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  1. Aye, I think most folk realise that given the situation there’s a lot of guys being thrown into something they’ve never done with clubs’ commentary for the streams. He’s asked me for a bit of a lowdown on our squad and how we’ll set up, so has already done more homework on Morton just by asking a question than the guy who did Dundee’s commentary the other week. Think the only Morton player he’d even heard of was Robbie Muirhead, because he had a brief stint at Dundee United.
  2. Brilliant. My mate that goes on the Scotland trips with us does your commentary, so that’ll give me a bit of ammunition for the group chat.
  3. Can’t quite put my finger on why I despise this bitch so much, but she boils my piss.
  4. 8/1 with SkyBet for a Morton player to get sent off looks tempting.
  5. You’re younger than me admittedly, but Jim Dick. He was the p***k’s p***k.
  6. To be pedantic, he’s our top scorer in all competitions with two and one of four players with one in the league.
  7. Don’t know why you’re quoting me on this one, tbh. The only comparison I’ve made is with Jay Beatty’s dad, another adult who tries to get too close to professional footballers. I’ve certainly not compared him to an old guy messaging wee girls, nor have I said it’s a reflection on the Raith support as a whole. I don’t think Grant did either. I’ve got no stake in any Raith/Dunfermline wind ups and trolling as I don’t support either. I merely think that Grant is absolutely correct in calling out the guy for his behaviour. I must have missed the “you’re pretty” comparisons, but the person making this worse is the guy who had the chat with Mendy in the first place. He could’ve ignored or laughed off the point and this would’ve dropped down the forum by now but has decided to keep digging himself a hole by claiming folk are trying to bully him into silence when in fact he’s trying to get others to shut up because they’re telling him a few things that aren’t nice to read. His lack of awareness is astonishing, but it’s a good read nonetheless. Has certainly helped me get over that horrific result.
  8. Maybe you’re right. My memory of it was pretty vague and it probably would’ve been TV footage that caught it rather than CCTV.
  9. It was a problem for Hearts to deal with at the time. It would’ve shown how they cope with negative press coverage and the fallout from serious allegations. Instead it was completely ignored. It didn’t fill me with much confidence that the BBC were prepared to cover anything that might show Hearts in a poor light. Arguably it was in the interest of the fan, who presumably wasn’t convicted of any crime however, but in that game in particular, they covered the crowd and their behaviour in a tense atmosphere. Rather than what appeared a major problem at the time, the documentary commented on a flag saying Levein and Budge “Stole our club” and folk standing in gangways. Those weren’t the biggest problems to deal with that day for the Hearts security team.
  10. Outwith Rangers in 2012-2018 i think that season with Locke and Hughes is the most banter years that you'll see at an SPFL club. It was utterly incredible and makes me grateful for where we're currently at. Very much doubt that, most clubs have had calamitous seasons that will go down in folklore. Of the top of my head, our relegation season in 13/14 when we beat Celtic and finished with the 10-2 defeat at Hamilton, and the collapse from a seemingly unassailable position in 03/04 are noteworthy, as well as Falkirk’s hilarious relegation season in 18/19. Raith aren’t unique to having a nightmare, it’s probably just more a case of it being more relevant to you.
  11. Don’t think there was an outcome but tbh, I thought it was pretty weak evidence to hammer the fan. He was shouting at Morelos but it could’ve been anything. The furore just died down after a couple of weeks.
  12. Dear lord. First of all, I’m not complaining about you DMing a footballer- I’m pointing out that it’s strange behaviour for an adult. If you want to do it, that’s your prerogative. Likewise, if I want to point out that you come across and a bit weird, that’s up to me. Secondly, on your point about curling under a rock- you’ve twice told me to stop posting about this subject as it’s boring you. Do you even see the irony in this? I see another trick you’re trying’s deflection. I know Morton were shite on Saturday and this season isn’t going to be pretty, I’m comfortable with it. A bit like slagging Dunfermline for racking up debt when the debate is about your behaviour. None of these things actually change anything about you. I eagerly await your 17th post on a subject that you yourself has said has ran it’s course.
  13. This is now my fourth post on the matter, and since you posted a screenshot of your wee chat with Mendy, I make it 14 times you’ve posted about it. I’m also very interested in your point that I’ve compared your messages to anyone else’s. That’s just not true, is it? You’re making things up and running around in circles now. Contrary to what you believe, there’s one guy making a fool of himself here, and it ain’t me or “that Dunfermline tool”. The best course of action now would be for you to just say nothing and hope that this drops down the forum and is forgotten about, but don’t come telling me about a lack of decency when you’re stamping your feet and making up lies in the hope that it’ll shut folk up. You’ve had about as much of a nightmare on here as my team had on the park on Saturday.
  14. First thing I noticed was the way the programme covered the 1-1 draw with Rangers, and particularly Alfredo Morelos’ equaliser. At the time, the big story was about a fan being caught on camera allegedly racially abusing him. It wasn’t clear at the time if the guy did racially abuse him, but for the BBC to just completely omit any mention of such a big talking point hardly gives you the confidence that this is going to do anything other than show Hearts in the best possible light. Maybe I’m nit picking, but warts n’ all it ain’t.
  15. I posted twice on the subject- once asking the circumstances and once stating how appropriate I thought his messaging of the guy was, and stating what I think an appropriate course of action to take is to commend someone on a job well done is in another industry and in football. I know that doesn’t suit your argument here, but let’s keep things in perspective. Rather than boring you, I’d suggest that you’re not enjoying people pointing out your odd behaviour. I’ll give the Raith fans their dues though- their staunch defence of you is an eye opener. If a Morton fan did likewise, I’d expect us all to be hammering him for it, such is the division in our support. I can’t decide if that’s a sign of great unity in your support or completely blinkered. I’ll go with the latter.
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