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  1. "TT closer to the edge" the film that shot Guy Martin to fame is a brilliant insight to the mad world of the Isle of Man TT but do yourself a favour and watch "Road" first It is just a average documentary until the last 15mins which is something else P.S just make sure you get the correct film it is the 1 about the Dunlops not the sci-fi one!
  2. Take it is a metal one?Put a dab of paint on the latch and close the door and you will see where the wet paint is on the door keeper You should be able to work out where the keeper needs moved to Either that or get a metal file and start filing the keeper to make it a tad wider or longer depending on where the paint mark is Slight chance it needs a tiny bit more depth out of the frame to let latch go in the whole way A hammer and a old screwdriver will be good enough to dig out a couple of mm of timber
  3. This came up on my wife's Facebook page this morning. It is a newsagents in Stranraer which displays on it's window the funeral intimations for the town and surrounding area. In normal times, it just has maybe 3 or 4 at a time.... but I've managed to count 36!!! Crazy times!
  4. Canny see it They will get a slap on the wrist She has a election in May so she will not want to upset to many Celtic supporters nn
  5. jet ski man is out of jail and has been sent home by ferry
  6. 1 or 2 of them that worked for a well known Ayrshire company must have had a great champagne lifestyle for years They were fueling up the works van with the heating oil so i was getting told recently
  7. My brother was over there working as a long distance lorry driver He said a lot of it was like a third world country
  8. Was channel flicking a few month back and caught the end of" The Post" Managed to get to watch the full film last night Really enjoyed it as i like films about true stories 7.5 /10
  9. North Ayrshire higher than South on every measure yet it's SA that gets put up ! Must have something to do where wee Nickys maw and paw liveπŸ˜‰
  10. The wife and kids get a curry from the Chinese when i am not in the house Just can not stand the smell of it when ever i get home
  11. For some reason i always hated macaroni Possibly got it at primary school dinners About 30 year a go was doing a job for someone i knew well His wife said she would give me my dinner to save time What did she make ? Macaroni !Trying my best to eat it when her bloody doberman was sick in front of me It then began to eat the sickness ! Did not manage to finish it for some reason πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
  12. Curry! The smell of it is enough to turn my stomach
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