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  1. We were pish. Absolutely no excuse for not making more of a game of things.
  2. I wonder if the Ian Wilson scarf from a couple of years ago would be a big seller for the club?
  3. Decimation of our local hospital - on her watch. Cancer treatment targets missed - on her watch. Overall treatment targets missed - on her watch. Edinburgh sick kids hospital likely to be 9 years late - her watch as health minister and first minister. Glasgow taken into special measures thanks in no small part to a state of the art hospital that can't keep its water clean - see a pattern here? It's never the SNPs fault though. It's always Westminster. Or it's a problem they're in the process of fixing. Or, like the utterly reckless investment in Prestwick and BiFab, never questioned at all. There comes a point when the SNP record on areas like health or on big spend items has to be scrutinised and under anything like robust scrutiny they've been a monumental failure.
  4. She didnt have a compliant, friendly interviewer for the first time in a long time. Her party has an absolutely criminal record on the NHS in Scotland.
  5. I expect politicians to be robustly challenged on their performance in government or in opposition. She was and she failed miserably. She wasn't dealing with a friendly interviewer who wouldn't give her an easy ride and she wasn't dealing with an ineffectual opposition. I expect governing parties to be given a hard time if only because its necessary to hold them to account and challenge them to do better. Sturgeon and the SNP have gone unchallenged in that regard for far too long.
  6. I'm tempted to pick it up to play when I'm off work at Christmas. Not sure though - if it's relatively short then I'll probably wait until there is some additional DLC available.
  7. She was an absolute mess. First Neil's quotes from the growth commission report were wrong. Then she recognised that the quotes were correct but reckoned Neil didn't understand them. She finally plumped on acknowledging the quotes and Neil's understanding but flat out claiming that her own growth commission report was wrong. Confirmatory referendum? She want's it for Brexit. She doesnt want it for any deal for independence as she'll set out the withdrawal deal before the vote. Except for the 2014 white paper which overestimated oil revenue by somewhere in the region of £7.5billion and included no proper proposal for independent Scotland's currency. NHS? 28% of people might need to wait more than 12 weeks to be seen and some cancer patients are waiting more than 2 months for treatment but at least they're working on the problems (that they themselves created whilst in power at Holyrood). Super duper new hospital in Glasgow? Ach it's no biggie that pidgeon shite is contaminating the water supply and that people are dying. They're trying to fix it. Kiddies hospital 7 years late and counting because it's unsafe for use due to the risk of infection spreading? They're fixing it. Not to mention the public money spunked on Prestwick, BiFab and Ferguson Marine. The money invested in BiFab has been subject to an almost total write off. Neil could have gone after those deals but didn't. Truly terrifying stuff. Their record on the day job is absolutely woeful and Sturgeon and the SNP's failures were well exposed by an interviewer who wasn't on message with the SNP.
  8. Johnny X, or wor Lauren's brother Pete as he's also known, still does some music stuff. He was also teaching for a good few years. Think he's doing a PHD now so will be spending most of his time on that. Lauren's dad and my mum are cousins. I really liked her dad but only met Lauren on a few occasions when we were down visiting family in South Shields because by that point the kids were doing their thing as Kenickie. I did go to a weird family christening when Lauren's aunt adopted a child. Sat at the kitchen table with Lauren and her then boyfriend Malcolm Middleton. Middleton sat and said nothing to anybody else in the house. Lauren spoke to a few folk. Lauren's dad was a really genuinely nice guy. He was in a band called The Gas Board in the 60s (he was in a few bands over the years but The Gas Board also featured Bryan Ferry at one point). There are newspaper cuttings online of the night her dad's band supported Jimmy Hendrix (at the Cellar in South Shields if I remember correctly)
  9. I'm struggling this year. Admittedly I havent made a huge effort. I havent bought nearly as many records as I did last year because I need to sort out some proper storage for them. That said, I can't think of a load of albums that have really done it for me. Absolute stand out favourite of the year is Beware Of The Dogs by Stella Donnelly. I'm absolutely crazy about that album. I love her voice. I love her live performance. I think her lyrics are razor sharp and she can do funny and brutally honest with equal flair. Hasn't featured on any of the end of year lists but it's a really brilliant album. Beyond that? I'll need to spend the next couple of weeks catching up on stuff I should have paid more attention to or made more of an effort with over the past year.
  10. Back packs are for those of an outdoor persuasion or school children.
  11. Its complicated. The young fans want to generate noise and bring colour to the game. That means a drum and flag waving. The drum is a real sore point because it's alien to the older generation. Fans who have been going to Dumbarton games for 40-50 years are suddenly having to contend with the kind of noise they never previously had to. They don't have a problem with the kids but the idea of a drum at the football is just way out of what they've experienced for all those years. In some cases the drumming can affect a person's health concerns. Others just find the noise a bit too much for them. I'm all for drums at football matches. I'm a big fan of drums at hockey games and when I travel to Germany I always get tickets in my team's standing section as that's where the most noise is generated. Some of the drummers who follow sports teams are brilliant and it's incredible that they can keep a solid rhythm going for 90 minutes. I can get that older fans may find the drum a nuisance. I'd encourage the kids to practice a little to up their drumming skills and be able to keep a steady rhythm. Ultimately there's compromise to be made on both sides. The kids, to their absolute credit, have already done so by trying to muffle the drum sound a little bit. They've shown a willingness to try to find a solution. I know fans will want to keep their season ticket seats but it's possible that a little compromise on the other side would allow those who aren't comfortable with the drum to sit further away from it. I think we could accommodate most season ticket holders in the blocks of seats nearest the half way line to give them a bit of separation from our young drummers and singers if they wanted it. The biggest thing is the culture clash. I'm 40. I'm Dumbarton's present. These kids are hopefully Dumbarton's future. If that's the way fan culture is going in Scottish football then no matter how long it takes, drumming will become more common at all grounds.
  12. Murrayfield Ice Rink. Middle of winter and you used to go outside to warm up.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Danton Worth checking out Mike Danton's story. He was playing in the NHL when he approached an individual, who turned out to be a police dispatcher, to try to arrange a hit on his agent. Danton has since claimed that the target was actually his father and it was previously suggested that the target was his former junior hockey coach. The guy played university hockey in Canada after release - where he was studying criminology. He attended to an opponent who had been knocked out on the ice, saving him from choking. He nearly ended up in the UK when Coventry Blaze tried to sign him but Danton was refused a UK work permit because of his conviction for conspiracy to murder.
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