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  1. Devante Cole seems happy for O'Hara signing permanently. I am officially putting 2+2 =5 together and have now decided the player who Robbo was talking about who was on loan before that we are looking at bringing back is Devante. Still would love it to be Gboly but would be happy enough with #Cole11
  2. To be fair, I'm someone who gets wound up by this I'm sad to admit. Although in my case it's nothing to do with the supposed cheating it's more to do with the fact when I played boys football I was a full back and used to mark where the ball went out with my studs so that I knew exactly where to throw the ball from. So in conclusion I have a slight touch of OCD about this sort of thing and therefore slightly overreact to a player moving even just his foot past the point where in my mind the ball went out. That's felt good to share
  3. I haven't been this excited for a Tony since 1986 when I collected enough vouchers from the Frosties packet to get a lovely new bowl.
  4. No idea if this will work but https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5251183/motherwell-tony-watt-celtic-transfer-news/ Also #announcetony
  5. I did see that conversation too, I might go on and make a post about how we could potentially have had a strike force of Danny Johnson and Shankland and watch the carnage unfold
  6. His name was mentioned without being mentioned in a not so subtle post on Steelmen online yesterday
  7. In fairness to yourself, I'm normally the same before a game. There's a difference between predicting we'll get beat and hoping we'll get beat.
  8. I reckon you may be slightly underestimating how many games MJC predicts us to lose.
  9. We do not want Togo there First chance I've had to use my christmas present of Gary Lineker's dad jokes
  10. I would henceforth like to be known as ITKmac for at least the duration of today but preferably to the end of the transfer window if possible
  11. I sailed by their ground on holiday this year, which is a pretty boring story but does allow me to post my picture of their ground which was photo bombed by a seagull.
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