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  1. Arbroath vs Brechin City

    I wasn't talking about fouls given away which includes all kinds of tackles etc, I was specifically meaning the physical side of defending which went unpunished but if the attacker did anything similar it was pulled up. Please miss the big boys are picking on me get a grip
  2. Arbroath vs Brechin City

    13 fouls each mmmmmm!!
  3. Arbroath vs Brechin City

    Didn't help that Brechin were allowed to be physical but ref blew for a foul any time we did anything remotely similar. f**k off you idiot
  4. The Sons 2018/19

    Yep know that feeling
  5. The Sons 2018/19

    Come on guys with the players you have things will improve and I think you will finish top 3. Getting beat from Brechin & Stenny ain't the end of the world ( its up there but not quite !! )
  6. Arbroath vs Brechin City

    Had a few o them last year
  7. Arbroath vs Brechin City

    You know what I was at that game and I turned to my mate at half time and told him about Arbroath that day,I knew you had that in you
  8. Arbroath vs Brechin City

    Difficult to tell how good or bad Arbroath were first half as we were absolute pish, as usual with Dods we don't seem to start playing till after halftime and have to say Arbroath did not look great when you are going at them. Hendry looks a player hopefully he can stay clear of injury and with Jacko getting back to something like himself who knows !! it was also a make shift defence today with Hill & McLean out when they are back I am sure we will steady things up at the back. Mon the City
  9. Arbroath vs Brechin City

    never in doubt
  10. The Arbroath Thread

    Yes and yes employees have rights but he is a big hot shot "minted business man" who does not need the money Correct a "minted business man" that took the huff about being binned for being useless as a manger, smacks of childish behavior no ? obviously it had nothing to do with wanting back his sponsor money his company put into Brechin IC was legend at Brechin as a player, but as a man he let himself down very badly over a few grand and for that I for one will never let it go. I did recently have the pleasure of telling one of his staff to do one when they called me offering their services, we would have possibly had to pay them around £15k in fees that was NEVER going to happen Anyway see you Saturday mon the city
  11. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Whar are these new signings
  12. The Arbroath Thread

    IC cannae be that rich he took Brechin to tribunal for a few grand after he rightly got punted childish p***k.
  13. Arbroath vs Brechin City

    Think we will get a doooooin
  14. Brechin City v Dumbarton

    What a weekend 3 goals, 3 points and thread of the week
  15. Brechin City v Dumbarton

    Yes please