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  1. We’re level on points with Ayr after the draw with Hearts. One point would be enough if Ayr were to lose both games.
  2. Crawford Rae got off the hook big time. The atmosphere inside Cappielow would’ve been pretty poisonous if there had been crowds in because of his stance with the supporters’ group on the ownership of the stadium. As for the football, we’d have missed an insipid season trying to stave off relegation, much like most other seasons.
  3. It could be that they’d planned it for some sort of alternative highlights package, but just decided to wrap it when they saw there was no major story coming out of the tie. They’ve got previous, having done it with Albion Rovers v Motherwell in 2013.
  4. Raith were the last team to take maximum points from us in a season, and the final game of that run was exactly five years ago on Saturday coming. Earlier in the season, I pointed out that the last time we came from 2 down to win a game 3-2 (against now League One minnows, Partick) we followed it up with a 5-0 drubbing (at Inverness). We came from 2 down to beat Ayr the week before our last visit to Kirkcaldy. The omens aren’t good.
  5. To be honest, having met him a couple of times, I felt he was a bit of an arsehole, and nobody I’ve spoken to that’s dealt with him has really had anything positive to say about his attitude in and around the club to junior members of staff, young players etc. If he’d had that attitude towards folk and been successful I’d have happily overlooked it, but he’s just not the sort of person I’d like to go for a pint with. I’ve also got my doubts about his supposed philanthropy when at Cappielow- he and Dave MacKinnon were very good at talking each other up when there was a charm offensive to go on, that I wouldn’t doubt that that story has at least been somewhat exaggerated. That said, if he ends up in a play off against Falkirk or Partick he’ll have my best wishes of course.
  6. Aye, as you I’m no great fan of Hopkin, but there’s a bigger picture here, and Partick are far more objectionable than “Hoppy”. As well as that, having either Arbroath or Alloa in the division next season will be preferable for our hopes of delaying our inevitable relegation by another year.
  7. I’d hope Ayr are in the play offs. Falkirk are probably likely to win League One, but I’d be more confident about Ayr taking care of Partick than I would Arbroath, Alloa, and Inverness, and I obviously don’t want to see us anywhere near them. We’re never going to have both of them down there for too long, but if one of them’s suffering a bit longer then that’s better than nothing.
  8. Super Scoreboard is of course tabloid radio, which relies on mouth breathing Rangers and Celtic fans but I think it’s only fair to point out that Gordon Duncan is IMO, the best pundit/anchor in the country. He generally offers a voice of reason and puts those who can’t take off the blinkers firmly in their box, which can be quite entertaining in itself. I used to only listen in when Jim Duffy was the Morton manager and was on, but find myself listening far more frequently these days. Gordon Dalziel however is horrendous. How a guy as thick as him can make a living out of the game is beyond me.
  9. What do Inverness losing have to do with anything? We should be far more concerned with how they get on for here on than you should.
  10. This year will be the fourth year in a row that Morton have finished above your rancid mob. Morton’s “usual standard” would appear to be far superior to Falkirk, pipe down.
  11. No idea about my work, too many folk who don’t take an interest or pipe up. My group chat for the Scotland games is; 6 x Morton 2 x Rangers 1 x Motherwell 1 x Aberdeen/Arbroath 1 x Arbroath/Barcelona/Celtic. I won’t get started on the final two on that list.
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