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  1. With Atkinson going that might clear a space to bring in another keeper to take Robbo's first team spot?
  2. Got in touch and the money is now in my account. Love a happy ending.
  3. Does it say 'settled' on yours though? If it said 'open' or 'pending' on mine I wouldn't be concerned.
  4. I tweeted them afterwards asking what's going on, no reply and then they tweeted something 10 minutes later so they must be ignoring it.
  5. Any other Dobbie top goalscorer peeps still waiting on money? Showed McBookie the bet on Twitter while it was still open and they said I would win with half the stake, the bet is now registered as closed on the account with 'settled' next to £0. Do these things usually take time to register or am I just getting fucked over? Haven't won anything over a fiver on a bet before
  6. I'm not comfortable with how excited I get for games now. Even before Dobbie I thought we looked like a well-drilled and balanced side, maybe lacking a bit of panache but definitely capable of competing for fourth. Dobbie has helped elevate us that little bit more and the self-belief we possess now is something else. I don't know where it will take us but I'm feeling confident going into the next 3 games.
  7. Can barely understand what's said through the tannoy half the time and a fair few times now I've had to endure 90 minutes of static coming from it in the terracing, which does my tits in.
  8. Ah okay. Just wanted to see if Robbo's double save was as good as I remembered it!
  9. I see the highlights for the Stenhousemuir game have been uploaded, I just presume by this point we won't be getting highlights of the Hibs game outwith the goals?
  10. If Harris were to sign I'd hope he'd play at left mid. Hilson hasn't had much luck there and although Dykes has done a decent job when moved over I'd prefer a left-sided player who was more accustomed to the position, and would offer a little more cover for Marshall. I don't want to see Marshall replaced as he's only 19 and has gifted us with very solid performances, appears to be making good progress and frankly, doesn't merit being dropped. If Marshall were to be injured, suspended or fatigued then I wouldn't argue against Harris dropping in to left-back for a few games with Dykes or Hilson shifting back over to the left. I've noted left midfield as a weakness since our Raydale Cup game vs Gretna and I think it was at its worst against Partick away, as Jacobs was forced to cover and couldn't readjust. If the rumours are true (doubtful), then Harris will be good enough to play that position at this level.
  11. Berbatov was playing Champion's League football last season and plays in Greece now, not a total jobber. And I like the celebrity aspect of it, Paddy McGuiness marking Ronaldinho is what Soccer Aid is all about.
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