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  1. Worst Town In Scotland

    Pfft. Fennel. I can buy Fennel in Dumbarton. And Celeriac. Giffnock had a Wholefoods store.
  2. Sons' sorrow

    Its not so much about positivity for me as realism. As fans we need to be realistic as to what we can expect. Constructive criticism is fine - really it's essential that if the club is doing something then people highlight whether there are things that can be done better. Same goes for chat about performances. Constructive criticism when it comes to post game chat is to be encouraged. We're our own worst enemies when we start filling in the blanks with some of the wilder assumptions and guesses or when we default to the most negative of positions. Nobody should be in any doubt as to the scale of the challenges facing the club. Where we need positivity is in our willingness to address those challenges to try to ensure the best possible future for the club. The current board are night and day different from some of those who have been in post over the past decade. If we can indulge in positivity then its in our current board's willingness and our fans enthusiasm for dealing with the challenges of where we are right now.
  3. Electric or Hybrid cars.

    I'm not convinced that electric cars are viable in the short term for most people. The restricted range, and high costs, are prohibitive and there are issues with recharging times and access to recharge points. Then there's electricity generation. If we're going to switch to a fleet of 100% electric cars then we'll need to significantly increase generating capacity. Long term it's probably inevitable. I dont see fuel cell technology proving to be a viable alternative. Right now? Still a no from me, although I'd consider a hybrid that self-charges by recovering energy when driving.
  4. Sons' sorrow

    How much better would we be without injuries? I think we'd have lost far fewer goals if Mango had been fit all year. Would that have made a huge difference? Even when he was fit, Loy wasn't playing well. Our midfield wasnt creating much. We weren't a good team at any point this season. We might have been in a better position purely down to having Mango there to avoid some of the closer losses but we probably wouldn't have been that much better.
  5. Gigs

    Given how he started the gig I reckon that's a really good shout. Not sure if it's drugs but he was certainly swigging from a bottle during the set. Stage crew gave him a bottle of whiskey when he asked for it about half way through. Square bottle with a plain label so probably something like Makers Mark. He certainly wasn't interacting with the audience but I'd never seen them before last night so wasn't sure if that was just his style. There was a clear difference between the first couple of songs and the rest. Maybe taking a little time for him to get tanked up enough to unwind? He doesn't look particularly healthy right now for a 51 year old. You'd give him another 10 years no problem.
  6. Gigs

    I've only seen him once and he didn't talk much about that on Friday. Just kept mentioning how deep his songs were and other such meaningless guff.
  7. Gigs

    Lemonheads were pretty great down at SWG3 tonight The venue itself isnt terrible. Just a big, cold shed that could do with being a bit wider and shallower as I doubt those at the back of the venue would have seen a whole lot. Sound was good enough and I was infront of the first steel upright so had a good view. I worried that Evan Dando was past his best when he came on stage. The years haven't been kind to him and it's crazy to think that he's still only 51. I saw Belly last year and a 51 year old Tanya Donnelly (and a 58 year old Gail Greenwood) looked fantastic. The quantity and variety of drink and drugs that Dando consumed have clearly taken their toll and I thought he looked a little distracted during the opening couple of songs. Fiddling with the amp. Looking a bit withdrawn and generally staring into the distance. It sounded good but didnt feel like it promised a great night of music. Then he started to come alive. He started to smile and then get more and more animated on stage. The tracks that a casual fan would want to hear - Into Your Arms, It's A Shame About Ray and My Drug Buddy - sounded great. I consider myself a casual fan and I'd have been happy enough with those 3. But with the set overall drawing from their career rather than relying on the cover versions that make up current release Varshons 2 (came out yesterday), you realise just how many Lemonheads songs you know and love. A Nick Cave cover didnt quite work but a rendition of Streets of Baltimore sounded great. I'd happily go see them again and not just because I'm a huge fan of 90s music and would love a nostalgia kick for the music that was around when I was growing up. They're still a band who can deliver.
  8. Gigs

    First gig of 2019 done - Carson McHone. 1st support act was a local guy called Flew The Arrow. Describes his music as deep. Actually about as deep as a puddle on the pavement. Decent enough guitar player but used some fast finger picking and awkward, ragged key changes to describe the fact that he had no tunes and that his lyrics were fucking dreadful. Horrible overly wrought angst. It ended up sounding really disingenuous. 2nd support was Matt Owens, formerly of Noah and the Whale. Complete opposite. His stuff isn't winning a prize for originality but there was enough about his music to enjoy. Funny on stage and clearly out to entertain the crowd, his set was pretty much the ideal gig opener. Very enjoyable without ever risking to upstage the headliner. Carson McHone headline slot. Just her and a guitar. Her songs sounded simple enough stripped down until you heard her voice and her smart and affecting lyrics and you realised just how well she'd crafted them. A great singer/songwriter who also played some out and out country that you'd find in any stereotypical southern dive bar honkey tonk without ever becoming a pastiche of a southern honkey tonk singer. Her southern accent was in evidence but she never overplayed it. She name checked a few influences between songs, citing the writing of Thomas Wolfe or the way Hemingway had described the relationship between Zelda and F Scott Fitzgerald and how their competing creative needs acted to hurt their relationship with each other - clearly a nod to one of Carson's own past relationships. Her charming and engaging stage presence coupled with serious songwriting and performing talent left the crowd utterly smitten with her music.
  9. Terrible Jobs

    Do you think that if he did a good enough job then the turkeys gave him a gobble in return?
  10. Gigs

    It is. Stupid tablet autocorrect
  11. Gigs

    How many women could you say that about in recent years? I loved Margaret Glaspy's debut but she's disappeared. I absolutely adore the Anna Burch record. Pip Blom should hopefully do well.
  12. Gigs

    I've got a ticket for Stella Donnelly in Glasgow. Right now Maifield is tempting for Teenage Fanclub, Stephen Malkmus, Alela Diane, Tamberlin and Snail Mail. Not enough to justify going as I'd spend the equivalent of a Mannheim hockey trip. If they were to add another 3 or 4 of a decent quality then I'd be really keen to go. EotR interests me but the 8 I'd want to see are Courtney Barnett, Goal Girl, Jessica Pratt, Tyler Childers, Stella Donnelly, Charlie Parr and maybe Jade Bird. Could throw in Cate Let Bon at a push. Not a great return from the bands who have been confirmed so far. I reckon that I could probably see the likes of Pratt and Childers somewhere in the UK around the festival dates anyway.
  13. Gigs

    First gig of the year for me on Friday. Carson McHone at the Hug and Pint. Also have Lemonheads on Saturday. Disappointed with the first lot of acts announced for End of the Road. Sure there are 7 or 8 I'd like to see but not enough to spend £600 or so on tickets, hotel, travel and spending money. Seriously looking at Maifeld Derby in Mannheim in June as an alternative, although there are only 4 or 5 people I know of playing that festival. If they were to announce enough that I'd have 9 or 10 I want to see then it's a no brainer. For the same money I'd be getting a trip abroad to a city I now know pretty well and absolutely love.
  14. Work colleagues

    Moving to a new office from Monday. Today was my last day working with one of my colleagues. This woman doesnt like me. I don't like her. Very few people do. She hasn't spoken with me for 2 1/2 weeks since our last meeting as a management team. This is the woman who will leave milk cartons containing varying states of cheese on the kitchen counter rather than binning them when she cleans out the fridge because "they need to learn". She absolutely hates it when people move her stuff when she's not in. Would it be wrong of me to change the settings on her chair, move her monitor and generally mess up her stuff for her to come in to on Monday morning?
  15. Work colleagues

    I thought that number 6 was why the dinosaurs died out?