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  1. Equal measure pleased and annoyed today. Lost a game against the team that will absolutely win the league, but if we had played anything like we did today, up till now, might have given them a run for their money, as we did today. All of that playing most of game with 10 men. Big Austin up front is a force, will surely win top goalscorer, but offers so much more. We need to reboot, get as good a run as we can in Scottish and come back stronger next season
  2. The exact latitudinal line is in the rules. Despite some wishful thinking it is well south of Norway
  3. Hi Jerry, sorry but I just don't get the argument that a stronger LL will make the SPFL Clubs more likely to vote for abolition of the Team 42 Protection Scam ( patent pending) They see what has happened to East Stirlingshire and now Berwick. Apart from anything else the cash stops at Tier 4, not sure about the parachute £. This will only get worse ( from their point of view) as the ex Juniors find their level. Agree totally that the existing LL have every right to expect everyone else to play fair on relegation and promotion . This is so relevant to a thread about LL Trapdoor Watch. As a League it has been an outstanding sucess and despite the naysayers has made the pyramid. Not even taking the bait from other posters about the HL, a discussion for another day. Why any LL team would ever vote to increase their chance of relegation, when the HL have a stacked deck ( ok took the bait) and Team 42 are so protected is beyond my comprehension. As it stands more and more LL teams will face the prospect of relegation as stronger teams come up. Absolutely what a pyramid is supposed to achieve, only asking for a level playing field. Until all of this is resolved, the LL has every right to say we have done our part, no more relegation until promotion sorted.
  4. Agree 100% , but it how to achieve a fair and level playing field is the key. At least the LL has automatic relegation. Yes two up / down with even more in Tier 6 and below is what is needed. Teams that go down have a very hard time of it. No offense but doesn't look likely either Berwick or East Stirlingshire are going back up any time soon. This is only going to get harder, EoS ex Juniors , then maybe Auchinleck, Pollok etc, why would any club in SPFL League 2 and even League 1 vote for Christmas. Sad to say we at lower levels will never gain the moral high ground ( the cynic in me says there isn't any in Scottish Football ) we need action from SFA
  5. Hi Burnie, your arguments are unimpeachable. Only problem is the SPFL and SFA have kicked this can down the road for over 5 years. There is absolutely no reason for Tier 5 and below to make any further improvements in the pyramid until the frankly embarrassing Team 42 Protection Scam is busted. Every single development of the pyramid has happened at Tier 5 and below in the Lowland catchment area. Don't even get me started about the Highland League. Yes in an ideal world the West Juniors would come to the party. If you think that and the obvious and welcome ambition of clubs like Kelty, Bonnyrigg and the top of the EOS now almost certain to move up to Lowland status is any sort of encouragement to League 2 teams to break the mould, don't see it, quite the opposite. So that's the problem, what's the solution? The SFA as the governing body to grasp this nettle, take the broad view and knock our football into some sort of sensible shape. I don't even have a word or a graphic for a pyramid with a choke point
  6. Hello a bit of perspective on today. Sign a class striker and when he scores 20 + you are a genius. Sign a class goalkeeper and when you win games you might have lost because of his saves, the opposition have missed chances. No they didn't, Aldo saved them, same difference. Tight game, first goal always going to be the winner, on chances ( see above) ES better, controlling the game EK better. Massive 3 points, lots of teams will come away from ES with no points.
  7. Absolutely that's fitba. Anyone following the Lowland League over the years will know that lots of games are so tight that a save or miss here or there will decide where the points go. Over the piece we played some lovely but not very effective football. Dalbeattie defended superbly, broke well , but in the end it was a massive 3 points.
  8. This was a superb day. The weather was kind, there was little to choose between the teams. Yes St Mirren had by far the better chances, but Alan Martin had a few excellent saves, best of which was unbelievable double just before half time. Penalty shoot out was a classic, 5- 5 after 6 kicks each. Alan correctly pointed out to ref that St Mirren next kick had been taken before ref blew whistle, ref wasn't even looking. Guess what, even the crowd knew what was going to happen. The retake was missed and EK scored to get the bonus point. To be honest, St Mirren have a lot do do to , but from an EK viewpoint, very encouraging and last time we played in BetFred we were struggling in all the games. This time we competed against Rovers and secured 2 points against SPFL opposition, so major progress. Last word the Buddies fans were top class, probably still a few back at the ranch having a bevvy 😁
  9. What a great set up, the best and most progressive Development League in Scotland by a million miles. Not set up to favour any team, by definition the quality of any single team will change from season to season. That's why much better to spread the teams evenly based on last season's results. The biggest compliment is that every single team which took part last season has returned. These guys get it, it's not about where you start ! One last request, can HJ please rename the thread, this is now the Lowland Development League, yes the EOS have been instrumental in starting the league up, but now moved on and up.
  10. All fair points and especially regarding SJFA, they are finding out big style that Tiers 5 and 6 are not the walk over they thought they were. Given the geography and demographics of Scotland the only realistic long term solution is to address the imbalance between SHFL and SLFL. Would making SHFL Tier 6 be workable or fair ? Probably not to first question, certainly not to second. So if that is out of the question how else do we solve this riddle ? By SFA taking the lead , as suggested elsewhere, bringing together everyone involved, Associations, Leagues etc and for once looking at all the issues in a grown up manner, parking self interest and finding the best way forward. Will never suit everybody, but there is an optimal solution out there , we just need to find it. So finally my suggestion, the SHFL and SLFL jointly set up a Tier 5 working group, agree how they see Tier 5s place in the sun and identify the issues and possible solutions to interactions with SPFL ( automatic relegation for Team 42 for starters I would think) and Tier 6. Once something worthwhile produced , ask SFA to use as discussion paper to start engaging with everyone else with an interest. Time for action , not just words.
  11. You could not be more wrong if you tried. At the time I said we were well beaten and I absolutely stand by that . Yes thems the rules and they need challenged. If no one is interested , which seems to be the case, then some other means of making the glaring and enevitably ever widening gap ( ie zero to 160) teams feeding in to the respective leagues needs to be addressed. The population based approach seems to work in Germany. Other posters suggested this could be achieved by weighting the play off arrangements to suit. Numerous ways this could be done , in an ideal world this would include automatic relegation for Team 42. The point is the conversation needs to happen and all the options explored. This should be led by SLFL , as I said SHFL have no reason to want to challenge the status quo, why would they ? They are in dream land and a wake up call is overdue.
  12. Are you serious. The SHFL are only too happy to hide behind the ^ nobody is interested to join us ^ guff because it suits them and not having for one second any notion that saying ^ we are in favour of the pyramid^ guff is anything but rampant self preservation. Talk about eating your cake and having it, this is wrong , wrong , wrong. Why would the SHFL want any change to status quo, they are in dream land. Playing in their own wee 17 team bubble, getting exactly the same prize as curently 60 plus teams and rising to probably about 160 teams in the Lowland catchment area. Or we could just move the dividing line to the Orkneys so everyone is in Lowland catchment. This is a serious and major impediment to any sort of serious pyramid. Time to challenge the status quo and apply some pressure on SFA to address this manifest unfairness.
  13. Really hoped the woman's team would have qualified from a tough group. Yes got short straw on almost every decision in every game. The men's team have been playing that dirge for years. Hoped for so much better and what is thrust of this thread, we was robbed ! If you can't see out a 3-0 lead with 15 mins to go in an actual must win game, then discussing VAR and time added is pathetic
  14. This is sad beyond belief. Most posters are arguing about inches and VAR. We were totally in control , 3-0 up with 15 mins to go. Again I ask about game management and where does that come from. Hello, the manager. Nuff said
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