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  1. Brechin City Supporters Club gofundme A great gesture and the words are very true Stirling Albion Club Board Stuart C... donated £50 We donated because we're all in this together. Good luck from us all at Stirling Albion FC.
  2. I would have thought that the committee should be making some sort of comment about any plans they have to try and survive all that seems to be happening is telling of things that are being cancelled. They never seem to learn about the lack of communication with fans Would people who donated to the fighting fund be happy for the balance left to be used to help save the club ?
  3. In the SNP we trust 👍any way off to bed early start at work tomorrow
  4. yea you can always trust the government to give all the facts 😂
  5. Yea we thought that about our Celtic money how wrong we were !!
  6. Getting facts from where ? and listen to what experts ?
  7. Pitch inspection at 11.30 Thought that may happen been kind of wet yesterday and overnight hope its on 🤞
  8. Yea I do agree sometimes they are their own worst enemies
  9. Thats it you focus on all the good things we did last night !! young Olly was great, Petkov has added a bit of composure at the back and thought Paul Allan did very well, we are improving I just hope its not too late. Come on the people of Brechin lets have a large turnout for the two upcoming home games, entry £10 adult, £5 concession & free for children bargain !!
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