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  1. Its doing nothing to try and change things that has got us to where we are now
  2. If the unthinkable happened what are the chances that we will survive as a club ? if we are currently losing money hand over fist I would think that would only get a lot lot worse in the Highland League. I personally think a big gamble money wise is required in January to bring in players ( probably easier said than done ) that could help secure our league status and would suggest that the committee get the begging bowl out as a matter of urgency and speak to businesses / supporters near and far to help out, but they must also explain to them what the plans are for the future because it appears that big changes are required to modernise the running of the club, basically a complete rethink. Some may say a bit early to push the panic button with over half a season left to play ( but just ask Berwick Rangers ) plans need put in place now to give us the best chance of survival, maybe the committee have it all in hand I really do hope so, but given the very very serious nature of our position I think an EGM should be called immediately to let the fans especially the season ticket holders know what is happening and find out what help would be welcomed to aid our survival. I am sure the committee are doing their absolute best but now is the time for everyone to do their bit, for most as simple as turning up in numbers to the games and getting behind the team 100% something that I know has not been easy given some of the performances but the fans must play their part and support the team from the first minute to the last minute Mon the City
  3. Looks like we will be going in a completely new direction NORTH
  4. Any reason you did not copy the BBC stats this week😂
  5. The fact that relevance escapes you probably says it all, as for my username this has been answered by me on a few occasions
  6. I just love the way you always defend Angus whilst staying in Dundee
  7. Well said Debs that Mr Broon Made a the differance😉
  8. We have plenty more shite players available please feel to take a couple more
  9. Agree with most what you say have to say Crawford is simply not nearly good enough and we really need to get someone else up front to help Shagger. Did not think that Annan were any great shakes the big difference was their No7 and they scored two goals and we could have played for another 90mins and would never have scored. I don't normally comment on referees but some of his decisions were a disgrace as was some of the play acting by a few Annan players. Looking at things just now I really fear for us but the saving grace might be there are a few teams about our standard in this league.
  10. I believe was held up waiting international clearance not sure if its still on
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