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  1. Successive owners have been trying, and failing, to do that for a decade.
  2. Thats a properly good win. No real failures. A few stand outs. I thought Byrne did really well with his goals. Love is playing the way you'd want McLean to play and just seems far more focused on the game and less on conning referees. Gray had an absolutely brilliant game. Easily man of the match for his work rate. His cross for the opener was really nice and that finish couldn't have been placed any better. As good a day as we've had in a very long time.
  3. Suspect that it isnt and that the days of streaming are over.
  4. If we were going for a last minute signing from a team near Falkirk then I'd go Joe Bevan from Camelon. Supposedly a stand out in a dodgy team and still only 18. I know a manager in the west of scotland league who reckons he'll be playing senior football next season.
  5. He's rather famously a creepy, sex pesting arse.
  6. Just finished stocking my Zomo vs 400 units with my records. Supposedly hold 400-480 each. No way unless you have no modern albums with thicker sleeves or you're happy to squash them in. I reckon 65 - 75 per square, so 300 max. Still worth getting and I've potentially got space for another one. 429 records. Nothing rare. Neko Case boxed set was the biggest purchase. And then the special edition of Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville with the girlysound recordings on vinyl as a boxed set. At least now I can go to the next reasonable record fare safe in the knowledge that I don't have Love, Forever Changes or Four Sail and can buy all 3 of them without running the risk of buying a duplicate. Was sure I had them, but the past couple of days has proven otherwise.
  7. Booked my first Mannheim hockey trip since october 2019. Flying out 25/10 and home on 31/10. Usually fly from Edinburgh as the Glasgow Lufhansa flights were late afternoon and not ideal for then having to get to Mannheim, but they've brought them forward and the route now departs before 1pm. Flying business class this time too - I know its short haul so there won't be a whole lot of nice things, but Lufthansa had stripped out all of the wee things they used to do for economy flights and I fancied lounge access as well. The return flight is mid morning, rather than the late afternoon I'm used to with their Edinburgh flights, and that suits me. Pkanning to fly out Tuesday and attend: Hockey (home game) v iserlohn - Wednesday Hockey (home game) v Frankfurt - Friday Football - Waldhof Mannheim v Dynamo Dresden - Saturday Hockey (away game) v Nuremberg - Sunday,. I'll be on the supporters bus if I can get it sorted. Should be a fun experience. Fly home Monday. I'll do the usual tourist stuff. Having a full day without sport (Thursday) gives me a chance to either visit a city I havent really visited other than a couple of hours for football (Karlsruhe) or spend a more relaxing time in Heidelberg. I've done the castle tour loads of times but I keep going back because each tour guide tells slightly different stories and Heidelberg is a nice place to just wander about for a few hours. I've had the time off work booked for about a month now. Basically since the fixture list for the ice hockey was announced. The lack of the usual once a season Friday/Sunday home double was annoying and I wasn't sure about going for 6 days. Decided to go for it as its been 3 years since my last trip. Why not?
  8. We were 2nd best for much of the game today. We can think a very good Brett Long save and then the crossbar for still being in the game. Sending off was obviously a major change in the match. Players didnt seem to complain too much but it'll be interesting to see a replay. Thought our penalty was soft. Thought that the Albion Rovers player who went down in our box shortly after should have been booked for diving. Our complete lack of intensity until about the 75th minute has to be a worry. Blair worked hard enough in the middle of the park. I thought Love was our best threat for much of the game and that Byrne did well trying to chase the woeful long balls we kept playing. On the other hand I thought Findlay Gray was very raw and we need to be careful how we develop him this season. I'm concerned that it won't take much for Farrell to get spooked and to stop playing him and for Gray's head to go down. Exactly what seems to have happened to Callum Wilson, and we've seen how badly he's regressed. Also thought that Rovers did well closing down McKee and we never really saw much creativity when he was on the park. You'd have struggled to tell which team was a man short unless you counted them because Albion Rovers kept playing a high tempo press even with a man short. Orsi was also disappointing. I'm delighted with the win. It was probably harsh on the home side, who deserved something from the match and who could easily have taken all 3 points but for Brett Long and his crossbar. We've got a lot of work to do trying to find a combination of players that actually work as an attacking unit.
