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  1. Pele can’t stay up either.
  2. If only staying in the Championship was so easy, eh?
  3. Must be changed days in the kingdom since your fall from the Championship then. Have the young team that hung about outside Central Park and tanned the buses all grown out of that now or are they in Polmont?
  4. Aye, the same Cowdenbeath fan who slaughtered K Park without a hint of irony when you consider what a sh*thole Central Park is.
  5. Laugh all you want, but that's now six seasons out of seven you've finished below Morton. "Living in our shadow" is a pretty accurate assessment.
  6. I did, aye. I took it as you were saying he was that age when he arrived at us for his second spell. F*ck.
  7. Peter MacDonald though was signed as a short-term fix with a view to getting us out of League One though. Whilst he was given a year beyond that in the Championship, he’d ran his race by that point, and the longer term deal was probably a price worth paying just to get us out of that league. That’s not to say Doolan couldn’t be a decent signing, but I don’t think the two are really comparable.
  8. Gretna, Partick, Morton and Raith in 2005/06 I’d imagine.
  9. Always baffles me why folk get so worked up about folk asking simple questions re: the rules. Yeah, the away goals rule has never applied, but some folk don’t necessarily pay attention to every aspect of the rules, and surely this is absolutely the ideal place to ask if they are unsure? It’s like those who froth at the mouth about the name of the top tier- aye okay, it’s called the Premiership, and has been for years. Plenty of folk call boozers by their old names, what’s the big deal?
  10. Imagine being the one Scottish club that didn’t hold a tribute, though? I’ve already seen Man City and Liverpool incurring the Celtic fans’ wrath because he managed City and they didn’t wear a black armband in midweek, and because he managed Celtic at the time they played a charity game for the Hillsborough victims, and Liverpool’s tribute was a day late. At least with the bigger clubs it goes in one ear and out the other. They’d be all over Scottish clubs with threats of boycotts etc.
  11. As is the case with alot of non-league people have EK as their 'wee' team and a 'big' team. I was at an EK game that was same day as the Auld Firm & overheard plenty of chat about it plus plenty of use of 'we' & 'us'. Nothing against EK as its par the course for non-league in the west. To be fair, with East Kilbride it’s not just exclusively Rangers and Celtic fans that have that approach to them. I’ve lived in the town all my life and certainly don’t have the same disdain towards them that some East Kilbride natives have on this thread. But they were formed in 2010- why would I, for example, walk away from Morton after years of supporting them for EK? My generation never had a local senior team, and it’ll probably take generations for them to establish a hardcore. 25 years on, Livingston are still struggling with that. Assuming they get past Cove and Morton don’t end up in the play offs, I’ll go along to the two Berwick games as an interested observer, but that’s the level they’re operating at, attracting locals with long established favourites to supplement a small hardcore. I don’t think the locals can really be faulted for not backing the club when they’ve already supported other clubs long before East Kilbride were formed.
  12. It didn’t relegate Clyde in 2008. It sent them into the play offs and they survived by virtue of a ridiculous comeback in the second half of the second leg of the final against Alloa.
  13. Falkirk v Morton

    Morton’s greatest supporter. An absolute prince amongst men.
  14. Falkirk v Morton

    The media officer’s been off sick since January and since then the output’s been extremely poor. He is really good at his job- probably the only competent employee at the club, but before his appointment, the only form of communication was the odd tweet here and there, unless it was something really important, when we’d get a statement on the website. We only got Facebook and Instagram pages when he came in. I suspect the club would prefer to go back to that approach. Save a wage and the less the plebs know the better, as long as we’re paying our money.