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  1. Inverness City fold

    Always sad to hear any team folding, no matter the level. The heartfelt message you have posted is the other side of the beautiful game. Total respect to everyone who worked so hard for so long, you will always have the memories.
  2. Club Licencing

    LOL best post in this thread, great start to the day.
  3. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Thanks for information , I stand corrected. Really hope Cove make it, no disrespect to Berwick, the more movement between the Tiers the better.
  4. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Hi you could not be more wrong about our performances, results causing sour grapes. If you read my initial post I was very clear we were well beaten by Cove, you just don't get it, it is the process that is an embarrassment, no matter which Clubs are involved. The English example was just that, not suggesting for a minute 3 up and down between Tier5/6, it is the principle that matters. The fact that certain posters are happy to defend a process that flies in the face of every single aspect of sporting integrity and as far as I know the only such one in world football ( I still stand to be corrected) then let's keep rewarding failure and all will be well. We failed in last two games, accepted the fact, genuinely wished Cove well and will move on. Maybe should try it.
  5. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    So that's fine , we will just keep rewarding failure. If you think coming last in any league at any level , when part of a pyramid set up with the specific intention is to have up and down movement, then we will just have to disagree that having a stacked second chance ( last game always at home for team 42) is the way forward for Scottish football. Over 2 games anything can happen, whereas being last anywhere else in world football( I stand to be corrected) and there is a level to move down to ( unlike the Highland League, but that's an issue for another day )then the whole point of competative sport is lost if that downward movement doesn't happen. Just another example of the insidious self interest with which Scottish football is riven from top to bottom. As well as the principle of last goes down, play offs should be for going up not second chance staying up, at any level. Sorry I'm still embarrassed.
  6. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Best of luck to Cove v Berwick, if our two games with them are anything to go by, should cope easily. We never laid a glove on them over the two games, absolutely no complaints about either result. Having faced Buckie and Cowdenbeath in previous play off games must say Cove a couple of levels above either and suspect they will make real go of life in SPFL, so need to keep a sense of perspective. Doubt any similar challenge will emerge from Highland League any time soon. On the other hand winning the Lowland League is invariably going to get harder and harder as the Tier5/6 set up is sorted. In fact that will be a good thing as will better prepare the winners to prevail in the play offs. Agree 100% that automatic relegation for team 42 long overdue, a national embarrassment to be honest. Shouldn't stop there either. Play offs across all levels from Premier down should be for getting up not staying up, another national embarrassment which rewards failure and we wonder why we lag behind. If 3 down from the Premiership in England ( no rewarding failure there) is good enough for arguably the most succesful league in the world , then maybe we should give the concept a try. Recognise and reward ambition , not bail out failure.
  7. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Cheers, we did well to peg it back to one goal down last Saturday. Maybe just maybe Jammas goal in injury time will be the most significant goal in our ( short) history. Cove have some excellent players, so do we. Game on c'mon the Kilby
  8. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Thanks BRA, not at all the intention to start a war of words about the pyramid, had a great day out , excellent set up you have and sure you will be up and in the mix again next season.
  9. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Ha ha tried to keep it sociable ie respectful and not personal. You now have a league being relegated , please choose your words more carefully Really sorry this wee spat has developed from an original post meant to be positive about Kelty, that remains the message
  10. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Hello they are in the same pyramid, please think before you post
  11. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Arrogant, what makes you think that that. There are clubs that have been quite happy to accept the coin after being dead last in the " big leagues" and until recently being absolved from any relegation whatsoever, embarrassing. Now we have a pyramid where two teams which have won their leagues fight it out for the privilege of playing a team which have finished dead last in their league, embarrassing. The deck is further stacked where Club 42 always gets home advantage in second leg, embarrassing. The SFA are now proposing to add in scores of Junior teams to the mix ( good idea ,plan needs more work) without any change to the blockage into League 2, embarrassing. If anyone can point to a pyramid anywhere else on the planet where a team finishing dead last doesn't get relegated, would be interested. The future of Scottish Football is , or should be, Clubs which embrace the challenge of sporting integrity, providing pathways for the future generations ( not simply the funded Club Academy Scotland set up) and actually striving to look beyond one single team trying to hang on to their place in the sun. Its called ambition, not arrogance.
  12. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Hi I was privileged to be at the game today. Not because we won 3-0 and played very well ahead of the play offs. Today was what the future of Scottish Football should look like. An excellent facility, a game played without rancour or stupidity, both sets of supporters understanding and appreciating what they were watching. The Kelty folk were top class , on and off the pitch. Clearly at the heart of their community, as we strive to be, they have been such a great addition to the Lowland League and if anyone from the SFA wants to know how to move forward for the benefit of the game, make sure the dead wood gets moved aside to allow Clubs like EK, Kelty and loads of others to flourish.
  13. Hill of Beith

    Just had a great day out, on the football side we were tremendous in first half, 3-0 and playing as well as we have done all season. The second and third goals were a joy to watch. Then the ref blew for halftime. Game of two half's not in it. The Haws upped their game, dictated how the game was played and we struggled to cope. They were better at the direct game , but we held on. Off the pitch was outstanding, great people, great craic and great hospitality, . If this is the future of EOS/ Pyramid football, bring it on.
  14. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Hi Alan, cheers, heard of it, now on catch up list. What a spot , top man
  15. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Outstanding, again the Lowland League bucks the trend in Scottish Football. It can be fun, respectful and thought provoking ! Showing my ignorance , what is this ?