  9. Arguable that it would be harsh to change a winning team. But its also arguable that we should have pushed a bit more for at least another 1 goal and that its worth trying something different. I'd like to see Findlay Gray involved and there's a decent shout for having Wallace in for Love or for one of the wide players and moving Love out wide. I suspect if anybody is dropped then it'll be Orsi and we'll go with McLean, Wallace and Love playing behind Byrne.
  10. One of our apprentices was on Albion Rovers books. Alfie Robinson. Is he still there and does he get a game?
  11. It may suit a former player who wants to keep some connection with the game. Would be expecting expenses at least, if not some kind of wage.
  12. Parsons certainly came from a monied background. Doesnt mean that he made music that was part of the country music norm when he was part of The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers or releasing stuff as a solo artist. His music certainly wasn't part of the commercial country sound.
  13. Some baffling decisions from the ref today. The red card was spot on, but time and again he pulled play back rather than allowing obvious advantages. I thought he was really fussy and inconsistent. Booking Long for trying to take a free kick from the wrong place, only to ignore Currie doing exactly the same thing barely 90 seconds later was particularly poor. The 2 early goals effectively killed the game. Binos did force a couple of good saves from Brett Long, but Currie was equally effective in tipping Ally Love's powerful effort onto his crossbar. In typical fashion given his inept performance all afternoon, Duncan Williams awarded a goal kick.
  14. An interesting season to start following us Tully. 150th birthday season. Hopefully a chance of more positive results in tier 4. The obvious threat of the Lowland League trapdoor that none of us have experienced before. Hopefully you enjoy it and become bitten by the Sons bug.
  15. Are we definitely offering a stream for overseas viewers this year? Or have the club decided that it isnt worth doing them and relying on enough fans using a VPN to still access it? There's a huge investment in time and effort for our commentary guys to provide the excellent level of commentary that they do. I can't imagine them doing that for an online audience of half a dozen.
  16. The only thing I'm moderately confident about is that Stranraer, Albion Rovers and Elgin will be battling to fill 8th, 9th and 10th. I don't think Bonnyrigg are going to do a Cove or Kelty and win promotion on their arrival in the senior ranks. They're not throwing money at players the way that the other 2 did and I can see them spending a couple of seasons consolidating in League Two before they're a promotion proposition. Bryson is obviously a class act, but do Stenny have the quality around him? If he's playing in the same midfield as Forbes and Wedderburn then that's a complete lack of moblity. 1. Stirling Albion. 2. Forfar 3. Dumbarton 4. Annan 5. Stenny 6. Bonnyrigg 7. East Fife 8. Stranraer 9. Albion Rovers 10. Elgin I wouldn't be surprised if the top 5 teams were separated by as little as 8 points and the bottom 3 by 5 or 6. Its going to be a very tight division this year.
  17. We did pretty well in the first half of the cup game, but Stirling Albion were the better team in the 2nd half and deserved their win. I really liked the way Robert Thomson lead the line against us and felt that we lacked that kind of smart play up front. He held the ball well, made a nuisance of himself for our defenders and carried a goal threat from open play or set pieces. I don;t know that we've got that kind of focal point to our attack? We started last season without a recognised main striker and it didnt hurt us at all - that Clyde game to open last season was as good as I've seen us play for quite a long time. Unfortunately it went off the boil and Farrell lost confidence in the players to play that kind of high pressing game. I kind of feel a similar way about us going into the league opener tomorrow. We've got goals in us. McLean, Wallace, Love, Orsi and McKee should all be able to contribute. If one isnt scoring then we've got others who can. But we don;t have an out and out target man who'll lead the line or be the focus for attacks. I wouldn't put it past us to win tomorrow, and to win convincingly. I also wouldn't put it past us to lose confidence around mid October again and to struggle for form. Its a bit of a concern that you can look at our squad on paper and struggle to pick the ideal starting 11 and formation. Hopefully by 4:50 tomorrow afternoon we'll have a better idea of who our key players are going to be.
