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  1. That seems very strange given that Inverness’s profile depends mostly on their success in the Scottish Cup, even pre-dating the club’s formation in 1994. Perhaps they’re just at it?
  2. Scott Gardiner didn’t reply to my text, so I thought I’d try you lot.
  3. That wasn’t what I was asking, though. From my vantage point, with 100-150 Morton fans around me, I’d have said there were around 7-800 folk in the ground in total, not the published 1852.
  4. Good crowd of 1852 at the game yesterday. Where were the other 1200 hiding?
  5. I can’t stand him. Comes across as ill informed and condescending, whilst promoting moneyed clubs such as Darvel and Kelty as some form of miracle workers, and increasingly sucking the Rangers boaby. I was delighted that the only time he visited Cappielow was one of the rare days I was in hospitality rather than the Cowshed. I should really steer clear of his channel, but like Open Goal, I’m drawn to it because I hate it so much.
  6. What the f*ck are you talking about? Since he came in; Brandon, Wilson, Schwake, O’Connor, Grimshaw, Baird, Gillespie, Crawford and Quitongo can all be described as successes, with Ambrose’s form only suffering in recent weeks. Roy, Miller and Oakley are just in the door, and the jury’s well and truly out on Pignatiello but beyond that, the only failure has been Kabia. Another appalling take, hot on the heels of your conspiracy theories about the Celtic game on the Morton forum last night.
  7. Yeah, I was aware of most of that, having asked around a couple of Accies fans I know during the week. I’d heard there were to be attempted clear-the-air talks today, but assuming there’s no headway being made, there. All sounds very much like Hugh Scott at Morton 20-odd years ago, and even the way Hiddlestone ran Third Lanark’s support into the ground to minimise any resistance to killing them off. To be honest I really grudged my £20 in today after what I’d heard this week, and certainly didn’t buy anything when inside the ground. In spite of today, I doubt you’ll manage to stay up, but hopefully you manage to oust these chancers. My worry is that boycotts could be seen as a way of McGowan and co. justifying locking the gates due to a perceived lack of interest when crowds dip further.
  8. I take it you don’t want to elaborate on what was said for fear of being sued by Gerry Strain and his pals?
  9. You’ve got to hand it to Molotov, he’s done a really good job of proving to us all how little he cares about Morton over the last few days by posting how little he cares about Morton and trying to get a bite from the Morton fans. I really hope nobody mistakes him for an attention-seeking oddball.
  10. Since 2000, Morton’s managers have been as follows: Ian McCall- hands tied by the board Allan Evans- hands tied by the board Ally Maxwell- hands tied by the board, but claimed he was owed money he wasn’t entitled to further down the line, and refused to play to take a young, error-prone goalkeeper out of the firing line before making a substitute appearance as an outfield player. Fraud. Peter Cormack- arrived as we were coming out of administration so didn’t stand a chance. Dave McPherson- useless. Fraud. John McCormack- took us out of the Third Divison at the first attempt but you can’t overlook the 2003-04 collapse. Fraud. Jim McInally- three attempts to get us out of the Second Division before being really found out in our first season up and getting bagged. Fraud. Davie Irons- saved us in our first season, had a decent season after that and was shat on by his successor, manoeuvring his way into his job. James Grady- little rat. Fraud. Allan Moore- spent a lot of money, failed to take us up and then died on his arse when the budgets were cut. Not having him as a fraud though. Kenny Shiels- the most humiliating relegation in our history and 10-2. Fraud of the highest order. Jim Duffy- great guy. Stabilised the club and took us back up immediately. Won’t hear a bad word about him. Raymond McKinnon- it worked out well in the end, because he took Falkirk down, but definite fraud. Jonaton Johansson- eye bleeding football and a Z-list celebrity wife who had too much to say on Twitter when he came under criticism. Kept us up but threw a tantrum and resigned. Fraud. David Hopkin- arsehole of a guy, who saw himself as bigger than the club. Everyone had such big hopes for him because he was a Morton fan, but we were well rid. Fraud. Anton McElhone- not even a qualified manager but steadied the ship at a point we were in turmoil, when he didn’t even want the job. Good guy. Gus MacPherson- kept us up, but the football was appalling and relegation was inevitable last season before he was canned. Fraud. Dougie Imrie- has done a fantastic job. I make that ten frauds this century from eighteen (Maxwell, McPherson, McCormack, McInally, Grady, Shiels, McKinnon, Johansson, Hopkin and MacPherson). Three who didn’t stand a chance (McCall, Evans and Cormack), two who came up a bit short (Irons and Moore). One good guy (McElhone) and two successes (Duffy and Imrie so far). A 55.56% hit rate for fraud managers this century’s quite some going.
  11. Thought this after the last time the two teams met, but when did Morton v Ayr match threads become so civilised? There used to be all sorts of mud slinging on these, but we’ve been far too nice to each other in recent times.
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