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  1. Do you not have to name a sub keeper on the bench? If so, where's the second choice? Harsh that the SFA haven't bent the rules slightly for LT/HV, and like an earlier poster said, I'm sure they would've for Celtic or Rangers. Good luck to both sides tonight though
  2. Hopefully they'll rectify this by letting the young guys be ball boys for the day, or maybe mascots.
  3. I can't see Cathkin being used again. The work that would have to be done to renovate the old terracing, alongside the trouble of convincing locals to go for it, would be too much I assume, although I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong. Could it not be feasible for a new Third Lanark team to use 'Lesser Hampden'? Maybe a little work would've to be done, but I'm sure it wouldn't be much.
  4. Ridiculous by a club, that not that long ago I had a soft spot for. Hope the club are punished for it. If you can't afford to pay the players don't agree to the terms. It's that simple. It was hard enough for them to attract players a few years ago, and I can see it being the same again soon if this sort of stuff carries on.
  5. That's awful, if true, and shows a true lack of professionalism. Once again, if true I hope the club is found out and severely punished, especially as it's extremely unfair on other clubs and their committees working hard and trying to do everything the right way. What was apparently changed through the wonders of tippex? Player contracts?
  6. Im not sure if they do but thought I'd ask. Do clubs have to send off their accounts to the SFA to be assessed monthly/annually or anything? Wasn't that part of the licensing criteria? If it is, then it won't be long before Selkirk are found out. Unless they're changing numbers.
  7. Exactly what I was thinking. If the rumours of the club not paying players is true, how are they going to pay players who will demand considerably more? Ambitious plans from Selkirk once again, but time will tell how it works out.
  8. Just last season the club were full time were they not? Now they can't organise a Tuesday night training session. What's going on? I think O'Connor could take the job permanently. Could attract some very good players to the club aswell I'd have thought.
  9. I've said this on a few occasions but once again I think the next step for the SFA to take it to let the Lowland League committee run the tier below. The juniors won't play ball and fit below the LL and i can understand why teams don't see the EoS league attractive enough to apply for it. That's why a LL2 or LL East and West is the best way to go, granted that's if there's enough interest in it. Get direct applicants who want to enter the new tier rather than relying on the EoS feeding the LL. Get less entry requirements but make it so it's feasible for clubs to gain entry license if they do go up!
  10. I posted a topic about a LL2 the other week. I think it's the best option personally. Too much stigma attached to the EoS and SoS for it to seem attractive to clubs out with the pyramid.
  11. I don't wish to criticise volunteers for what they're trying to do to enhance the league but I have to admit the league website is really poor, even after two and a bit seasons. If it's so time consuming why not just sign up to 'league website' or something where it's as simple as just putting the results in manually and the rest is done automatically?
  12. Well after gala took all three points against EK and, the new boys, Cumbernauld taking the champions right to the wire it shows the league is getting more and more competitive! So what I'm getting at is shock results and dropped points will become a re-occurring theme this season I reckon, so Spartans have had their taste of it early doors, but if they capitalise on the dropped points of teams around them, which I think there will be, then they're right back in it!! Don't write the spartans off just yet!
  13. inthepink


    Selkirk seem to have a lot of talented youngsters, and some who look very talented. If they can keep them on their books and keep developing them for a few more years, within the senior game, they could have a very strong team. In the meantime though, they do look short of experience, especially at the heart of defence and midfield, and only really have O' Connor who's 'streetwise'. Good luck to them though!
  14. Bbc sport have the live scores and scorers
  15. Agreed, but I do think in a LL2 if you were promoted you should be given a one/two year deadline to then achieve entry level. That would then give teams sufficient time to improve infrastructure while still remaining competitive on the field. Do also think it would work better if the spfl league 2 was disbanded and the clubs there joined the regional league. In effect making LL1 level 4 on the pyramid. That's an idealism though and I can't see that happening. But below a LL2 would you want the EoS/SoS still feeding into it?
  16. Just seen this reply. It could possibly make sense to do this, especially has the idea was floated about for the highland league. Keeping things as parallel, below League 2, as possible would be good. However, what criteria would you have for a LL2? Entry level or, like I said, the beginning of gaining an entry licence and the club would just have to build on that?
  17. Exactly that. if you joined the EoS you'd be coming up against reserve teams and in the SoS you'd play an academy and teams who are less than competitive. I just wouldn't find that very appealing, so can't blame teams outside of senior football for not making the jump.
  18. Before I start this long winded post I want everyone know that I am a keen supporter of a pyramid system, however flawed it may be AT THE MOMENT. My major gripe however with the pyramid at the minute is with the, tier below the Lowland League, East of Scotland and South of Scotland leagues. The two leagues are dying for me and with a poor standard overall, on and off the field, are these really the leagues we want feeding into the LL? Now I know that with the juniors stubborn stance on the pyramid, poor crowd figures, etc. it could be hard to attract them to the EoS or SoS and in many ways I can understand why. But my opinion on the matter is the SFA and SLFL should take the initiative and control the tier below the LL aswell. By doing this the clubs chosen into the new leagues (LL East and West) will be clubs who have taken the initial steps to gaining the Entry level and also show true ambition to climbing the pyramid. The East and West leagues could be filled with teams who have the early stages of the entry level done and plan on building on that, teams who were knocked back from entering the LL (i.e Coldstream and Duns) and any other clubs out with the EoS and SoS who want to make more of a go in it. Another benefit of course would be the closer working relationship the LL would have with the LL EAST and LL WEST. An argument you might make is why not just take control of the EoS and SOS league and do this but I think both them leagues are too far declined for any club out with them leagues to really want to go for it. So that's why I feel a new league with fresh ideas could be more beneficial for the LL and the pyramid as a whole. Thoughts?
  19. All the best to you and your family Grim. Hope you get back on your feet soon.
  20. I wonder if AFC Rangers 2015 are the 5th club to apply for the LL! Seeing their financial reports is seriously scary for any Gers supporters so if it all goes tits up again for them they would end up in the LL right? Or would there even be space for them?
  21. Am I right in thinking Edinburgh City now only need two points to clinch the title, no matter how other results go? EDIT: I see Rab has already answered me.
  22. The witch hunt is boring now... The lads done wrong, I'm sure he knows that. Let him get on with the rest of his life now.
  23. They went full time at the start of the season. If they went full time as part of a work apprenticeship program then maybe they are earning that much? But I don't think it's the club that will actually be paying for it, would it not be government grants?
  24. True but it'll be no different to when Bishop Stortford played in the conference north a few years ago. If the SFA are willing to subsidise travel costs for central belt clubs surely that'll go someway to convincing clubs to ply their trade in the northern section?
  25. I honestly don't think a 3 leagues at level 5 would work. However I have to agree with the point about standard of north v south. A possibility could be dropping the geographical split abit more southern, thus allowing a few more clubs to classify as north to add a bit more depth. Another idea could be to lower the number of teams in each league in the north, and number of promotion places. Although this is not ideal and doesn't improve the overall standard it would mean that any clubs starting at the bottom of the northern half of the pyramid would have more tiers to climb, rather going from HL division 2 to the highland league.
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