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  1. Brechin v Mo

    The Angus derby against Montrose FC which was postponed due to snow at the weekend will now be played on Tuesday 2nd April at Glebe Park with a 7:45pm kick off.
  2. Forfar vs Raith Rovers

    Not a consideration that we have to worry about at Brechin
  3. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    Bottom line is all teams in this area of the league are there for a reason and that is we are all no very good, if we escape relegation this year it will be a miracle but we did have that in 2015/16 but then we had a better team that could score goals
  4. Brechin v Mo

    Yea but still well done for the efforts they made
  5. Brechin v Mo

    Well done Brechin and the merry band of fans for all their hard work trying to ensure this game goes ahead, lets hope the snow does not win
  6. Brechin v Mo

    | The pitch has passed an 11am inspection for today’s match against @MontroseFC however snow continues to fall. There is a band of around 25 volunteers working hard to keep the park clear. We will update you of any further developments. #BCFC
  7. Brechin v Mo

    You could also help
  8. Brechin v Mo

    Just noticed 11.00am inspection
  9. Brechin v Mo

    So whats the chances of this being on today ?
  10. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    How come it says 71 members have voted but if you add up votes there are only 67 ??
  11. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    Willie Dyer
  12. Arbroath v Stenhousemuir

    This is better than the Clyde Forum not so funny but better
  13. The committee have a big job on their hands trying to entice fans back it will not happen with our negative tactics and playing useless strikers like Kavanagh running about like a headless chicken contributing nothing,he is worse than Caldwell was.
  14. Got the bus back to Farfar after the game the young Loons including the guy wee the drum were a credit to Farfar Athletic