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  1. Detlef is an absolute b*****d to beat.
  2. Brabco as a company doesnt have a proverbial pot to piss in. The individual investors may have their own money - some more than others - but Brabco as an entity has very little and those who have invested in it have absolutely no desire to spend any more money. This is going to be entirely down to the club board and the fans. It's our club and we'll be responsible for saving it.
  3. Cash flow is king for most part time teams. Very few have significant debts but almost nobody has any cash reserves of any note. Season ticket culture contributes massively to a lack of cash flow and clubs are often reliant on periodic payments from the league and anything they can bring in on match day to keep going over the course of a season. Selling tickets for next year would only really rob Peter to pay Paul - we'd still face a cash flow issue, just earlier in the season. Options for guaranteed government loans just announced. I'm not sure what category of loan that most part time clubs would qualify for. There's the issue of whether or not we'd qualify for one, whether or not we could repay it and - most critically of all - whether Brabco would object to the club applying for that kind of finance or whether they'd see this as an opportunity to kill us and sell the ground for development? Fans aren't really in a great position to be financial saviours. Most will be worrying about our own incomes and discretionary spending will be minimal for many people. The "good" thing in all of this (and I use that word very loosely) is that we're not alone. This is an existential crisis for British football. Lower league clubs down south will be facing similar problems and most clubs in Scotland outside of the big 2 will be in the same situation that we're in. If there is going to be some kind of solution then it will need to be a solution for the whole of football because the reality is that whether it's us, Peterhead, Annan, Falkirk or the likes of Morton, Livi or even Aberdeen, this is a problem for all of Scottish football. Clubs can't stand alone in this. We need to see the game up here unite to survive.
  4. f**k knows what kind of weird nudes and videos they're making for their onlyfans subscribers?
  5. The league should use prize money this season to pay every club a fixed amount as a way of mitigating any significant financial pressure. Never mind adjusting for league placings within the individual divisions. Get the money shared out to clubs to help ensure that nobody is facing serious financial difficulty.
  6. The issue of refunding season tickets is a tough one. Some fans will want a partial refund. Some won't. The club don't exactly have a pile of cash to make those kinds of payments. I certainly won't be asking for anything. The club needs to use whatever money it has to keep things ticking over and not refunding fans for something that was completely out of it's control. If the club wants to make a gesture next year, such as free home friendlies for all season ticket holders, its something that could be looked at over the next few weeks. Right now the important thing is that the club is able to keep going and that this doesn't cause significant problems for the board to deal with.
  7. No idea what they'll do with the game on Saturday, or if it'll be ok for any restrictions as they may not start until Monday. Obvious option would be season ticket holders only. Club knows how many season ticket holders there are and can limit the crowd to under 500. Other option would be to issue tickets to the game for a maximum of the difference between our season ticket count and the 500 maximum.
  8. Whats the 4 digit pin for the league?
  9. Because he looks better going forward than defending and would be a reasonable back up option to give Wardrop a bit of protection if we needed to fill the midfield.
  10. For me we need an agreement in place with Duffy for Easter. Absolutely no later than that. If he can't commit to staying then we need to start looking for a new manager and that will take a few weeks. Easter gives us a few weeks before the end of the season and the playoffs are done to get a new manager in and to offer contracts to anybody the club wants to keep. It also gives the players a bit of certainty in that they'll know who the new manager is without going significantly into the summer. It's worked for us this year but that's primarily because of late additions that Duffy made at the tail end of the transfer window and because the likes of Rico Quitongo have found great form as the season has gone on. It's telling that the likes of Zata, Crawford and Scullion havent made any kind of impact with us. I actually think Crawford would be better wide right in midfield as he can cover for Wardrop if the fullback has gone beyond him and he seems to like to get forward himself.
  11. Honeysuckle now confirmed for the mares race. Should be a straight up fight with Benie Des Deiux.
  12. Easy win tonight. Dumbarton played pretty well for most of the game. Brennan made his only save look good, but beyond that Forfar looked poor.
  13. tbh they're all pretty similar. I tend to watch 3 or 4 of them - whatever is available on Youtube. I find Emmet Kennedy entertaining enough. Not sure if he's hosting any this year? Paul Kealy is always worth a listen.
  14. The whole Hopp thing is an absolute mess. I have a lot of sympathy with German fans who are fiercely proud of the way that German clubs are owned and run. The fans are a big part of that and rich owners can't usually buy success. There's a big backlash against Leipzig (rightly so). Hopp's ownership and spending has been allowed by the German FA - should the fans be targeting them instead of Hopp? Dortmund fans were banned from Hoffenheim and that's a decision that was also backed by the league. Is Hopp the correct target for protest, should they be directed at the German FA or is it a bit of both? In reaction to the protests I've seen Adler Mannheim fans being exceptionally critical of the protests. Understandable to a point - Hoffenheim's home ground isnt that far from Mannheim and Die Adler play in the SAP Arena. That said, Mannheim fans regularly criticise Red Bull Munchen for the amount of money they can spend thanks to Red Bull's involvement. I find that to be a little bit of a double standard - why is it acceptable for Hopp but not for Red Bull Munich? Simpy because Hopp is relatively local and Die Adler have ties to SAP? Some of the language isnt acceptable. The whole "son of a whore" thing is hugely distasteful. By all means protest Hopp but mention of family members is something I really don't like. It doesnt mean that I don't support protests against Hopp. Far from it. It's just that Hopp isnt the only one who deserves criticism here and those protests shouldn't resort to unacceptable comments about his family.
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