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  1. No no no, Way over the line, c'mon , need to much better than this.
  2. Very decent start to the league this season. Stating the obvious, long, long way to go. Only 6 out of 36 games played . Absolutely certain this is by a stretch the strongest the league has ever been. Quite sad the grief the league gets from some quarters. The standard and value for money is second to none. Lots of twists and turns , but just so glad not to have counted ourselves out as we did at this time last season. Brilliant to see the new pitch that has been put down, makes for a better stage for both teams. Prediction, we will 100% take what comes one game at a time. In this league anything else is disrespectful.
  3. Whoever you are get off this thread and GTF. As a club we do not play these games. Gala gave us some problems and do not deserve to be disrespected in this way. Well done you have just managed to put a downer on what was a decent, but no more than that perfomance.
  4. Aye, lies, damned lies and statistics. Wasn't meant to be a PHD treatise, just that in one game for one team, a significant ( 4 I think) number of players had B team exposure when developing. Our mens A team are non too shy as regards Performance School graduates, rightly so, it is an Indication they help. Appreciate there are reams of numbers and opinions on this topic. I go back to my argument, that if they were of no value, why do clubs persist ?
  5. That's a quite beautiful post.
  6. Taking the bait, I know fine well why, it doesn't make it any less nonsensical. Sorry but a typical acceptance of a mind boggling arrangement to try to square what is clearly created by a spurious set up in the first place. There are numerous ways to organise a fair, even handed and transparent League competition. We fail on all counts with SPFL. The annual moanfest about fixtures is proof. How about enough teams to play each other , once at home and once away. Will never catch on. Like they do in England, France, Netherlands ( ) Spain , Brazil , Italy and just about anywhere I can think of, probably even Mars.
  7. Why isn't everyone as knowledgeable, reasonable and forward thinking as you Asim. Seriously you have restored my faith , maybe just maybe we will get this right
  8. .A five year old with a pencil and a blank piece of paper could come up with a more coherent structure. For example how do we end up last seaon with a top division final table with 4 teams below team 6 having more points/ better goal difference than they do ? Seriously? For example. How come the teams that finish last in SPFL2 get a get out of jail play off ( insult to injury they always get second leg at home. Sporting integrity, seriously?). I would be happy to stand corrected if this happens anywhere else on the planet. Seriously? For example, the logjam from Tier 6 to 5 needs addressing, 100% guarantee sorting Team 42 debacle is the key. Have said my piece, hope we can get a structure our national passion deserves.
  9. Asim a very well constructed argument, thankfully missing the personal attacks from some. I agree with almost everything you say, we clearly share a love of football in Scotland. My contention is all of this this is despite not because of the structure. With a supportive and forward looking set up we could and should have a kick ass game that reflects the passion you, I and countless others show. We are being forced to accept 2nd or even 3rd best versions. It remains a disgrace that in country that lives and breathes football we are still held back by vested interests at every turn. Ok B teams in LL is not a panacea, but maybe it's a small seed.
  10. Not suggesting B team football is the answer to all our ills. Still think clubs abroad must think it is worth their time and cash. My main thrust is we desperately need to restructure football in Scotland,
  11. Ah well, just remembered why I really didn't miss adding thoughts to PnB. Try to make a considered, rational and hopefully broad based contribution , what do you get ? Same old tired, parochial , delusional and disrespectful responses. Hm, could be a description of Scottish football, in some but not all quarters. Main thrust, we need fundamental change, we get found out big time in Europe. Yes even sometimes Old Firm, recently , always everyone else. Lowland League at least trying , in own limited way to do something.
  12. Yes good luck everyone and huge thank you to the guys behind the scenes that run the competitions. These don't run by themselves and takes a huge amount of time and effort for such a large number of teams.
  13. I agree Che is quite right to open a discussion on this thread. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the Colts in the LL, there is a bigger picture.The LL has at least tried to acknowledge that and for sure this has raised hugely the profile of this issue across Scotland. Let's see how this all pans out and judge then. His stats back up the contention that B teams help the development of younger players.That is why Holland and many other countries have these. Not suggesting for one minute the only reason these countries produce a conveyor belt of young talent, but must be seen as worthwhile, clubs would not invest considerable funding otherwise. Last night was just another total embarrassment of Scottish football in Europe outwith the Old Firm. They both have much to answer for within our game, but as Che says without them our standing would be diminished. So back to why this is ok on LL thread. We are at least trying to be part of a solution. The structure of Scottish football is crying out for change, from top to bottom. Something that is even a small practical manifestation of change surely is welcome. At very least keeps the issue alive, even if only on this thread.
  14. Pandemic, family, life, usual guff, great to be back. Excellent game at K Park tonight, tbf rode our luck in second half. Defend really well, Motherwell's young team full of top prospects. Sometimes you are watching a game and then Bang it happens. You are privileged to witness magic. Great wide switch, take on full back, deliver a cross at pace that only needs a touch. Midfielder makes the run, glances the ball home. Win game in extra time. This is called the beautiful game for a reason.
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