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  1. We do not want Togo there First chance I've had to use my christmas present of Gary Lineker's dad jokes
  2. I would henceforth like to be known as ITKmac for at least the duration of today but preferably to the end of the transfer window if possible
  3. I sailed by their ground on holiday this year, which is a pretty boring story but does allow me to post my picture of their ground which was photo bombed by a seagull.
  4. He seems a very Robinson like forward as in he is comfy both up top and out wide so possibly a direct replacement for Cole. I would be interested to see if we are still trying to sign a more traditional number 9 to give us something different to what we have.
  5. Rumours on twitter we are signing a forward on loan from Bournemouth, the name being mentioned (by one guy) is former Kilmarnock loanee Mickael Ndjoli. No idea if there is any substance to it but its at least a name to discuss.
  6. I was going to say Jamie Semple. The guy with the camera is actually in Gran Canaria so they can fit his heed in the full screen. Sorry that's unfair but if it's the guy on the bike then it's definitely semple
  7. Was this triggered by looking back at the photo of that cracking squad from the mid 90's and remembering the Ray Allan signing?
  8. Looking at that squad and how they performed, I always wonder what might have been if the two eejits on the outside of the front row had their predecessors sitting on those seats instead. I dont know whether it's because of my age at the time (15) that makes me look back on that team with rose tinted glasses on but I have so many of my all time favourite players in that squad, big Buff Martin, Mio, Softie, Lambert, Dolan, Davies, uncle Phil, Coyne and Dougie. That's not even mentioning the super sub. Also it's incredibly sad to look and see that probably 3 of the 4 youngest members in that photo are no longer with us.
  9. Is this based on the average points needed to stay up or have you mathematically worked it out? Asking for a friend.
  10. It didn't even look like a foul either, clearly the ref realised that they were losing the plot and thought I need to get this ball out of this corner. Obviously the keeper was quite enjoying the antics and decided to let us have another go.
  11. To me the difference is most players have had a foul given against them and could argue that they are saying f**k off to the decision. In this instance he has been asked to move back ten yards and we've all seen his hilarious reaction and so has left the ref no option but to send him off. Edited to add - also a big fan of donnelly's "tackle" on the halfway line, especially given the fact that the rules of football are so stupid sometimes. He literally made no attempt to get the ball and to be honest I would have had no complaints if he was given a straight red. Makes mulrabey's red all the sweeter to be honest although the officials were shocking all game and made a number of bizarre decisions.
  12. I initially read that as Bellshill bus queues which have had similar movement to previous holding midfielders. Cough cough boab malcolm
  13. How did you find out it's name?
  14. 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Aberdeen 4. Hibs 5. Hearts 6. Motherwell 7. St. Johnstone 8. Ross County 9. Kilmarnock 10. Livingston 11. St. Mirren 12. Hamilton
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