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  1. Yeah I could see how that would work...hers however, seems to be the other way round...small pipe feed from meter joining to 1 metre length of 22mm!
  2. Thanks, will let her know. Was scared she was getting ripped off. The guy that installed has obviously just joined it into existing small pipe instead of running a new one right through the house.
  3. Sorry... Don't know exactly, just seems to be the main pipe in from the gas box outside as this is what they are wanting to replace...By running a new wider pipe from the box through the close (that runs between my house and hers) and in through the back of her house into the kitchen where the boiler is
  4. Woman next door had heating engineer from one of the above companies to service her boiler today. He slapped a 'Do Not Use' sticker on it saying that the problem was it was a 12mm pipe coming outside the house that connects on to an 18mm. He said that the 12mm was too small for the power of the boiler.... causing the readings to be all over the place. Boiler is 4 years old, Potterton Titatium 33. Is this work really needing done or is he just taking the piss? Any heating engineers that can answer? Thanks.
  5. Sure i heard very recently Orkney was the best place to live in some survey
  6. We were going to watch this last night at Linwood until we seen the start time 10pm Same time again tonight PISH!
  7. Reminds me of the story of a Electrician i knew Did a job for some posh tubes Sent in the bill for labour at £17,50p a hour A year later he is back doing another job for them and has put his price up to £18 a hour They took the 50p a hour off the bill as he had not told them he had put his hourly rate up
  8. I go for it It will save you money on a night out as you will get pished quicker
  9. Cheap diesel at the garage at the Cumnock end to help get as far away from it as possible The other garage at the the Mauchline end was about 40p a gallon more Was only joking about getting away from it as there is worst places i have been to There is a lot of new houses getting builtin it so that tells you it is not that bad
  10. He forgot to mention that he ran to the shed behind the away dugout to get at the Beith fan first The guy he was after obviously shouted something at him when Beith scored The guy he was after must be old enough to have a bus pass though you would not think it the way he scaled the barrier!
  11. Needed my boiler taken out behind the living room wall and a new one fitted upstairs in a cupboard Was asking around for advice and a few people said to stay clear of ScottishGas because of what they charged This was 5 year a go Got recommended a fitter who worked for himself Got a price of £2500 ish off him for the job which i thought was ok My only concern with him was it was in January and i was scared he would get called away for other jobs while he was in the middle of mine so decided to get a other price off of James Frew Ltd They did the job for £2200 ish although it was agreed with them i would lift and refit the floor boards Was really surprized that a large company could do it cheaper than a one man working for himself
  12. 100% sure Talbot will still be in it tonight A draw looks a cracking price
  13. Beith had sold 898 tickets around that time
  14. That was the Old Deer INN when i started drinking Have never been in a pub in Kilbirnie in my life The Glendale was as close as i would ever go
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