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  1. Except it’s being used as a tool to sell memberships as opposed to just match tickets. The individual price itself isn’t one I object to, but the way it’s advertised is misleading at best. Your point about it being a £5 saving on the qualifiers doesn’t tell the whole story about the ticketing arrangements.
  2. Opinions are like arseholes I suppose. £120 for a Wales membership that includes 4 group qualifiers and free for an England one that doesn't provide access to their away games.
  3. They're £1 cheaper than the average price with the season ticket for an adult in the North Stand.
  4. I'll be buying one anyway as I travel to the away games, and it's needed for that. That doesn't however mean that it's a good deal that they shouldn't be called out on.
  5. It's amazing how a colourful graphic with £20 a ticket jumps out at you and people seem to think it's a good deal. The qualifying campaign hasn't yet finished, but we're expected to renew our memberships for the next campaign in order to get our tickets for this one. No staggered purchasing, meaning that new members can buy at the same time as existing members. It's unlikely, but possible that existing members could actually miss out if they don't buy their membership quickly enough. Asking for £60-£70 a skull 12 days before Christmas. Really? The saving isn't actually as great as it would appear. A North Stand season ticket for the 5 group qualifiers was £105, an average price of £21. The equivalent for this game is a mammoth saving of £1. Completely expected, but really dodgy practices from the SSC. If anyone thinks that they're being generous by keeping the prices low for this one they're kidding themselves. They're using the low prices as an incentive to buy their ridiculously overpriced memberships.
  6. Perhaps it is, but it’s indicative of how we all feel about Morton at the moment. The club’s dying a slow, painful death and it’s getting met with apathy and indifference rather than despair. I’ve seen plenty of folk saying that we’re going to become the next Airdrie or Clyde, but I’m more concerned about becoming the next Rangers. Morton at home (if we make it through) is the best possible draw anyone could get at this stage of the competition. At least the likes of Brora, East Kilbride, BSC or Broxburn would raise their game. We don’t have that in us.
  7. If we’d have been given the goal that was wrongly ruled out for offside up at Gayfield last month things would probably have panned out differently. We didn’t and you didn’t get the penalty decision on Saturday, but are at least a point better off from the two games than you might have been. Dry your eyes.
  8. Nobody is looking at you Morton, nobody. Maybe if Dunfermline looked at Morton a bit more often they might have managed to finish above us more than once in the last seven seasons.
  9. The woman in that Deliveroo advert does my tits right in.
  10. He also made the club an awful lot of money be being pretty much the only manager in my memory to take the cups seriously enough to get extended runs beyond the last sixteen on a consistent basis.
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