-mails came through fine and I'm all qr coded up. I don't use my phone for any kind of transactions only my laptop. I see it as more secure. And I usually only check my e-mails on my phone. Only when I got the link from aufw did it become clear and the same with another poster. I'm not having a dig here just highlighting some issues. I'm not a season ticket holder, does that then mean I cannot buy any future tickets through the Total Tickets site? Sorry for ruining you quiet Saturday morning cuppa
  12. With that list of rules, it appears JRM has been taking some lessons from The_Kincardine
  13. Not knowing the granite city that well, are these places well known hangouts for coke dealers?
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