  18. There are loads of really great musicians bringing back older styles of music. Bluegrass is a relatively recent invention - wasn't a thing until the late 40/early 50s when Bill Monroe signed Flatt and Skruggs to play in his band and the 2 of them started playing faster than anybody had before. Prior to that it was called "old time" or "hillbilly" music, even within the industry. So you get great acts playing older styles of music like:
  19. The kind of stuff people associate with alt-country can probably be summed up by a few bands:
  20. Its not a male dominated genre. Folk like Gretchen Peters, Lucinda Williams and a fair few others came onto the scene and made some great music:
  21. Then you get a guy like John Hartford. Hardford was a really well respected session musician for a lot of country musicians and was the original writer/performer of Gentle On My Mind. But thats not really reflective of a lot of his own stuff. He was a riverboat pilot who worked the tourist boats in the summer and he'd collect old instrumentals. A lot of his stuff was also pretty funny. Steam Powered Aereo Plane never fails to put a smile on my face. Or something like Julie Belle Swain You could also throw in John Prine. Prine was the forerunner of guys like Jason Isbell and it's clear how influential he was with the genuine outpouring of sadness when he died.
  22. Americana is a relatively new term. If you ask people in the industry what it is then you'll be met by general confusion. In a few cases you'll be met with open hostility - Tyler Childers used his Americana Music Association award acceptance speech to complain that he didnt know what Americana was and that he was a country musician. Alt-Country is a little clearer as it came about in the late 80s/very early 90s with bands like Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Red House Painters and a few others. Even then it wasn't a particularly new idea because there have been musicians making country music that didnt fit nicely into Nashville commercial country for decades. You can't really talk about alt-country without thinking about the outsiders from the 60s and 70s, so I'd probably start with the likes of: Gram Parsons might sound like a traditional country singer, but he wasn't. In an era of Johnny Cash and George Jones, Gram was making outsider music. He was a member of The Byrds. He went on to form the Burrito Brothers. He was friendly with the Rolling Stones and was a big influence in them making songs like Wild Horses and Dead Flowers. That takes you onto a triumvirate of outsiders: Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Steve Earle. All 3 were friends, Earle being the youngest having as much a hero worship of the other 2 as a friendship. You can find their Bluebird Cafe recordings pretty easily. I'd also throw in the likes of Blaze Foley. Another outsider singer/songwriter.
  23. Covid hasn't gone away. Whilst there's probably no political will for further restrictions, we will see fans miss games because of Covid over the winter. Streaming might not be the same as being there, but it at least let people follow the games that they'd otherwise miss. There's also the issue of away games. We're in a cost of living crisis and £15 for a stream is a lot easier to justify for a lot of people than spending money on travel - either supporters bus, petrol or public transport - and then the usual matchday expense of entry and refreshments. £15 versus £50? I think that for top flight football, particularly in Scotland, there's an argument against streaming. Too many people claim to be old firm fans whilst never going near either Ibrox or Celtic Park. Streaming would allow them to follow the big 2 from afar. There's always the slim hope that people whose loyalties normally sit with one of the big 2 would fancy a game on a Saturday afternoon and make their way to the local lower league ground. Whilst that doesnt happen nearly enough, streaming games would kill the notion stone dead. At our level? I suspect that we'd stream to more away fans than the numbers who'll travel and that for most clubs it'll be a financial hit. For the likes of Elgin and Annan it may well be quite a hefty hit. I can't see many fans wanting to make the journey up to Elgin with fuel prices as they are, never mind the journey itself.
  24. I could probably post about 60% of my iTunes song list. Glasgow gets some brilliant Americana/alt-country gigs. Thats in no small part because of the excellent Fallen Angels Club running gigs and Louden Temple doing a lot of promotion work for bands. Would also recommend Mike Ritchie on Sunday on Celtic Music Radio in the Glasgow area as a source for an awful lot of brilliant music. Or the Americana UK website (I wrote a handful of live reviews for it, but havent done so for a few years now). I'll stick some stuff on the thread over the next day or two.
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