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  1. Unfunny comedians

    The only person who is less funny than Stewart Lee is Bridget Christie. They're clearly made for each other.
  2. Work colleagues

    How big are the squares? Would they accommodate "arsepiece", "cockwomble" or "wankpuffin"?
  3. Local shops

    Farmers market a couple of times a month, particularly for meat. Unfortunately small towns can't support a variety of local shops. Supermarket convenience will always win.
  4. Sons' sorrow

    I refer you to the 2nd part of my post. We pay him until he agrees to walk away. He'd need to agree to a severance package. He might not be willing to do so if this is his last contract in football.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    We don't really have a choice. He's got a contract - we pay him until he agrees to walk away.
  6. Work colleagues

    Flexi is good. Its no consolation for better pay but its a useful benefit to have. I'm 12 hours up right now and that's having tanned a day for a Flexi day off on monday. That said I don't think the current idea of 9-5 working is particularly good any more. People might be in work for 8 hours a day but how much of that time is useful and productive work? I reckon you could cut an hour a day from work and still get through exactly the same amount of stuff. If our working day was 9:30 to 4:00 then would we really lose much productivity from either end of the day? The benefits to staff would be significant. Employers would still get the same amount of productive work. Scandinavians have the right idea IMHO. Give folk back a wee bit of time to conduct their business, spend with family or engage in leisure activities and we'd have a healthier and happier workforce that still got the job done.
  7. Gigs

    Larkin Poe were absolutely fantastic.
  8. Dumbarton v Brechin City 6/4/19

    It was a tough game and for large spells our usually most threatening player was misfiring. Add in Barr's miss in the 2nd half and at times you thought the script was written for a late Brechin equaliser. Thankfully that didnt happen and we survived some serious late pressure from the visitors to see the game out and secure all 3 points. Hutton's effort today was huge. Some of his tackles were absolutely vital and he was generally really good with his distribution, Read the game well and was trying to communicate with his teammates. Thoroughly deserved man of the match and really good to see the announcement getting a good reception.
  9. The cost of drinking in pubs

    Cost is only a small factor in people's drinking habits. If you drink to get drunk then cost isnt really a consideration - you'll just buy any nasty booze that does the job. If you're in a decent bar and wanting a decent craft beer/spirit then you'll probably pay the going rate. Some bars do charge over the odds. Tend to find that places charging strong money for generic swill won't stay open long. If they do then it's usually because they've converted space for events and therefore have a captive market one a person is in at an event. If a pub is well run, has decent staff, is clean and comfortable and stocks decent booze then I'd be happy to pay an appropriate price for whats on offer. Unfortunately our culture surrounding alcohol and drinking is really unhealthy. Too many people neck as much as possible in as short a period as possible and suffer the consequences. Or those around them suffer.
  10. If I'm on a night out then it's usually a gig or a hockey game. Almost always drive to those so it's none. Depending on the availability of low/non-alcohol beer, I'll drink soft drinks or a couple of Erdinger/Krombacher booze-free beers. You get used to it. The alternative would be not going out and that's not really worth considering just because of a lack of booze. On the rare occasions I'm not driving? 3 or 4 pints over the course of a night. Or a couple of pints and a couple of spirits.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    Really good to see the club trying to get young fans along with the free season tickets for under 12s. Paying by instalments is another fan-focused idea that should make it a bit easier for those who want to use that option.
  12. Gigs

    Julia Jacklin wasn't great live tonight. Her stuff is really good. I really enjoy her music. It's just that tonight's gig was absolutely no different to sticking the vinyl on at home. I don't care if it's a rock band with a n energetic stage show or an intimate singer songwriter playing solo, a live gig should offer the audience something else. Something that they can't get from the record. As much as her songs are really good, you could listen to her albums on a halfway competent stereo and get as much enjoyment as seeing her live. I want gigs to give me something different to the record, even if it's just things sounding a little more raw and rough around the edges. Jacklin's live performance was just a bit sterile for me.
  13. Gigs

    Got to say that early reports of her not being a good live performer on her first UK tour are being confirmed for me. She has a great voice. The band are tight. Everything sounds great. But there's just no show here. I don't want her to be flashy. Wouldn't be her style. But I want something different from the experience I'd have listening on vinyl through my Grado headphones. For a live gig it feels a little sterile.
  14. Sons' sorrow

    I know that fans scoffed at Aitken's protests about injuries at the time but that list shows just how badly we've been hit this season. Obviously there's a risk in going for guys with a known history of injuries - if it pays off then we get guys we wouldn't otherwise have a chance of signing but it is a huge risk. Doesnt change the utter madness that he's engaged in following his dismissal but he did have a point in terms of our injury problems. I don't know if we've been able to fill a bench all season?
  15. Gigs

    I'm going to that one.