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  1. Dumbarton v Arbroath.

    I was in the BBs and in school with Drew's son Craig.
  2. Dumbarton v Arbroath.

    I wouldn't be in a rush to shoehorn Forbes into the side. Hutton played well on Tuesday night and doesnt deserve to be dropped.
  3. Elite Ice Hockey League

    This year has to be better than last year for both my teams. Major changes at the Clan. A couple of unknowns in the squad for me. Josh Gratton has clearly been a role player in his career but in recent years he's moved from being an enforcer to a power forward. It'll be interesting to see if he continues that with us and if he gives us a decent points return. My favourite EIHL player is still Colt King - he was a guy who could put up points and was lethal when dropping the gloves. The goaltender is also an interesting one. His NCAA numbers are good. His ECHL numbers rank around (sometimes higher, sometimes lower) guys like Andy Isles and Nic Riopel who were really good in our league. He'll have a good D in front of him this year. Travis Erhart was a great signing and looks to be one of the better blue liners in the league. Up front we're going back to tried and tested guys like Pitt and Beca. Signing Connolly was huge and he's a genuine top class game-changing forward. I'd pick us to finish 5th but if things don't work out in Sheffield then we could find ourselves 4th. I have serious doubts over the Steelers. Thommo has it in him to be a good coach or a garbage one and whilst they've signed a few good players, I'm not convinced with their squad overall. I dont think it would take much for them to struggle, Panthers and Devils again look the pick of the bunch. I'll be in Mannheim in December for a couple of games in the SAP (v Augsburg and then Ingolstadt). We had a terrible start to our DEL campaign last year and despite bringing in guys with NHL and extensive AHL experience we never really convinced. We've shipped out a few of the older imports (Steelers signed Aaron Johnson) and I like the look of some of the guys we've brought in. I thought Denis Endras had a poor season last year and has a bit to prove this year. Still in his early 30s so young enough for a goaltender but he wasn't great. Not all his fault though - he had a poor team in front of him and we had serious injury troubles. I'm hoping that Phil Hungerecker can have a big season after coming through as injury cover last year and doing really well.Ben Smith was an absolutely great signing coming off of a Calder Cup winning year with the Marlies and a decent number of NHL games on his CV. Andrew Desjardines will be important for us too and Luke Adam gives us a real spark up front. I was sad to see Macmurchy go but his age and last season's injury issues prevented him from contributing as much as he could. Not sad to see Johnson or Colaiacovo co. Johnson will do a job for the Steelers, but he isnt going to be an EIHL stand out, and Carlo would have done the same. Neither were good enough to continue for Die Adler. Top 4 and a deep play-off run is the minimum I'd expect from Die Adler, although the money of Red Bull Munich will probably influence the course of the season.
  4. The Sons 2018/19

    Somebody will miss out on Saturday but it's difficult to pick who. I thought Beany's all round play was good last night. His runs were smart and he was grafting. Thomson looked good and actually pressed further up the park when we didn't have possession, as well as always offering the midfield an out ball if we did. I wouldn't rush Loy or Forbes into the side. 4-4-1-1 worked well. The only change we might need to make will depend on who we have for right back, particularly if Perry has to cover for Barr. The attitude last night was the big thing for me. We had a team that was organised and committed and it was a huge improvement on the Forfar game. Regardless of the score on Saturday against Arbroath, a repeat of the effort from last night will be a welcome improvement.
  5. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    He started really slowly with us. He went on to have a fantastic season and his performance in our 4-0 hammering of Raith is one of the best individual Sons player performances I've seen in years. I think he's a guy who needs to be playing regularly. If he's playing regularly and playing with confidence then he's a very decent forward.
  6. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    Fancy swapping Thomson for Rory Loy?
  7. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    That was an enjoyable game. We didnt play great football but the performance was night and day compared to Saturday. The Morton fans will say that it was a team of their back-ups and bit part players. That doesnt mean that there wasnt some guys on show who would be starters for a League One side. The big difference tonight was the shape and the application. We were noticeably worse in the 2nd half when Barr went off and we had to put Ryan Thomson to right back. In the first half he was closing people down higher up the pitch when we didnt have the ball and always offering himself as an option when we did. I thought Hutton and Carswell looked far better tonight because they weren't both sitting deep. If those 2 are playing as our 2 central midfielders then with one sitting deep, the other should have a bit more license to push forward and close down higher up the park. To actually go to the man in possession rather than sitting and inviting them to run onto us. One sits, one goes. They can both do that and can take it in turns depending on what side of the park the threat is coming from. Beany was a big surprise too - his movement alone is a handful for opponents and he looked far fitter and sharper than the end of last season. Deserved his goal too. I expect Stevie to make changes on Saturday but I'll feel a bit sorry for anybody who ends up missing out from that starting 11 tonight. I certainly wouldn't be rushing Forbes or Loy into the starting 11 right now. I know they're our big names in this squad but they can't assume that they'll get a start without earning it and tonight I thought Beany and Thomson looked like they wanted to earn a start on Saturday. A good game and potentially something positive for the manager to ponder between now and the weekend. Those officials though. f**k me.
  8. Blast From The Past!

    Classic Russ Meyer
  9. Dumbarton v Arbroath.

    Allowing away fans in via the home turnstiles in order to use the bar facility worked pretty well on Saturday. Hopefully it'll be in place again this weekend. I'd like to see the community suite busy on match day with folk enjoying the pre-game atmosphere.
  10. Roast dinner on a Sunday?

    Used to be a big thing when I took my mum to visit her family down south. They'd always have a big family sunday afternoon lunch with at least a couple of different roast meats and all the trimmings you could imagine. Will still do it in the winter - either some baked ham or roast beef. Not that often though.
  11. The Sons 2018/19

    tbh with absolutely no expectations amongst the support regarding the Morton game, I'd like to see Stevie completely change the team and to have a go.
  12. Sons v Loons

    If its about balance then I'd be looking at whether we need the midfield trio of Carswell, Hutton and Forbes? I'd like to see Thomson get a few games to show us whether he can be a more dynamic midfielder. Forbes hasn't impressed in the games I've seen so far (Hearts friendly, Queens Park cup game and yesterday). Is he a luxury we can't afford when we clearly don't have cover for the fullbacks?
  13. Sons v Loons

    Problem with that comes down to money. We had less than 600 fans at the game yesterday. 85 away fans. Strip out the comps/community tickets and how many paying adults did we have? How many concessions/kids? Even loan signings cost us a contribution towards wages. We don't get loans in for free. I think we need a squad of 20. I think we need 2 fullbacks to provide cover as Perry isnt a right back and I don't see anybody capable of covering for Dyer. Unfortunately we need money to bring players in. Games like yesterday won't encourage people to come back to Dumbarton home games. Yesterday was a chance to get fans back on board by making it 2 wins out of 2 and to maybe show those who are no longer coming to games that we're worth supporting. We blew it.
  14. The Sons 2018/19

    Yes. Today was shite and folk can have some very justified moans. But we're 2 games into the season and that makes it far too early for another "Sons Sorrow". We need guys to get up to speed in terms of the aggression and tempo they'll be facing. We need a good performance next week to show that we can adapt to life in League One and that we're not going to see another season of doom and gloom.
  15. The Sons 2018/19

    According to the BBC we had: 56% possession 18 shots 6 of which were on target 6 corners 9 fouls