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  1. Stirling University v Sheffield-Hallam, Weds 7th October... GAME POSTPONED Not sure why, problem with Sheffield so I hear.
  2. 1st result from Croatia, Stirling beaten by 3-0, Some unfamiliar names in the line-up, I only recall maybe 4 or 5 of todays line-up being in the first XI last season.
  3. Well Done Statto for updating the predictor tables. I followed your lead and helped out on the LL predictor as Cicero was too busy to do it all himself. I have some ideas for next season which I will pm you about. Maybe we can combine our efforts.
  4. Unless I mis-read it, ALL clubs will have their licence confirmed at the next meeting in July. But I believe this is very close to the start of the season, so what happens if say one team can't meet the requirements, if they throw them out of the LL, be too late to go elsewhere surely. Of the teams that applied can understand accepting Cumbernauld but mystified why Civil were not. Think it strange to run a 15 team league just who is the 'last' place being kept for? Why does the league have to be so 'cloak and dagger' why not keep the supporters aware of who needs to do what to achieve their licence, let us know whats going on, without our support there wouldn't be a league for long!
  5. Surely Glasgow University going into the Lowland League has to be a non-starter. Firstly playing at Airdrie doesn't make any sense. But on top of that what would they be apart from cannon fodder, bottom of an amateur league by-passing EoS/SoS levels gaining entry to LL, joke. If they want to progress let them improve on the field in EoS/SoS standards the leap in class is just too much at the moment. Then the stipulation should be brought in, 'Glasgow' University find a 'Glasgow' ground to play home matches at. That team at Ibrox might welcome some extra revenue at renting their ground out, lol.
  6. Thanks again to HJ for explaining about the FA's. See what you mean about the Stirlingshire cup, strange competition anyway the final from last season being played as pre-season game for next season.
  7. What Stirlingshire FA,? How many FA's are there in Scotland ? Seems an over complicated system up here.
  8. Firstly, if Glasgow Uni are to play in LL, and to play at Airdrie, I think it will be a ridiculous decision. I am ok with groundsharing when it is reasonably close to where you normally play. Had it been sharing at Firhill or Scotstoun then can't see any problem with that. On top of that my concern would be what their standard will be, at the moment they play in the Caledonian League and at that are bottom or near to it. Stirling Uni's 2nd XI played in this league and were comfortably in the top half, but considered it to be a move up grade to play in the East of Scotland where they haven't done well. A question I have for the experts on P&B, is the SFA member the same as an SFA license. Surely at this stage teams that have failed to gain the license should be replaced, but only by licensed teams, shouldn't be bringing unlicensed teams in on the promise they will get one. After all everyone has known when licenses should have been in place. Find the delay on the decisions regarding next season annoying, can only assume they are awaiting the finish of the East of Scotland season. Going back to the licence/member situation, Just wondering if Stirling Uni have license/member should they not also be included in the Stirlingshire Cup competition, though the draw for 2015/16 has been made without them, so the other way to look at it, have they not got the license? Time we had answers.
  9. Title decided in the final fixture.. 1. 732 VOICE OF (T)REASON 2. 730 Jute 3. 706 Mr Hardy 4. 702 BassRock 5. 684 Hoofhearted 6. 666 Gophers Assistant 7. 630 Happy Gilmore 8. 557 Doodle 9. 526 Cicero 10 513 Snowball 11 484 heedthebaa 12 460 dillinger 13 420 pantaloon 14 408 dal45 15 374 grim ogrady 16 227 madara_666 17 199 gretna scotty 18 182 gza 19 44 sureiknow 20 40 vale21 21 30 gerry b 22 26 fowler23 23 19 mvch 24 14 young pretender 25 8 ekboy 26 7 secret admirer 27 4 edinburghcitybyname
  10. well done Stenhousemuir, hope other clubs follow suit.
  11. if its true that Easthouses are going to the juniors next season, at what level will they be entering? Anybody know of teams applying to join EoS next season?
  12. Sat. 23rd May South Challenge Cup Final BSC Glasgow 3-0 Civil Service Strollers Sun. 24th May Image Cup Final Leith Athletic 2-3 Lothian Thistle Sat. 30th May King Cup Final Peebles 2-4 Spartans
  13. South Challenge Cup Final Sat. 23rd May BSC Glasgow 3-0 Civil Service Strollers
  14. www.stirlinguniversitysupportersclub.webs.com you will find Lowland League and East of Scotland Premier Division tables here.
  15. Thanks to dal45, for posting todays result, once again can't find upto date news on the official league website! Do they know the game was on, makes you wonder.
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