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  1. Cheaper playing football .than going out with a bird. Plenty time for that when he gets older . His choice though .
  2. Ambition needs finding .Bryn gillfilan had ambition but threave had a look at situation and thought we can't fund that. So after taking on Bryan had.he had to walk away . I am certain he would have done a great job at threave but its not to be
  3. Heard chappy wanting two from saint cuthberts . Sam warren and Hugh Cameron. Stand out in south league. But big step up up for them.
  4. If the his fans attacked rangers players well that is totally out of order. But 90%of them were only celebrating a milestone victory .Christ they have waited a long time .so enjoy your day hibs you deserve it
  5. Well done ed city great result hope u go on and gain league status . great club great social club great manager .you will do the league proud..
  6. When a played you knocked the shit out o each other in the dressing room then went for a pint together afterwards.
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