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  1. I'm sure EVERYBODY would get behind that move
  2. Hopefully he won't be part of a midfield 2 with fane
  3. To be fair it's a Scott Burns story, I can't speak for how reliable he is with Aberdeen stories but he's usually bang on the money with Motherwell stuff. If you did get him (if he doesn't head back to England) if you can get the Curtis Main from the end of last season he would be a good signing especially if Cosgrove stayed as I can just imagine them both bodying centre halves all over the shop. See last seasons Scottish Cup semi (sorry) for evidence with him and bowman totally dominating your defence. If you get this seasons Curtis Main prepare for lots of bodying, falling over and not too many goals. Again though in fairness, the games where he holds it up well are the games we have looked good.
  4. I was wondering if it was directed at Gorrin. Not specifically for the way he's been playing but maybe the way he's been training hence why he was dropped. 2+2=5 and all that. Of course he was probably nursing a wee knock and it was aimed at somebody else. If I was going on performance last night Main would be the obvious target at he had one of those games where he couldn't hold up anything and spent half the game trying to win (unsuccessfully) fouls.
  5. Hopefully grimmy contract has a clause inserted in it that he has to go on at least one marauding run from full back each game. The contrast between Gboly`s trickery and Grimshaw just running full pelt towards the goal is brilliant. Hastie and frear fit nicely in between the two. Grimshaw reminds me of one of those toy cars you got when you were wee that you pulled it back a few times and then let it go before it flew forward at increasing speed in a straight line crashing through everything in its way but usually missing the area you were actually aiming for.
  6. I was saying this yesterday and I think that he can't shoot for toffee actually adds to the entertainment factor with him. I honestly think his legs move independently from what they are being told to by his brain so that by the time he actually does regain control of them it ends up with the kind of shot that can hit the old zoom sign from 12yds.
  7. Hibs vs Rangers

    Well done
  8. I think what is now becoming clearer each week is that Michael Stewart is ITK as f**k.
  9. I met a Slovakian sound engineer last week. I met a Czech one too.
  10. Panini 1979

    Did Bobby prentice also appear on stage with Ken Dodd wearing a silly hat?
  11. ITKmarv >>> Jim White and his yellow tie
  12. I'm sure he was the life and soul in the physio room
  13. Wonder if they traced the email from the Nigerian Prince back to him
  14. Looks like they pressed the right button, just 24hours early
  15. The guy from the Bradford local paper has said Sammon isn't going to Bradford. He was offered to them but they said no. Maybe if we throw in a free pizza