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  1. Think you’ll find keeping Falkirk down is far higher up the list of point-and-laugh priorities for us, hotshot. Sorry to disappoint, but whilst Partick going down would be a good laugh, you’re a distant second on this one.
  2. This is perhaps the best post I’ve ever read on a football forum. Absolutely furious. Raging. Incandescent.
  3. I’d suggest that if anyone’s triggered, it’s the guy who’s reduced to hurling insults at someone because that person had the temerity to ask questions that they don’t like about their favourite football team.
  4. Not wording a post satisfactorily enough for your satisfaction to make the point count is a new one. I’m failing to see the point about outrage, too. Why would I be outraged with Inverness and their fans? I could understand the point if it were about someone like Falkirk or Partick, but you’ve got what’s pretty much the most inoffensive support in the country. You do realise the photo was taken during the game, and before any of this crowd debate even started? Quite how someone can be “triggered” by an event that is yet to take place is a mystery.
  5. I pointed out on page two that Inverness perhaps announce higher than the actual crowds as it would appear more attractive to potential touchline advertisers, and allow them to sell advertising at a higher premium, which would be the only tangible benefit I could imagine. Any company taking up advertising would likely look at attendance figures before doing so in order to see what audience they are reaching.
  6. The theory is freely available to all readers on page two of this thread. Continue this as long as you want, but your actual contribution has been nothing other than defence and deflection, without actually addressing any of the points raised. If you want to continue the debate, I’m happy to keep going, but saying something relevant to this discussion might be a good point to move it along.
  7. Because I’ve got my own theory on why clubs (not just Inverness) do this, as I said earlier, and am interested in what fans of clubs who do it think. And I’ve found it especially interesting to see the defensive reaction from guys like yourself over a pretty minor criticism. There’s really no need to get too worked up about someone asking about something that isn’t necessarily flattering to your club. It happens to us all.
  8. You really haven’t disappointed me in the slightest- the only thing that has was that last minute winner we conceded. Don’t really buy the season ticket theory anyway. I understand that some season ticket holders will miss games from time to time, especially midweek, but as I said earlier in the thread, it looks like there were about 950 folk at Tuesday’s game. In that case you’re talking about 800 folk just not bothering turning up. I don’t think we even have 800 season ticket holders. I didn’t ask if you were at the game. I asked if Inverness fans think their club are economical with the truth in announcing crowds (plural). Unless you’ve never set foot in the place I’d imagine you’d be able to give us some insight, but it appears that you’re not willing to for some reason. Wouldn’t say so. There’ll probably be about 12-1400 (accurately counted) folk at Cappielow today, which isn’t really anything to write home about. If it makes you feel better, crack on.
  9. Except that’s not actually true. We’ve seen RiG pointing out that crowds are desperate in response to the point about crowds being doctored; Sandy Cromarty saying it’s to do with relegation and stagnation in the Championship, although there’s no reason that should have anything to do with it; ICT_Stew sating they count season ticket holders, which isn’t really an answer; Snafu bizarrely suggesting a system to count those not attending rather than those who are; Worktheshaft thinking he’s edgy by calling folk c*nts; Sandy Cromarty claiming the query has been brought in as a result of Morton’s defeat; Snafu echoing that one as if he has no patter of his own and you playing the obsessed and bitter card. All of these are acts of deflection from the point that Inverness doctor their crowds. Do you agree Inverness do this?
  10. Nobody said you’re answerable to anyone, but it’s a debating forum. Why ask or discuss anything when you could just go to the clubs for an answer? I’m interested to know why Inverness (who in this instance are more relevant than Falkirk, Dunfermline etc. because the game is fresh in the memory) announce fictional crowds for their home matches. We’re at Dunfermline in a fortnight’s time so I’ll be sure to ask them if I think theiy’re at it. Football attendances interest me. I understand that football fans are generally quite partisan and defensive of their clubs, but why the Inverness fans are quite so uppity about a minor criticism of their club is bizarre. Do you agree that your club are somewhat economical with the truth when announcing attendances?
  11. Inverness fans continuing to deflect in an attempt to avoid answering perfectly reasonable questions.
  12. So you have a gentle dig at our support and don’t expect what was a pretty gentle dig back? It would’ve died off if the Inverness fans either accepted that their club do this and explained why, or just said they do not have a clue why, but agreed that for some reason they vastly over state their crowds. Personally I suspect that BranchTon is right in saying that it allows them to sell advertising space at a higher price, but it’s strange to see such a defensive attitude to a wee “Seville calculator” jibe and a reasonable question as to the reasons behind this.
  13. Cool story, but I’m more interested in finding out why Inverness appear to announce fictional crowds for their home games. Any further on with that one, yet?
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