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  1. Back again got called out there The Cal mac shambles it is You would have thought it would be full steam ahead to get them finished It seems the management are trying get to volunteers to leave the yard and go and work in another yard in the south of England on a short term contract The engines have been sitting for 5 years and have never been started They are probably going to be taken out of the ships and replaced with new engines A very time consuming exercise cutting the ships open to get them out and a very expensive Not sure what a engine retails at They have a new head guy lined up but does not start until the autumn He is 68 year old and has had a lifetimes work in shipbuilding Not sure what these engines use for fuel Some kind of gas no doubt as what ever it is Ardrossan did not have the storage facilities for it so 100s of Millions of £s had to be spent in building storage for the fuel which arrives in the south of England and has to be brought up by lorry So much for going green Have got called out again to work TBC!
  2. Thought there was a thread on here about it but can not find it Have threatened to post on here for the past couple of weeks about it after getting told from a very good source what was happening in that yard Was having trouble believing what i was getting told One of the first things was that the Scottish Gov hired a clueless c*** on £800 000 a year Got it confirmed on the news today that it was true TBC
  3. Better make sure your roof is in mint condition before you go any further
  4. What is the name of the thread on P and B concerning the "Ferries fiasco" ?
  5. A bit off topic here One of the funniest things i ever heard on the radio was a programe about the Scottish people that went over to Spain to fight in the civil war in the 1930s Said to my mum "Why would anybody fight in a war that did not concern them?" She said "Why not listen and find out" First guy on "I seen what was happening in Europe It was simply we either stopped the Facists in Spain or we would have to stop them somewhere else We failed in Spain and had to fight the 2nd world war" A good excuse to go to Spain Next was a woman she said "I had just finished my training to become a nurse There were 4 of the boys in my tenement in Glasgow that had went over to fight I went over because of them" A good excuse to go Next guy "I believed that the ballot box was more important than the gun" Fair enough a good excuse to go Next they get this guy from Fife on As soon as he started talking at 100mph in his broad Fife accent i was laughing to myself as he was reminding me of someone i knew from Fife "I man at that time i was rebuilding the main st in Kirkcaldy The gaffer shouts at me to get that wheelbarrow of sand up here now! These were the days if you stopped to wipe the sweat from your brow you would get sacked on the spot I picked up the wheelbarrow and ran the length of the street with it The gaffer shouted at me when i got there i said now! I looked at him looked at the barrow of sand looked at him again and couped the barrow of sand over his feet and shouted at him i am away to Spain to shoot b*****ds like you !"
  6. Sure i heard some woman from South Ayrshire Council on Westsound the other day saying they were about to licence them
  7. must have been 12 year old i stopped going on family holidays as they bored me out of my tits so was left home alone for a week every year Would go to a farm and do a 12 hour shift lifting hay bales so got well fed at the farm Was allowed to do what i wanted within reason and was never told what time i had to be home at The only thing i was never allowed to do was to go to a Beith-Kilbirnie game but would go anyway Can remember one Saturday morning out shopping with my mum and someone i knew shouts to me" Going to the game today" Me "I" Mum -"Who are you playing today" Me "Kilwinning!" knew if i had told her it was really kilbirnie i would not get to go All was well until the following day when the Sunday Post arrived and on the middle of the front page there is the a small paragraph with the headline "Trouble flares at junior football match" Would have been sweating like a pig for the rest of the day incase my mum had decided to read the paper
  8. See someone has posted on twitter in the past hour that they are now backtracking It is now "non fire doors"
  9. Surprized nobody has mentioned Reene Mcrae Finally heading to a trial this autumn Should be a interesting one to follow
  10. Always wondered what happened to that young kid from Irvine that vanished about 50 year a go just because it was so close to us and i was just a kid myself when it happened
  11. Sure won,t be going back to his real job You need a lot of trust in a dentist If he was telling you something needed done in your mouth who is going to believe a single word that he says?
  12. Whats the chances of this Brother has been abroad for the past month He has just arrived home and was waiting in the chinese for his carryout to get made when i walked in On his phone laughing about some NZ comedian doing a sketch about nicknames The funniest one was "I used to know a guy called Keth who had recently lost a EYE Took me a while to find out his real name was Keith"
  13. Got my daughter to put a film on last night for me Never knew it existed until a couple of weeks a go It is called 3 wheeling It is about the insane world of the Isle of Man TT sidecar racers shot during the 2016 TT Loved every minute of it First time i have ever paid to watch something on stream The best £2-99 i will ever spend! If you are a motorsport fan it is well worth a watch Check out the you tube video The worst part of the Isle of Man TT which is taken off the film if you do not want to watch the full film
  14. Met a "Geordie" guy who had moved to Aberdeen and came to the motorbike racing with friends i hung around with at that time He was called the "Bielled Owl" as in boiled When i asked his best mate how he was called that he said that when driving they hit a owl The guy from Newcastle took it home and had it for his dinner!
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