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  1. Every penny’s a prisoner for us poor paupers from outwith the capital, especially with the maroon pound being withheld in protest of us doing what was right for Scottish football. The circumstances surrounding the third last game of the season at Cappielow could of course result in a significant travelling support though, provided the toys have been put back in the pram by then.
  2. Aye, pretty much this. We’ve played bigger clubs than Hearts, such as Rangers and Hibs in league games in recent years and never increased prices- by virtue of being in the Championship you’re not good enough to be considered a bigger draw than any of the other teams in the division. It’s hardly like comparing the demand for a fixture against Barcelona with one against Alaves. That said, I’m fully in favour of Morton, or anyone else doing it just to be dicks if that’s common practice for Hearts. I suggested in 2011 that we do it for our game against Dunfermline that resulted in them winning the title, much to the disdain of some of their fans at the time. I’d have thought our fans that didn’t have season tickets would’ve understood the opportunity to capitalise on a captive audience, but unfortunately Morton aren’t as opportunistic As others to situations like that.
  3. Surely the definition of “broadly comparable” accommodation would allow Morton to charge Hearts fans more into Cappielow than our home fans in the Cowshed and Sinclair Street ends considering they’ll be lucky enough to get a seat (well, bench) to perch themselves on in a howling gale and pissing rain in December, rather than standing. Just close off the seating area at the front of the Cowshed that day and then there surely can’t be any complaints about equivalent accommodation. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, £25 sounds fair for the Wee Dublin End.
  4. Ah, fair enough. I never noticed it in Rodgers either. Sounds like someone wanting to start a fight in an empty house so that folk notice him.
  5. Inclined to agree, I certainly don’t remember him doing that. The only person I remember being particularly guilty of that in recent years was League One jobber Thomas O’Ware. My main grumble with him was from watching him warming up at half time. I can accept a player not being good enough, as was the case with Ramsbottom, but watching him cutting about in a massive jacket, hands in pockets, chatting to his mates and doing keepie ups when he could have been doing something productive like taking some crosses or a few shots at him so that he was ready in case he was actually called to do the job he was paid to do. I won’t pretend for a second to be any sort of expert on how a goalkeeper should beat prepare for a game, but I can’t see any of his work being in the textbooks. I don’t think it’s too bold a prediction to say that he’ll not make it at a high level in the game, but playing for a club of Morton’s stature is his absolute peak. I generally don’t like describing players as being the worst I’ve ever seen- after watching Morton for 25-30 of the worst years in the clubs entire history, it’s quite a slur, but I genuinely can’t think of a worse keeper than him in that time. A truly dreadful keeper.
  6. There haven't been too many failed promotions or relegations that didn't have a sense of inevitability about them, but the goal that springs to mind was from a 1st riound League Cup tie in 2002. Recently relegated to the Third Division, and the club was making it's first steps in rebuilding with an up and down start to the season, but was drawn at home to then First Division St. Mirren in the first round. A great opportunity to cause an upset, lay down a marker, show we mean business and get the fans right onside with the club. The previous week we'd brought back David Hopkin to much fanfare and there was a genuine sense of optimism. By half time we were 2-0 up coutresy of Hopkin's opener and a screamer from Scott Bannerman. Hopkin was taken ooff injured at half time, his career was over through injury and Morton being Morton, we of course collapsed, with St. Mirren managing to force extra time and both teams being reduced to ten men. Step forward the guy who was a joke figure to fans of every other club but always managed to score against us, Mark Yardley, who decided that for three or four seconds he was 1986 Diego Maradona and went on a slaloming run through our defence to score the winner and knock us out the cup. The b*****d also managed it later in the season for Albion Rovers when he scored a 95th minute winner at Cliftonhill in the 6th last game of the season to leave our promotion hopes seemingly in tatters. Thankfully a winning run in the last five, followed by a perfect set of results elsewhere saw us promoted as champions, but I've never been happier to see someone's career come toan end as his. He loved scoring against us, and he loved letting us know how much he loved scoring against us too.
  7. I’m not disputing that. I’m absolutely certain that you’re right because little things like that are important to you, and correcting folk is even more important. You got a red dot for a post on an Internet forum, it’s really not the end of the world. If it makes you feel any better, red dot this one. I promise not to whine about it a few weeks down the line. And PaisleyTon, you feel free as well- I won’t go grassing to a mod either.
  8. It’ll be something boring like a Dutch parent or grandparent, or a Dutch passport that only Skyline Drifter knows about because he registered him when he played for Queen of the South when he played there. Being the pedant that he is, he had to be straight in there pointing out that a guy born in South Africa isn’t South African, because, well, he’s Skyline Drifter and that’s what he does. He’ll have been waiting for someone to ask for weeks now.
  9. It’s personal. Nothing to do with what he posted. You probably know that anyway.
  10. Very true, and I suppose you’re probably right with the analogy that reverses the roles. In the instance of a Forest Green Rovers though, a club that we’ve never had any previous dealings with, it seems a bizarre unwritten rule (if it is the case) that they can just expect to collect freebies by sending an e-mail to whichever club they please though. I dare say many of us have benefitted from free tickets from time to time, but it’s one of the few things I don’t think Scott was completely wrong about. Some clubs will benefit more than others from arrangements like this, so just accepting payment across the board balances everything out fairly. I understand that if a club is talking about spending £100,000 on one of our players we’d stick a couple of briefs in an envelope of course, but not in this instance. And why players’ parents and girlfriends get tickets to see them at their work is beyond me, but there’s another issue.
  11. You wonder why, with money at such a premium in these parts, scouts are given comps by our clubs. I can understand the courtesy of someone from other clubs in the division being given comps if it’s reciprocated in order to have a look at opponents for a forthcoming game, but the thought of someone from Forest Green phoning up Cappielow and asking for a free ticket in order that they can pick up our best player for hee haw as his contract runs down doesn’t strike me as a very smart move. At least fleece the b*****ds for their £20 into the ground instead of rolling over and getting the belly tickled.
  12. I’d say that if we have received payment for Cadden, it’s in Morton’s interest to let the fans know that they have. MacKinnon has been quite open in admitting that it’s a failing from Hawke’s time that he didn’t want to repeat (perhaps not on the record, but certainly in conversation with fans), and the focus on signing guys like Lyon and Straps on extended deals suggests that. I know you’ll take issue with that not being an exact definition of “needing” to know, but if it is one of the CEO’s main focuses, I’d hope he’ll be open enough to say if or if not the club have been successful in getting compensation.
  13. Since the Morton Forum's back up and running... http://themortonforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43003-admin-changeforum-guidelines/&do=findComment&comment=1076586 Well, well well, posted on the Morton Forum a day after your complaint. http://themortonforum.com/forum/index.php?/profile/17650-paisleyton/ And on further inverstigation, the only account carrying anything along the lines of your "Paisley Ton" username, was formed on 19th June 2009, never once posted and was last active exactly 11 years ago today, on 25th June 2009, not even a week after registering. So, having made no contribution, you go onto complain about being barred from a forum over 8 years after even logging into it, and are continuing your complaints 11 years down the line. There's been a lot of complaints about that forum down the years- some justified and some very harsh, but none quite so unjustified and laughable as these feeble attempts.
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