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  1. Yep. We're going 4-3-3. No complaints about the back 4. Quitongo, Neill, McGeever and Wardrop are fine. Probably amongst the best back 4s in the division. I also like Wedderburn. He grafts and uses the ball well more often than not - not an attribute of his that gets much recognition. Forbes hasnt been terrible since football came back beyond his red card but he just isnt physically capable of imposing himself on games. Set pieces? Fine. Anything else is beyond him. Langan is an honest trier and nothing more. Can't fault his effort but he just isnt good enough. Front 3? Frizzell is deceptively poor and has been for a while. He's living on past reputation and the fact that fans have a strong association with another former Killie loanee. He isnt the 2nd coming of Dom Thomas. Jones will do his usual and fail to offer a goal threat. Wallace isnt a left winger or an inside forward. tbh I'd have kept Omar and Brindley in the team. I think Omar offers more going forward on the right than Frizzell does. I'd also have gone with a front 2.
  2. What does Frizzell have on Duffy that we keep starting him? He's got it in him to be an attacking threat but I can't remember the last time he actually delivered on that? A midfield of Wedderburn, Forbes and Langan doesnt fill me with confidence either.
  3. I reckon we'd have more of a chance tonight with Haggery F, Haggerty R, Tompkins, Noble, Carrick, Dobson, Dewhurst, Crapper, McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt.
  4. Great British Menu, Car SOSage or Dumbarton v East Fife - genuinely not sure what I want to watch tonight. Suppose I can give the game the first half before deciding between the other 2.
  5. Are we bothering with a match thread for tonight?
  6. Our final 4 games are East Fife, Cove, Clyde and Thistle. I'm ignoring the potential additional games for now. Forfar play Clyde twice, Airdrie and East Fife. Of those sets of fixtures, Forfar have the easier run in. They play Clyde twice. Our game against Clyde is must win. We can't afford to give Forfar the chance to get better results against Clyde than we do and force us down to 10th. It's difficult to see how we beat Cove, East Fife or Thistle? We've played poorly since the return to play and we weren't good enough at the start of the season. Best case scenario is beating Clyde and somehow getting points from the other 3 games. Worst case is that we lose all 4 and that Forfar beat Clyde at least once. That worst case doesn't look particularly unlikely. I can see us going the final 4 games of the season without a win and Forfar picking up a win against Clyde in one of their games. We got away with it last night - Montrose should have won and Ramsbottom essentially stole the point with a couple of really big saves. Our defence and Ramsbottom's newfound competence in goals might be enough to steal another point between Thursday and the Thistle game but we just don't look capable of winning. Leaves us relying on Forfar being worse than we are and I'm not convinced that they won't beat Clyde in at least one of their two games. The worst part? It's that Duffy looks completely incapable of changing things and at least having a go.
  7. Drop balls are pish now. Bring back the competitive stoat up. I'm rapidly losing the will to finish this game. 10 minutes for something (anything) to happen or I'm sticking on NCIS.
  8. Wilson has done nothing. We havent really created a whole lot, but Wilson just hasnt been involved in anything positive.
  9. At least we're shooting the right way in each half tonight. Thats no guarantee of any shots, but it just feels better.
  10. The pitch at the dugout side doesnt have a wooden border like the main stand side does. Its all over the shop down that side rather than being straight and tidy.
  11. Saturday will have taken a hell of a lot out of an already tired side. I genuinely don't know what our best 11 is. The back 4 should be relatively straightforward. If Rico is fit then he plays left back. Could Brindley play left midfield given that we've used him as a left back? Stick Omar on the right and go with a 4-4-2? Who do we go with up top? Jones looked a handful on a couple of occasions against Aberdeen but spent much of the game doing very little. It seems harsh to criticise that given that we were always going to have a very limited number of chances, but other games he's been woeful. In a 4-4-2 we could go with Jones and Wilson up front. Possibly the strongest line-up we could field tonight? I'd like to see us go 4-4-2 if we could. Wouldn't be upset to see Frizzell benched and used as an option later in the game.
  12. Rabin Omar was very good. He really should start as many games as possible now.
  13. I'd like to see Wilson come off. He just isnt suited to being punted wide left. Give Crossan the last 15 minutes and extra time if it happens.
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