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  1. Maybe see ye at Medda Park next season Jimbo 😉👍
  2. 🤣🤣As a said, should have been null n void, dig at talbot=bit of banter, dry yer eyes n jog on.
  3. Exactly, Seven different formulas used and think difference was 0.02 pts. Although we've beaten Blantyre away in league and junior Cup. All leagues should have been declared null and void in my opinion. Think the decision to decide leagues like this was to ensure entry into big Scottish. Wonder who that could be 😏
  4. [emoji2955][emoji3166]Am guessin you [emoji848][emoji6]
  5. Wow, a few o the young guns singing some wee ditties about Talbot puts pnb into meltdown [emoji50] get a grip. Lot more important issues going on at the moment within our game [emoji2369]
  6. Aye the boy took it well, still all to play for [emoji460][emoji460]
  7. Deserve it because you have a wee grudge against us Ally G. Fire on, did ye notice the full stop n comma there #uneducated# Have a beer later [emoji106][emoji106]
  8. Tbf may add a ton to our gate if game on and all players well [emoji3526][emoji3526]
  9. We've done not too bad with regards to call offs this season doon the Brae.
  10. Time to pack it in when you reply to your own post [emoji2369] Andy25 =Talbot supporter
  11. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
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