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  1. Following this thread with interest. EK has won this cup 3 times in our short history. Enjoyed each final and celebrated as you do. However, with the size, scope and quality of teams now involved it is in need of a much higher profile. The comparison with the Scottish Junior Cup will never match up , given the long and storied history of that. Suggest we need to let the Junior Cup evolve as it will. What is needed is a major effort, including a sponsor for the SRCC. It is a gilt edged opportunity for promotion of the game at Tier 5 and below in by far the biggest catchment area in Scotland. To be honest the competition has not come to terms with it's potential.
  2. Well no, the final this year was yesterday, EK beat Bo'ness on pens after 2-2 at ft. Close game and this time the lottery of pens fell our way. Bit of a trek to Berwick, but at least the party on the bus had plenty of time to get going . Big shout to Berwick who were excellent hosts and for very well prepared pitch, which added to occasion.
  3. Yes could have gone either way. We started very well and our second goal was such a good team goal. We were on back foot for much of second half , we hit post twice but had to dig in after losing the goals after the break. As always pens a lottery and this time fell, for us. , in truth we probably only just deserved to win.
  4. Well done Spartans, fantastic achievement in winning the play off marathon. Very best of luck in SPFL.
  5. Sorry Poet , do you actually know that the HL have exactly the same reward failure nonsense that the SPFL have for team 42. The bottom team in HL have play off against any eligible team from Tier below. Pot kettle black
  6. Ok don't agree on many things, made me laugh out loud and reminded why PnB worth the effort
  7. Ok if adult and respectful doesn't do it, out of here.
  8. The whole question of promotion and relegation for any single league is based on the situation at both top and bottom. To deny that is unrealistic.Three up , three down would be ideal. The clue is in the word and. The logjam into SPFL has clearly influenced the discussion over the years within Ll. As any similar arrangement would at any level. Can we please have a respectful, adult, conversation on how to move forward.
  9. Just keep them coming, nothing to do with dothing caps, a typical misrepresentation of a word used to suggest trying to find some common ground to agree on. As opposed to being called scum and much worse. If you really think this sort of language and approach is helpful fire away.
  10. Thanks responses absolutely make my case. Just keep up with the wisecracks, every single one is counterproductive.
  11. At least automatic promotion to LL exists, co congrats by the way. Also depending on circumstances, can be two relegations, tho that would be to make place for a relegated Team 42. On the other hand Spartans are still two games away from promotion, having won their League and played Brechin twice, so maybe some grounds for complaint there. Also that nonsense has been kicked up the road for about 7/8 years with vague promises to " review the situation, which continues today, so maybe some more grounds there. Despite all of that sensing a mood change on this within LL so maybe a more conciliatory tone from Tiers below might help move things forward
  12. Excellent result from Spartans. Dug out 1-0 last week with 10 men, played extra time and pens away from home and did the business, respect.
  13. Well that tells a story does it not, lucky boy to be available for game on Saturday. Good luck to Dougie and the lads.
  14. That is seriously clever and funny in equal measure
  15. Not at all revising , just revisiting and earlier in thread gave due credit for vast majority of West Clubs who supported what was eventually agreed. Not claiming LL created, but played crucial and central role when PWG going round in circles amongst endless whataboutary and recrimination. That took compromise and burying of hatchets , suggest we need more of that in current situation. Rightly or wrongly the Conference seems to be the only show in town. The proposals which I believe the Leagues outwith the SPFL put forward not accepted, that's the reality.
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