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  1. What can you say it was so bad at times it was almost comical, we took a good support up and the players let them down very badly
  2. You mix me up with someone who gives a f**k whats that mutant thinks
  3. I was not really commenting on the football side it was more the way the club is run in general but having said that if we cannot beat them twice then we should just pack up
  4. Or maybe great that we made a big big effort to get players in and they are a fucking joke club and the Highland League have allowed them to take the piss for years and still do
  5. I see Fort William game off tonight due to covid issues with Fort William team will this mean our game will be off against them on Saturday ?
  6. Would be the biggest crowd of the season if he was turning up to the AGM
  7. They were shite and every week that goes past we look more and more like a fitba team . My player of the season so far is Michael Paton, MON THE CITY
  8. Great performance tonight here's hoping its the start of things to come but we do need a few more signings to bolster the squad. I cannot make it on Saturday but lets hope we get a big turnout and they get behind the team and help us get off to a wining start in the HL. MON THE CITY
  9. You have absolutely no interest in Brechin City apart from trolling on here a very sad man indeed
  10. CDH with all the changes at Glebe Park I know for a fact that they are looking for new blood with fresh ideas / forward looking people to assist getting the club back on track if you PM your details to me you I will pass them on and you will be given you chance to help out the City or if you prefer contact them direct via the website. Mon the City
  11. Sacked as manager but still has a contract as a player
  12. There will still be a requirement for money where will that come from, no money will come from SPFL living off the gates / hospitality / sponsorship will not be enough, how many times do you think people will keep giving donations especially the way the club has been run the last few years. I personally think incorporation is the only way forward, I for one will donate no more money to the club under the current setup, but the final decision will be down to the season ticketholders should be a lively EGM
  13. My understanding is that the set up of the shareholding & heads of agreement cannot let this happen, but everyone is quite free to ask questions and if you do not agree or do not fully understand then vote no to remain as current setup, in my opinion a no vote would probably be the end of the club.
  14. Is it not the season ticket holders that vote for this to happen or not
  15. Just about to drive up to Brechin for the game my head says its Kelty to win but my heart says Mon the City we can do this
  16. No we were shite then as well but not as shite as we are now but you obviously will know better than someone that has personally endured the levels of shiteness
  17. There is a reason we finished bottom of Div 2 thats because we are shite probably worst team that Brechin have put on a pitch for 25 year and it aint pretty to watch, this will also come to Kelty maybe sooner than later when the cash is not there to bank roll mercenaries playing 1 or 2 leagues below their capabilities But bottom line is we are still in the tie and you never know maybe we can beat the mighty Kelty the best team ever to wear their colours against the worst Brechin team in 25 year, its a funny old game someone once said Mon The City
  18. Is that you DEBS still bitter I see, we were ruined long before he arrived
  19. Biggest two games in our clubs history MON THE CITY
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