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  1. He really didnt. Chiarot fell over shortly into the fight. Both players should have got the cross checking penalties too - it shouldn't have been a Leafs PP. Toronto's D was piss poor and Anderson isnt a big time goaltender. 5 hole wider than an OHL puck bunny. Montreal are fast and move the puck well but lack a serious goal threat. That they managed to get 4 goals in the opening game doesnt really reflect well on the Leafs. Montreal are not a high offence side. We're not talking McDavid, Draisatl or Pettersen here. Looking forward to seeing how Tim Stutzle does for the Sens. Also recording the Avs v Blues game to watch tomorrow. I have a soft spot for Colorado going back to the 90s when I started watching Sakic and Forsberg on Channel 5. Stutzle is a former Adler Mannheim player and I bought a Stutzle Mannheim jersey on my last trip over to support the Eagles.
  2. There's no requirement for speeding drivers to self-report for testing. There is for anybody displaying Covid symptoms. Unless we believe that every single lower league player is asymptomatic.
  3. More likely to be asymptomatic than the rest of the population? More likely to be asymptomatic than premier division players? Not buying it. Even fit players would potentially develop symptoms such as a persistent cough or loss of taste even if they didnt become breathless.
  4. Top flight players may be tested regularly. Unless you believe that lower league players get only asymptomatic infections or that they routinely hide their symptoms then any lower league player with suspected covid would be picked up via NHS testing.
  5. Not at all. Only that players outside of the premiership appear to follow the guidance more strictly. Possibly because of a concern for their employment outside of football. Given the disruption to the top flight caused by actual infections and isolating requirements then there are no grounds to treat the lower leagues differently from the top flight. The top flight have had far more confirmed cases of the virus and have had far more players self isolating. If Covid was running rampant in the lower leagues to the extent where football had to be suspended then there's no evidence of it. There is no evidence of players testing positive via the NHS testing service or clubs having to isolate in significant numbers under test and trace. If the lower leagues need to be suspended then the same should apply to the top 2 divisions.
  6. So lower league players have ben Covid positive but have had an asymptomatic infection. Every single one of them. Nobody in the lower leagues displayed symptoms? Nobody had to be tested because they have jobs outside of football where their employers would insist on them being tested? It's all been asymptomatic Covid and nobody has displayed any symptoms at all? Or everybody has and they've just hushed it up? Nobody was tested despite showing symptoms? Itchy chin with those 2 alternatives.
  7. Not buying that at all. If football was an issue then even asymptomatic players would pass the virus on to others who would display symptoms. There is absolutely no evidence that this is happening.
  8. Look at the facts. Plenty of top flight players testing positive and more having to isolate. Almost no lower league players testing positive and having to isolate. Those are the facts. If we were making decisions based on facts then the top flight would be included in the suspension.
  9. Anybody experiencing symptoms would have booked a test via the NHS. They would have had to report the test results to their clubs and to any non-football employer for test and trace purposes. The idea that lower league players who rely on income from outside of football would fail to book a test if they started displaying symptoms is nonsense. And as close contacts, any positive tests would be reported to clubs for test and trace purposes by the players themselves or via the government test and trace process.
  10. How many lower league players have tested positive? How many lower league players have had to self-isolate? Top flight - a load of positive cases and self-isolating players and yet it continues unaffected. Either suspend all football or none. It's ok for Killie to travel to Aberdeen - 2 teams who have had Covid issues this season - but not for Dumbarton to travel to Montrose?
  11. Anybody experiencing symptoms would be tested by the NHS. Lower league players would still be required to test if they were showing symptoms and to report to their clubs for test and trace purposes. Do you think that lower league players are developing symptoms but not getting tested? I'd argue that given their reliance on outside income, a lower league player would be more likely to get tested as they'd need to inform their other employer.
  12. How many cases of Covid have we seen in the lower leagues? How many players having to self-isolate due to close contact? How many pointless trips to Dubai for a piss up beside a swimming pool where a player returned and then tested positive for Covid? If there's a need to suspend the lower leagues then the top flight is about as infectious as Typhoid Mary. It's a joke of a decision. Top flight has had a proportionately far higher instance of Covid infections and covid related isolations than we've seen in the lower leagues. Suspend the top flight based on the evidence surely?
  13. SFA just announced a lockdown of League One and Two until at least 31/01 and a suspension of the Scottish Cup. Joke of a decision tbh. How many confirmed cases or issues due to close contact have we seen in the lower leagues? And yet the top flight has had loads of confirmed cases, seen loads of players having to isolate and had one team f**k off for a jolly to Dubai, only to return to Scotland with a player confirmed as Covid positive? If we were following the evidence then the top flight should be suspended and the lower league players recognised for being able to follow advice. Just end the season now. No promotion. No relegation. f**k it.
  14. 3 week suspension of football below the Championship announced. No league games until at least after Jan 31st. Nonsense decision. No investigation into Celtic's jolly to Dubai where a player actually came back with Covid. Lower league football suspended with virtually no cases of Covid. Lets just cancel the season now. No promotion. No relegation. f**k it. Just end this pish and try again after the summer.
  15. This is threatening to become an absolute mess of a season. No first choice keeper. A thin squad losing another player. No creativity. A lack of reliable goal threat. The next 3 weeks will effectively decide whether we stay up or get relegated.
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