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  1. U mad m8? What a state to get yourself into on an internet forum. Seething about nothing.
  2. Where did I say I've done heroin, you complete nutter? You're utterly raging about nothing. Go stand in the corner for 5 minutes and have a long hard think about what you've done.
  3. Has anyone ever been as angry as this lithyjambo guy? I love smack lithyjambo. I love it mate. I'm glad Peaches had one last sweet hit before she sadly passed on. Sleep tight dear princess xxx
  4. Why are you so utterly raging about this? Dying of a smack overdose is far, far, far from the worst death. Would you prefer she was strangled to death by a masked rapist or something? At least she went out feeling the utmost euphoria possible.
  5. How is that edgy? If you had to chose a way to die, doing it aff your tits on heroin would be top of the list. It would feel fucking amazing.
  6. Baguette Express is better. And bacon is the most overrated foot substance in the world. That'll be all.
  7. Slim Charles

    Mad Men

    Updated odds: Peggy 7/5 Pete 5/2 Don 6/1 Megan 9/1 Betty 12/1 Sally 13/1
  8. I hope wee Scott knows that his faither's a pure beller. A total joke of a man.
  9. That's what I've always heard anyway, he has some sort of branding or tattoo from his youth.
  10. It makes perfect sense, m8. Try running your fingers under the words and sounding out the syllables if it helps.
  11. David Hopkin's a fat fucking idiot, to be honest. He can away take himself and his Young Gibby "tattoo" to f**k.
  12. Why have they cut Jamie Lannister's hair this season? Is it to signify that he's getting old? His age has been mentioned a few times. It's bothered me a lot more than it should do. He had glorious locks.
  13. Good return from Littlefinger. Largely forgetful episode otherwise.
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