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  1. Pretty poor given what Daz and Kenny have achieved so far. These guys need to get a grip of themselves. 4 games in two weeks has certainly taken its toll from what I have seen I think most teams will be glad to see the back of midweek fixtures.
  2. Pretty sure Haddington could have scored about 6 too.
  3. absolutely, I heard about how much a couple of the guys are getting paid. Scary
  4. wow, you should really learn to keep your thoughts to yourself.....
  5. Go play church league, you might get a regular game
  6. He's done a great job at Peebles. Not sure about a league win though......
  7. Good result for Ormiston on Saturday against a vastly improved Craigroyston side. Ormiston were poor first half but improved alot in the second half. Some good goals on show as well. Ormiston should have scored a few more. Big Breeks having to watch from the sidelines. Naughty boy !!
  8. is that even a comeback you tube??? You're not even as good as shite btw!
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